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RED SKIES, by R. Karl Largent, (T.C. Bogner Series, Book 2), Read by Kevin Foley
The cutting-edge Russian SU-39-Covert stealth bomber, with fighter capabilities years beyond anything the U.S. can produce, vanished while on a test run over the Gobi Desert. Half a world away, a dissident faction of the Chinese Red Army engineered an abduction of a top scientist, the one who developed SU-39, while he was visiting Washington. Now, Commander T.C. Bogner has his orders--retrieve the fighter and its designer within 72 hours--or else. MP..
RESTITUTION, by Gary McCarthy, Read by Gene Engene
Bruin Henry's not proud of the life he's led. Robbing stagecoaches cost him the love and devotion of his daughter. Along the way, he's been blamed for worse crimes, namely, cold-blooded murder. Ironically, the man who rode with him the day of the botched robbery and who is truly responsible, is none other than his very own son-in-law, Link Cochran. Now, many years later, Henry learns that his daughter is dying, and she has just one request...she wants Henry to tak..
SHAKING THE NICKEL BUSH, by Ralph Moody, (Little Britches Series, Book 6), Read by Cameron Beierle
Now 19-years old, skinny, and suffering from diabetes, Ralph Moody is ordered by his Boston doctor to seek a more healthful climate out West. Remembering his childhood ranching adventures, Ralph is delighted to strike out for new territory and prospects. Hustling jobs, and trying to find the means to follow the doctors orders, he becomes a Hollywood stunt rider. With Lonnie, a rascal and friend, he camps out in the Arizona desert and “shakes the nickel bush” as a ..
SHARPEN YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE, by Roger Fritz, Ph.D. Read by Kevin Foley
I have known Roger since 1990 when we first published one of his books, Think Like a Manager. Since then, we have sold over 70,000 copies. In reading Roger’s newest work, Sharpen Your Competitive Edge, I came across what I call a typical Rogerism: “The Challenge for those who want to be competitors is to be honest with themselves.” My advice is don’t read this book unless you can follow this rule. Roger doesn’t pull any punches. He lays out a sim..
SLEEP DISORDERS (AMERICA'S HIDDEN NIGHTMARE), by Roger Fritz, Ph.D., Read by Kevin Foley
An estimated 20 million people miss between one and three days of work each week because of severe, chronic, debilitating insomnia. And, as many as forty percent of Americans over the age of 60, suffer from some type of sleep apnea. In this study, Dr. Fritz investigates these alarming statistics and attempts to help readers fully understand this serious problem. CD ISBN: 1-596..
SOME WILL NOT DIE, by Algis Budrys, Read by Reed McColm
The plague struck, and ninety percent of Earth's population died. Those who survived tried to maintain some sort of civilization...which meant more killing, as it turned out. But bit by bit, generation by generation, people began to succeed. With occasional setbacks. CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-036-7 Read by Reed McColm Approx. 7.51 Hrs. 7 CDs Rated PG ..
SONG OF THE BONES, by M.K. Preston, (Chantalene Series, Book 2), Read by Beth Richmond
This engaging second novel is also set in the fictional town of Tetumka, Oklahoma, where protagonist and amateur sleuth Chantalene Morrell becomes embroiled in a decades-old mystery. Preston lives in Edmond, where she edits and publishes ByLine, a nationally distributed trade magazine for writers. Thelma Patterson had given up on ever seeing her husband again, who disappeared some thirty years before. That is, until a handsome cowboy claiming to be him strides into t..
STAMPEDE, by Will C. Knott, Read by Gene Engene
Clint loved Harry Sundown like a brother till Harry betrayed him to the cattle-stealing mob that threatened to take control of the territory and all the people in it. Killing when he had to, tracking the trail of his stolen money, Clint took off after Harry and his red-headed woman. But the mob had sent bloodthirsty hired-gun Tate Rawson after all three..with orders to capture them, dead or alive. No man had ever bested Tate Rawson…And time was running out. ..
STARS IN THEIR COURSES, by Gilbert Morris, (Appomattox Series, Book 8), Read by Maynard Villers
Seeking an escape from the monotony and drudgery of days-on-end army life, Frank Rocklin, an actor, approaches his commanding general with a bold plan to spy on Vicksburg and assess its military condition. Vicksburg is the last major Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi. This mission lays the groundwork for a proposition from Allan Pinkerton, the head of the Federal Secret Service. Pinkerton wants to send Frank and an acting troupe to the South, where Frank can pick up v..
STING OF THE BLACK WIDOW, by Loren Robinson, (Checkmate Series, Book 2), Read by Cameron Beierle
Space stations, scattered throughout the cosmos are peopled with scientists and engineers. Cargo shuttles that leave Earth’s gravity on their own power, deliver supplies on a regular schedule. Still there are remnants of the past in rural areas that cling to the disappearing life of yesteryear. And yet, there are terrorists, reborn out of the days of Islamic al Qaeda. A reorganization, under the name of “Defenders of Islam,” has made its mark on the free wor..
STORM, by Reg Grant, Read by Cameron Beierle
He is regarded today as one of the most influential figures in the history of the world. But to those who knew him intimately, Martin Luther was more than just the leader of an important history revolt; he was a man of vision, commitment, and passion, determined to serve his Lord and purify the degenerate world church. From the outset, Luther's enemies the corrupt ecclesiastical and political rulers of his day joined forces to stop the spread of his radical ideas, ideas t..
SUMMER SNOW, by Stan Lynde, (Merlin Fanshaw Series, Book 5), Read by Stan Lynde
U.S. Deputy Marshal Merlin Fanshaw is out of town on the day George Starkweather and his outlaw band hold up the Cattleman's Bank of Dry Creek. Upon his return, Fanshaw's boss, U.S. Marshal Chance Ridgeway, suggests the deputy volunteer to infiltrate the gang as an undercover agent. Fanshaw hesitates only a moment before agreeing. He and Starkweather have a dark history, and he's eager to bring his old nemesis to justice. cl..
TALES FROM COMANCHE COUNTY, by Max Yoho, Read by Cameron Beierle
Yoho's first novel, The Revival, dealt with life as seen by a boy. In Tales from Comanche County, an old man with a hilariously skewed education in history and religion looks back to summers spent listening to stories told on the front porch of his Uncle Jack's Comanche County, Kansas ranch. Cattle rustler Leepy Danfer lies amoldering in his grave. The Emperor of China has come to grief. A soft-shell Oklahoman met his maker while riding a unicycle. Why? Yoho will tell..
TALON FORCE: SEA FIRE, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book 10), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
The Russian and British navies are conducting joint military maneuvers in the Irish Sea. Suddenly, a Russian sub suffers a radiation leak--or at least that's what everyone thinks. In reality, the sub has been hijacked by an ultra-radical wing of the IRA that wants to continue the fight with Britain. Worse still, the terrorists already have the launch codes for the nuclear missiles on board. With London under threat of nuclear destruction and a political powder keg ready t..