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CASCA: THE ASSASSIN, download, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 13), Read by Gene Engene
Now known as "Kasim The Spear," Casca is captured by fanatical Hashishi tribesmen. He is forced to commit murder after murder until the earth seems soaked with the blood of Hassan al Sabah's enemies. Living under a curse from the lips of the crucified Christ on the hill of Golgotha in centuries past, the eternal mercenary must endure the horror of thousands of deaths, until with his always growing skill at arms he can claim a life of his own. Forever a fighting ..
CASCA: THE BARBARIAN, download, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 5), Read by Gene Engene
The Plains of Parthia were littered with the bodies of the dead and dying, as Casca, the man who could not die, moved away from the battle. Rome did not take desertion lightly, and while they couldn't kill The Eternal Mercenary, they could make his life a nightmare of pain and torture. His only escape lay in the Northlands beyond Germany, to lands filled with beautiful fjords and horrible bloodlust. Casca the Roman Citizen must become Casca the Barbarian. CLICK HERE FO..
CASCA: THE CONQUISTADOR, download, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 10), Read by Gene Engene
Now Casca is in Sixteenth Century Mexico where enemies of the majestic Aztec King Montezuma are sacrificed to his bloodthirsty gods by the thousands. Traveling in the party of Spanish Conquistador, Hernan Cortes, Casca (as "Carlos Romano") returns to the savage land seeking revenge against the ritual priests who once ripped his very heart from his chest. ISBN: 1..
CASCA: THE CURSED, download, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 18), Read by Gene Engene
In this book, it is the turn of the century in colonial China, and Casca is a British soldier with a choice: a suicide mission, or the agony of death on the gallows. To avoid the rope, he must penetrate the heart of the mysterious land and bring back word of the impending revolution. Captured and tortured by a warlord, his true identity is revealed. They call him Cas-Ca Sho (Of Long Life)and proclaim him a count. Now he must lead an army of a million subjects into the slaught..
CASCA: THE DAMNED, download, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 7), Read by Gene Engene
In a state of near despair, Casca leaves behind the now dreaded gates of the Persian Empire, and makes his way back to the Northlands. He seeks the walls of Helsfjord and the gates of The Hold. It was there, years before, that the Roman knew his happiest moments. Soon afterward he is found living among a pack of wolves as half-man, half-beast. For those unfortunate enough to stumble upon The Hold, he has become known as the "Monster of the Mist," a primitive being w..
CASCA: THE DEFIANT, download, by Paul Dengelegi,  (Casca Series, Book 24), Read by Gene Engene
In the bustling medieval port of Venice, Casca saves a boy's life, and becomes embroiled in an ancient blood feud. It seems that the eager young man, Marco, is desperately in love with a girl he cannot have...a Donatello. The powerful Donatello family would sooner kill the lowborn Marco than allow him into the family. But, that is something Casca will not allow to happen, even when he finds himself caught in the middle of a bloody, merciless war CLICK HER..
CASCA: THE ETERNAL MERCENARY, download, By Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 1), Read By Gene Engene
When they flew Casey into the hospital at Nha Trang, the medics were sure he would die. That he didn't was only the first surprise. The second, and bigger one, was that Casey had been fighting for two thousand years, ever since that day on Golgotha when he thrust his lance into the side of the man on the cross. "Soldier, you are content with what you are. Then that you shall remain until we meet again." Thus does Casca's journey begin, a man who cannot die, ..
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CASCA: THE LEGIONNAIRE, download, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 11), Read by Gene Engene
Dien Bien Phu was to be France's most glorious victory in the Indo-China War. Eleven thousand courageous Legionnaires were flown into the valley, totally unaware that fifty thousand Viet Minh with heavy cannon were waiting in the hills above them. Though Intelligence Officer Nguyen Tich knew he would lead his Communist forces to victory, only the death of Carl Langers (Casca) could put his own soul to rest...permanently! Clic..
CASCA: THE LIBERATOR, download,  by Paul Dengelegi, (Casca Series, Book 23), Read By Gene Engene
When pirates sink the merchant ship he's traveling on, Casca becomes trapped within the wreckage and dragged to the bottom of the Atlantic, where his immortal curse continues to keep him alive even as he drowns. Years later, he is rescued by African fishermen who believe Casca to be their legendary god of the sea returning to liberate their village from the tyranny of a madman. Feeling indebted to the villagers for rescuing him, the Eternal Mercenary prepares to confront ..
CASCA: THE MONGOL, download, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 22), Read by Gene Engene
A slave of the savage Tartars, Casca is a champion in the blood sports that make his masters rich...a rare prize for those who wager on his skills...and a nightmare for those who face him in a fight where only one survives. Then Casca is stolen by a Mongol rebel, a young outcast among his own people. Only blood and power can quench the burning thirst of his ambition. With Casca at his side, he unites a people and cuts a bloody swath across Asia into Europe. Nations fall benea..
CASCA: THE PHOENIX, download, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 14), Read by Gene Engene
Viet Cong Commander Ho Van Tiuyen has a hit list, and Casca is on it. Using his supposedly invincible Ke' Sat Nhan assassins to spread death and terror among American ranks, Ho is certain he can take out any man at any time of his own choosing. Yet, Casey Romain (Casca) has powerful friends of his own, including a fierce tribe of Kamserai warriors and their unusual allies. Throughout his battles in the Asian jungles, the ancient warrior fights on under the curse of the Ch..
CASCA: THE PIRATE, download, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 15), Read by Gene Engene
His long travels eventually land him across time in a Carribean paradise. There he joins the crew of the infamous Bluebeard. While aboard he must attempt to rescue the beautiful and mysterious Michelle LeBeau from those who would use her to build a pirate empire. Leading a pack of marooned cutthroats, and aided by the tough-talking, hard-loving Katie Parnell, Casca may succeed. First, he must survive the sadistic tortures of the mutinous pirate crew. CLICK HE..
CASCA: THE SAMURAI, download, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 19), Read by Gene Engene
Feudal Japan: A forbidden island, where honor is a warrior's prized possession, and his sword a swift and deadly instrument of pride and vengeance. Casca joins forces with the legendary samurai warrior Muramasa. Together they embark on an odyssey of bloody conquest...a journey that ends in the savage fury of samurai against samurai. ISBN: 1-58116-863-2 Read by Gene ..
CASCA: THE SENTINEL, download, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 9), Read by Gene Engene
Centuries later, awakened from frozen slumber by the touch of a beautiful young woman, Casca journeys from the Northern wasteland to the legendary Constantinople, and then on to the war-ravaged shores of North Africa. He must struggle with the agony of his eternal curse--all the while waging war against the razor sharp fanaticism of the bloodthirsty Brotherhood that hunts him. DOWN..