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BOLD SPIRIT by Linda Lawrence Hunt, Read by Pat Stien



By Linda Lawrence Hunt

Read by Pat Stien

Listen to a sample of ENDWORLD: MIAMI RUN by David Robbins.

  Desperate. Determined. Unwaveringly confident. In 1896, a Norwegian immigrant named Helga Estby dares to cross 3500 miles of the American continent to win a $10,000 wager. On foot.

  A mother of eight living children, she attempts to save her family's homestead in Eastern Washington after the 1893 depression had ravaged the American economy. Fearing homelessness and family poverty, Helga responds to a wager from a mysterious sponsor, casts off the cultural corsets of Victorian femininity, and gambles her family's future by striking out with her eldest daughter to try to be the first women to travel unescorted across the country: independent, audacious, alert, and armed with a Smith-and-Wesson revolver.

"A unique and rich history of an era and a people, a history that leaves us thinking long after we reach the end. "Bold Spirit" reminds us of the power of story in our lives and the consequences for all of us when one family's story is silenced.”   Jane Kirkpatrick, author

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ENDWORLD: MIAMI RUN by David Robbins, Endworld Series, Book 16NEW AUDIOBOOK RELEASE


By David Robbins

Endworld Series, Book 16

Read by Damon Abdallah

Listen to a sample of ENDWORLD: MIAMI RUN by David Robbins.

  100 YEARS AFTER WORLD WAR III – America was a nuked-out wasteland, a gutted remnant of a once-glorious country where only the very strong – and the evil – survived.

  THE WARRIORS – Possessed of incomparable strength and skill, they were a fighting unit determined to keep civilization alive in a dead land.

  MIAMI RUN – Before the war, Miami was a hotbed of illegal activity, a crowded metropolis teeming with low-life pushers and half-dead junkies. After the war, things were no better – they were worse. What was left of the Sunshine State was ruled by a gang called the Dragons whose sole desire was to put every man, woman and child on Earth into a narcotic daze. The Dragons were fierce, but it would take more than a bunch of savage pushers to stop the Warriors from wiping them off the face of the blasted planet.

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The Buffalo's Last Stand by Stephen BlyNEW AUDIOBOOK RELEASE

By Stephen Bly

Retta Barre's Oregon

Trail Series, Book 2

Read by Rebecca Cook

Listen to a sample of THE LOST WAGON TRAIN by Stephen Bly

  Retta Barre has never met a hero, except for the ones she reads about in her books. She does know they're strong and courageous. And handsome and pretty. Everything she's not. Her world doesn't expect much from her anyway. She's just a plain-looking 12-year-old who's more stubborn than brave. She owes what little strength she has to her dull daily chores on the Oregon trail. And yet, when her friends are missing, Retta doesn't think twice. She heads out to help them. She has no idea the danger that's about to come her way. She'll have to face her fears and act like the heroes she reads about in her novels.

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The Complete Little Britches Series by Ralph Moody, Read by Cameron BeierleNEW AUDIOBOOK RELEASE

By Ralph Moody

Read by Cameron Beierle

Listen to a sample of THE LOST WAGON TRAIN by Stephen Bly

  In 1906 eight year-old Ralph Moody moves with his family from New Hampshire to a Colorado ranch for his father’s health. Ralph’s family experiences the pleasures and perils of ranching; attending auctions and roundups, battling with neighbors over water rights, fighting tornadoes, and scratching a living from the wild prairie sod.