AT THE FOOT OF THE RAINBOW, download, by Gene Stratton-Porter, Read By Rusty Nelson

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 AT THE FOOT OF THE RAINBOW is the story of Jimmy Malone and  Dannie Micnoun, an Irish and a Scottish immigrant living at the foot of the Rainbow River in late 19th century Indiana..  Both young men have been the best of friends since childhood, unfortunately both men are in love with the same woman, Mary. Although, it is Jimmy who wins Mary’s hand in marriage, Dannie remains a faithful friend to the couple, keeping his true feelings to himself, even as he watches his best friend become a drunkard, and Mary suffers...but after fifteen years a most unusual occurrence reveals an undisclosed truth, and the long time friends must deal with a new twist in their relationship.


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DOWNLOAD ISBN: 1-59607-051-X

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Read by Rusty Nelson
Approx. 5.3 Hrs. 
Rated G

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