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BIG SKY FRONTIER STORIES, by Colonel "Bo" Bottomly, (Colonel Bo Series, Book 4), Read by Colonel "Bo" Bottomly
This audiobook details the youthful adventures of Colonel Heath "Bo" Bottomly. 1. MY LAST BUFFALO Growing up in Chinook, Montana, Heath "Bo"Bottomly befriends a Nez Perce boy, Little Bear. Together, Heath, Little Bear and Little Bear's grandfather, Black Feather, travel to the site of the Battle of the Bear Paw, the Nez Perce's Last Stand, against the U.S. Cavalry, in October, 1877. 2/3. KID CURRY'S LAST RIDE PART I & II In 1928, f..
BLACK POWDER JUSTICE, by David Thompson, (Wilderness Series, Book 6), Read by Rusty Nelson
In 1828, few white men dared to venture into the immense, unsettled region west of the Mississippi. And of those who did, only courageous men like Nathaniel King had the skills and strength to survive the harsh, frozen wilderness. But when three vicious trappers ambushed him and kidnapped his pregnant wife, Winona, King faced the greatest challenge of his life. For if Nate did not rescue Winona and their unborn child, the life he had worked so hard to build would be worthless..
BLOOD ON THE STRIP, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene
Mark Hardin is known to his enemies as The Penetrator. He penetrates in two ways: by fighting and by easing in. He's part Cheyenne and he's never forgotten his past. In quest of his heritage, Mark Hardin has learned Indian skills: to track a man, but not to leave tracks; to speak his native language, in ancient dialects and sign language. His years of army service in Vietnam taught him other things. He's a sharpshooter with almost any we..
BLOOD TRUCE, by David Thompson, (Wilderness Series, Book 16), Read by Rusty Nelson
Wilderness is the exciting series that details Nathaniel King’s life and adventures in the Rockies as he fights to carve a life out of the savage frontier. When a deadly dispute among rival Indian tribes explodes into a bloody war, Nate has to make peace between the enemies-or his young family will be the first to lose their scalps. CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-399-3 Read by Rusty Nelson Approx. ..
BLOODLINE, by Jeff Buick, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
The world thinks Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was killed in 1993. The world is wrong. Escobar went deep into hiding, taking with him the access code to a Swiss bank account containing hundreds of millions of dollars. His enemies want that code, and they'll do anything to get it…. Escobar's enemies know that even in hiding he is still a very dangerous man, and that simply looking for him would cost them their lives. Instead they turn to Escobar's cousin..
BOO HISS, by Rene Gutteridge, (Boo Series, Book 3), Read by Michael Taylor
When a soccer field complex springs to life seemingly overnight in the sleepy community of Skary, Indiana, and the local coffee shop begins offering computer access along with its suddenly overpriced beverages; nerves start getting edgy all over town. Is it possible new comer, soccer mom, Katelyn Downey is hatching a diabolic plot to turn their slow-paced town into a den of hip suburban iniquity, or might this be the perfect solution to the community's financial woes? Eve..
BOUNCE BACK AND WIN, by Roger Fritz Ph.D, Read by Kevin Foley
“THE KEY TO SUCCESS IN LIFE IS NOT THE BRILLIANCE OR COMPETENCE OR EVEN EXPERIENCE. IT IS RECOVERY…THE ABILITY TO BOUNCE BACK. HERE’S WHAT IT TAKES AND HOW TO DO IT!” “Roger’s advice as our consultant was invaluable. Now everyone can benefit from his insight in Bounce Back and Win.” – Raymond J. Nawara, Founder & CEO, CROSS ACCESS Corporation “Bounce Back and Win is both logical and inspirational at ..
CALL OF THE BRAZOS, by Ermal Walden Williamson,  (Across the Brazos Series, Book 3), Read by Rusty Nelson
When Matt Jorgensen met plantation owner, Ginny McBride, he knew that she would be the love of his life. Together, they would forge a lasting body, but a Yankee musket ball would tear their lives asunder. Matt searches but cannot find Ginny. He joins the confederacy and continues his search for her. Years later, while clinging desperately to life one wintry Montana night, he would once again have to face the demons of his dark past and answer the haunting call of the Brazos. ..
CAPITOL HELL, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 3), Read by Gene Engene
When the Press Security to the President of the United States, a close friend of Mark Hardin (a.k.a. The Penetrator), is killed by an unknown assailant less than a month after taking office, answers to hard questions must be found. A dying mobster has mentioned a well-known, exclusive VIP club in DC, in his last words. Hardin follows a hunch that the club may be linked to the Mafia, and that both may have something to do with the death of his friend. As Washington DC explodes..
CATEGORY FIVE, by Philip S. Donlay, Read by Chris Kennedy
In the Atlantic Ocean, hurricane Helena is gathering strength, becoming the most powerful storm in recorded history. As Helena bears down on Bermuda, Donovan Nash, along with other members of the scientific research organization Eco-Watch, are called to fly in and extract key government people who have been studying Helena. For Donovan Nash, the routine mission turns deadly when an attempt is made on the life of the lead scientist. A woman from the past, Dr. Lauren ..
CHAYATOCHA, by Shane Johnson, Read by Greg Papst
Daniel Paradine is a man of education and reason, devoted to his wife and son, and dedicated to leading them safely to Oregon. But, when their wagon train is led into a treacherous mountain detour and horrifying attacks begin to pick apart the small group, Paradine must confront the beast responsible for the nightmare...a creature that defies all logic and spares the teacher only to accomplish its most sinister desire. ..
CODE BLACK, by Philip Donlay, Read by Kevin Foley
Crippled by a high-altitude collision with another airplane, Wayfarer 880, half the roof ripped away, flies on in the evening sky. Seated in the back, amid dead and dying passengers, pilot Donovan Nash fights decompression and oxygen deprivation to make it to the shattered cockpit. With help from a woman from his carefully concealed past, and a handful of survivors, Donovan must try to fly the heavily damaged plane with no electrical power or functioning instrum..
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DARK POWER, by Loren Robinson, (Hawk File Series, Book 9), Read by Cameron Beierle
An FBI agent is murdered on a snow-covered mountain in Idaho. Retired Agent Lane Palmer recovers a courier valise with evidence of a secret organization in Washington involving powerful government leaders operating in drugs, oil, organized crime and directing terrorists. The evidence is stolen when FBI Director Pat O'Neill is shot, and President Armstrong asks Palmer to find the valise, and who killed the agent. Palmers' search leads him across the country, from the b..
DARKER THAN NIGHT, by Owl Goingback, Read by Cameron Beierle
Horror novelist Michael Anthony decides to move his family from New York City to the small Missouri town where he was raised by his eccentric grandmother. Moving into the old house left to him in her will, the Anthonys find something already residing in the walls, under the floors, and the darkest corners. Bram Stoker Award Nominee for Best Novel of the Year. CD ISBN: 1-58116-587-0 Re..