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A RECKONING FOR KINGS, download, by Allan Cole and Chris Bunch, Read by Kevin Theis
A gripping war story. For the first - and only - time in fiction, A Reckoning For Kings tells the story of the Vietnam Conflict from both sides - Americans, as well as North Vietnamese. In four short months - during the lightning quick, bloody campaign known as the Tet Offensive, two bitterly opposing armies will clash in an epoch-shattering encounter that will alter the course of the war and the shape of the world forever. It was a time when America won the battle, but lost ..
AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, download, by Maj. James B. Woulfe, Read by Terry Rose
Like most wars, it started small. When the South American country of San Selva began burning Amazon rain forests, Washington applied pressure to appease popular opinion. But pressure led to attack, and attack led to counter-attack., and soon America found itself in a full-fledged war – against an enemy it was not prepared to fight. Now the stakes are raised and the U.S. Sends Special Forces and Navy SEALs to try to regain the upper hand. As the fires in the rain forests..
ANGELS THREE SIX (Confessions of a Cold War Fighter Pilot), Download, by Col.Chuck Lehman, Read by Michael Bowen
Strap into a mortar-fired parachute, a rocket powered ejection seat and fly with Col Chuck Lehman in the fastest single engine jet fighter ever built, the F-106 Dart. Feel the exhilaration of hurtling through the blue at a mile every 2.35 seconds, the “G” forces and the satisfaction of keeping the bad guys out of our airspace. You’ll laugh at some of these stories, sweat out a few and ask, “How could he have been so stupid?” in others. These ..
BAJA BANDIDOS, download, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 7), Read by Kevin Foley
In hot, sunny Mexico, Mark Hardin, the Penetrator, finds himself pitted against the power-mad Latin known as El Baron. And mad is the word for him...he's concocted a plot to kidnap important citizens of various countries and hold them hostage. The ransom: an entire Mexican territory. As El Baron's plan goes into action, important people begin to disappear. One of them is a friend of Mark's mentor, Professor Haskins, and the Penetrator decides to move in. The only ..
BEYOND SURVIVAL, download, by Gerry Gotro, Read by Rusty Nelson
A Cessna float plane is chartered by a young woman for a scientific venture into the wilderness of northern Canada. Disaster strikes when their plane crashes and three people are injured and stranded in bitter cold. After the initial shock, hopelessness sets in, but Jim Peters is a full-blooded Ojibway and knows how to survive in the wilderness, as does Carlin, the pilot. The pair combine their skills and prepare for a life and death struggle against the worst conditions natu..
BEYOND THE VISION, download, by Kay L. McDonald, (Vision Of The Eagles Series, Book 4), Read by Rusty Nelson
Although this book stands alone as a story, Ross Chesnut is the main character in the VISION OF THE EAGLE series. He has recovered from the tragic end in book three, THE VISION IS FULFILLED, and now leaves his retreat in the Cascade Mountains of the Oregon Territory in the early spring of 1851 to find the band of Yanktonai Indians who raised him. His journey is filled with danger from the deceit of white men and the vengeance of Indians. And when he finds the tribe he is seek..
BLOOD ON THE STRIP, download, by  Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene
Mark Hardin is known to his enemies as The Penetrator. He penetrates in two ways: by fighting and by easing in. He's part Cheyenne and he's never forgotten his past. In quest of his heritage, Mark Hardin has learned Indian skills: to track a man, but not to leave tracks; to speak his native language, in ancient dialects and sign language. His years of army service in Vietnam taught him other things. He's a sharpshooter with almost any w..
BLOODLINE, download, by Jeff Buick, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
The world thinks Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was killed in 1993. The world is wrong. Escobar went deep into hiding, taking with him the access code to a Swiss bank account containing hundreds of millions of dollars. His enemies want that code, and they'll do anything to get it…. Escobar's enemies know that even in hiding he is still a very dangerous man, and that simply looking for him would cost them their lives. Instead they turn to Escobar's cousin..
BLOODY BOSTON, download, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 12), Read by Kevin Foley
No one knows who the Penetrator is or where he lives, expect for two men. But the police blotters of cities across the nation and even as far away as Japan contain evidence of Mark Hardin's handiwork – the death of corrupt hogs at the public table, deaths of men who killed, maimed, and caused suffering among the innocent. The Penetrator is a warrior without uniform or rank, pledged to fight anyone – on either side of the law – who seeks to destroy the Am..
BURNING DAYLIGHT, download, by Jack London, Read by Tim Behrens
BURNING DAYLIGHT begins as many of London's finest works begin: with the depiction of a man blessed with physical prowess and keen perception who takes on the natural forces of the 19th century Yukon. Supreme gold miner, risk-all gambler, and unbeatable fighter, Burning Daylight is his name. Daylight moves from the Yukon to San Francisco, and plays "the bigger game of finance and wealth," until he is reminded of something he lost, something pure and ..
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CAPITOL HELL, download, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 3), Read by Gene Engene
When the Press Security to the President of the United States, a close friend of Mark Hardin (a.k.a. The Penetrator), is killed by an unknown assailant less than a month after taking office, answers to hard questions must be found. A dying mobster has mentioned a well-known, exclusive VIP club in DC, in his last words. Hardin follows a hunch that the club may be linked to the Mafia, and that both may have something to do with the death of his friend. As Washington DC explodes..
CASCA: DESERT MERCENARY, download by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 16), Read by Gene Engene
Casca finds himself caught up in the ageless struggles of the desert tribes. With a hardcore group of international mercenaries, Casca assaults a fortress on a mountaintop high above the blistering Algerian desert. The mission is to rescue the son of a wealthy munitions dealer and his wife. Even Casca's "dirty dozen" might not be able to overcome two hundred of the toughest men the desert ever spawned. CASCA Series&..
CASCA: GOD OF DEATH, download by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene
Galley slave and gladiator, warrior and vagabond, Casca travels the world living by his wits and skills as a fighting man. Waiting, knowing he cannot die, he fears discovery. His travels take him north to the land of the Vikings. Then west to the Toltecs. In Mexico atop a storm shrouded pyramid, priests pepare to offer Casca in sacrifice. The knife plunges, but the man who cannot die rises from the altar. Reclaiming his still beating heart he proclaims himself the God of Deat..
CASCA: SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, download, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 8), Read by Gene Engene
The Cambodian Jungle is an easy place to die for most men, but not Casca Longinus. Cursed to live and fight as a soldier through millenia, the eternal mercenary finds himself deep in the misty heart of a jungle war. Endless miles of vermin-infested swamp become his stalking ground, while he in turn is hunted constantly by the Khmer Rouge. The stakes are high, but it is also a chance for Casca (Casey Romaine) to earn $200,000. It is a price he considers fair for what would be ..