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The Menace of the Years by Frank ZafiroNEW AUDIOBOOK RELEASE


By Frank Zafiro

A River City Crime Novel, Book 5

Read by Michael Bowen

Click to hear audio sample

   It is December 1999, and the spectre of Y2K hangs over the police department. More menacing yet, officers respond to a hate-fueled home invasion robbery. As the entirety of the River City Police Department prepare for possible chaos when the calendar turns over to the year 2000, they also must stop a gang of white supremacists who plan to use that same chaos to mask their biggest crime yet. Meanwhile, Officer Katie MacLeod falls under the suspicion of Internal Affairs. Officer Thomas Chisolm tries to keep the remnants of his platoon intact. Officer Connor O'Sullivan mourns the loss of his partner while he tries to care for the fallen officer's family. In spite of these significant, real life struggles on and off the job, the men and women of RCPD strive to stop the brutal robberies, to do what is right, and to survive.Click here for more audiobooks by author Frank Zafiro