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TALON FORCE: SECRET WEAPON, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book 4), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
An American pilot is forced to eject during a "Deny Flight" mission over Northern Iraq. The plane's electronics mysteriously go dead knocking his plane from the sky. Little does he know he's become the target of cutting edge radio frequency technology under the control of an international master terrorist. Once on the ground he'll become the focus of an all out manhunt. TALON Force is called in to handle the volatile situation. They must destroy the terr..
TALON FORCE: SLAUGHTERHOUSE, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book 8), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
It begins with an attack on an unlikely target--cattle. Herds in Japan, England, and the United States drop dead from a virus, deliberately unleashed by a South African extremist group bent on creating a new, all-white Rhodesia for themselves. If the Boer's demands are not met, they will obliterate the world's supply of cattle, destroying economies and plunging whole continents into starvation and all-out war. Now TALON Force must find the radicals and destroy the vir..
TALON FORCE: TAKEDOWN, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book 5), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
The island nation of Haiti has a long, turbulent history as a seething hotbed of political and religious conflict. Things are about to get a lot hotter... After the island is mauled by a hurricane, an American ship carrying badly needed relief supplies is sent to help...and disappears. The man who has it plans to use the vessel as the means to spark a bloody coup and takeover of Haiti. TALON Force is dispatched to investigate, only to find themselves trapped in a battle..
TALON FORCE: ZULU PLUS TEN, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book 6), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
On the vacation island of Guam, young Japanese women from wealthy families are disappearing at an alarming rate. Only one body has been found--the rest are still missing. Is a doomsday cult behind the abductions? When the ambassador approaches the Secretary of State for help, it doesn't look like much can be done without raising the ire of Guam's officials. With political chips called in, TALON Force is dispatched to investigate and resolve the situation. The mission ..
TAME THE WILD STALLION, by Jeanne Williams, Read by Kevin Foley
A Texas boy spends a year in captivity on a Mexican hacienda, where he learns respect and affection for the Mexican culture and gains an understanding of what freedom really means. click to hear audio sample CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-138-8 Read by Kevin Foley Approx 6.4 Hrs. 6 CDs Rated PG ..
THE AUCTOR'S RIDDLE by R.K. Mortenson, (Landon Snow Series, Book 1), Read by Cameron Beierle
Meet Landon Snow. He is a small town boy just like you! He fights with his younger sisters, he is confused by adults, filled with doubts about God, and disillusioned with life, but a magic journey through the Book of Meaning will lead him into a realm where new friends are discovered and answers unearthed. Fall into the pages of Landon Snow and become captivated by this compelling story. Follow Landon into a fantasy world where books speak, chess pieces come to life, an..
THE BARGAIN, by Irene Bennett Brown, Read by Janean Jorgensen
Clare Hobb is weary of the strict boundaries her uncles impose at the family conclave, Hobb’s Mills. She’s in love with Larkin Wade, a handsome farmer her uncles disdain. During one of many trysts between Clare and Larkin, they find her beloved, brain-damaged father, Frank, vainly attempting to aid his brother, Samuel, who has been fatally injured in a wagon runaway accident. It’s a festering sore with her uncles that the mentally deficient broth..
THE BREGA PATH, by Dennis L. McKiernan, (Silver Call Series, Book 2), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
THE FINAL BATTLE! Kraggen-Cor, once the heart of the Dwarf kingdom, now the mountain fastness of all the creatures of evil that remain in Mithgar. Here the Dwarf King Durek has led his forces to fufill his destiny and reclaim his realm. But with the Dawn Gate held by ememy troops and the Dusk-Door of Kraggen-Cor barred by a nightmare guardian, Durek must split his forces. He sends the Warrow Perry, the human Kian, and several doughty Dwarf warriors to chance the Brega Path, t..
THE DANGER TRAIL, by Lee Martin, Read by Gene Engene
Bronco Wade and old Curly hightail it out of Texas when blamed for the deaths of three of rancher Sladek's sons. Fifteen years later, Bronco and Curly discover a trail herd they are following belongs to the deadly Sladeks. At the same time, they cannot turn away because Curly's long-lost daughter Charity, reared as a Sladek, is with the herd. Marauding Arapaho and ruthless gunhands keep Curly from his daughter, until the violent conclusion. M..
THE DEAD STONE, by Vicki Stiefel, (Tally Whyte Series, Book 2), Read by Stephanie Brush
It starts with a mysterious phone call, summoning homicide counselor Tally Whyte back to the hometown she thought she'd left far behind her. Almost as soon as she arrives, Tally hears that a young woman she knew as a child has been found ritualistically murdered and mutilated. The deeper Tally probes into the bizarre murder, the more chilling it becomes. Each glimpse into the killer's dark mind only unnerves Tally more. Despite frustrating secrets and silences, Tally ..
THE DERBY MAN, by Gary McCarthy, (Derby Man Series, Book 1), Read by Gene Engene
Darby Buckingham was an unlikely candidate for frontier life. From his round-toed shoes to his derby hat, he was a man of culture, a creature of comfort, who liked his gourmet restaurants and expensive cigars. The short, stocky New Yorker made a fortune writing dime novels about the old west. Now he was out west to do some research for his next novel, little suspecting that he would be joining sheriff Zeb Cather in a manhunt for the ruthless Raton Brothers, learning firsthand..
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THE END OF ACT THREE, by Gilbert Morris, (Dani Ross Series, Book 3), Read by Kris Faulkner
The theater is Jonathan Ainsley's life. Yet if this latest play isn't a smash, it may be his final production--a finale someone wants very much to see. But Jonathan won't be deterred by threats: The show simply must go on! A fan of Jonathan's since his award-winning performance, Dani Ross is shocked when he enters her office and overwhelmed when she hears his request. But not until she arrives in New York does Dani realize how difficult this latest case wil..
THE EXPEDITION, by Loren Robinson, (The Expedition Series, Book 1), Read By Maynard Villers
In the year 2007, astronauts Jim Parker and Michael Murphy, aboard the space shuttle Charger II, were wrapping up a routine mission. Just prior to re-entry, they encountered a mysterious cloudbank in space and were never heard from again. Two years later, a metal box was unearthed at a construction site in St. Louis. In it was a previously unknown, yet apparently authentic, journal of the historic Lewis and Clark expedition - written by astronaut Jim Paker. Did Parker and Mur..
THE FIELDS OF HOME, by Ralph Moody, (Little Britches Series, Book 5), Read by Cameron Beierle
The fatherless Moody family moves from Colorado to Medford, Massachusetts in 1912 as Ralph enters his teen years. He tries as hard as he can to be a “City boy,” but without much luck. Little things that would have been just fine in Colorado are always getting him into trouble, so he is sent to his eccentric Grandfather Thomas’ farm in Maine. With his Grandfather’s cantankerous ways, an “onery yella colt’s stubbornness,” Uncle Levi&rsq..
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