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Welcome to Books In Motion

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By Joe & Sibella Giorello

Great Battles for Boys Series, Book 3

Read by Daniel Giorello

Listen  to an audio sample of WORLD WAR 2 IN EUROPE by Joe and Sibella Giorello.

  Great Battles for Boys takes kids to the front lines of iconic battles. In this volume of the popular history series, find out which strategies, weapons, and military leaders won – or lost – these famous American fights. And none of it's boring. In this volume, the story begins with Hitler's rise to power in 1930s Germany. Listeners are then plunged into the devastating invasion of Poland which launched World War II. In chronological order, the crucial battles proceed through Europe and North Africa, culminating in the Normandy invasion, the Battle of the Bulge, and Victory in Europe. Some little-known yet fascinating battles are also included, such as Finland's Winter War, when a tiny tribe of ordinary men defeated Stalin's massive Red Army. If your child likes action-packed accounts, authentic details, and short but exciting chapters, then they'll love this audiobook. And they'll never hear history as boring again!

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LIVE BY THE GUN by Wayne Barton and Stan WilliamsNEW AUDIOBOOK RELEASE


By Wayne Barton & Stan Williams

Read by Justin Spencer

Listen to an audio sample of LIVE BY THE GUN by Wayne Barton and Stan Williams.

  Bud Tilden had intended to be a farmer outside Comanche, Texas. But when he unexpectedly walked into an ambush of the town deputy and killed one of the attackers, the whole town called him a hero. Before he knew it, Bud had raised his gun again and again, and soon he was living by the gun. Outlaws came looking for him, two women loved him, and he had a badge that proved his right to shoot first and ask questions later. But somewhere deep inside, Bud knew the killing had to stop. And somewhere in Comanche, another killer waited for him to let down his guard.

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Welcome Reader Justin Spencer to Books In MotionIntroducing Justin Spencer to the Books In Motion Family.

   Justin Spencer graduated with a masters degree in professional acting from the world-renowned Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in the UK. He was one of 13 students selected from thousands who auditioned worldwide for that opportunity.

   His professional acting journey began with a lead role in 2016, when he played Paul in the psychological horror, feature-length film, Dark House. Since then, he has acted on stage in both the United States and UK, playing roles as varied as Hector in The Last Days of Troy to Alexander Lopakhin in The Cherry Orchard.

   After completing his training in 2018, he played the lead in the short film version of My Megan (a feature length version is currently in development). In 2019, he played the lead role of the Irish middle school teacher Quinn in Emotional Availability, a comedic short film written by Jason Farley.

   His vocal talents have also lead to numerous opportunities as an audiobook narrator and voice over artist. He has narrated everything from science fiction (Chaos Seed: Shadow Coalition Series Book 1) to history (Wars For Empire: Apaches, the United States and the Southwest Borderlands) And, he is the voice for the trailer on the upcoming traveling film series Public Grouse, produced by Northwoods Collective and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.



By Col. Chuck Lehman

First Century Christian Heroes Series, Book 4

Read by Cameron Beierle

Listen to an audio sample of THE APOSTLE'S WIFE by Col. Chuck Lehman.

   Aliza, the wife of a simple fisherman named Simon, is thunderstruck when her husband announces he and his business partner are quitting their jobs to follow a man known as Jesus of Nazareth.  She is suddenly without income and nearly destitute! For three years Aliza sees Simon, now known as Peter, only occasionally.  Her resentment mellows somewhat as she develops into a first-century entrepreneur, but she refuses to accept Jesus’ message - a new covenant with God.

   “The kingdom of God is at hand,” he tells all who will listen. While Peter is away, Aliza is abducted by a childhood enemy.  She escapes but is pursued relentlessly while trying to reunite with her husband. A Roman centurion, and recent convert, befriends Aliza and Peter after Jesus is brutally executed.  The Roman’s encouragement moves Aliza to look closer at Jesus’ message of redemption.  Finally, Aliza receives a miraculous vision which changes her attitude and her new life with the Apostle Peter.

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By David Thompson

Wilderness Series, Book 55

Read by Rusty NelsonListen to an audio sample of INTO THE UNKNOWN by David Thompson.

TRIAL BY FIRE! Robert Parker ventures into the vast unknown to study new species of plant and animals in the name of science. And he's thrilled when a young half-breed named Zach King invites him back to his secluded valley in the Rocky Mountains – a valley teeming with wildlife that no naturalist has ever explored. But Parker's about to find out he's not the only newcomer. Three murderous prospectors have heard there's a fortune in gold on the Kings' land, and they'll do anything to get their hands on it. They've heard how tough the Kings are, and they're well prepared for that. But they haven't counted on the grit of one determined greenhorn…

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