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FLOATING DEATH, download, by Chet Cunningham (The Penetrator Series, Book 25), Read by Gene Engene
Epidemic! It began in the peaceful pastures of Wisconsin. Death had occurred from contaminated milk and dairy products, and the farmers stood by helplessly as their herds were condemned and slaughtered on nothing more than “suspicion.” U.S. Public Health Service official Dr. Creighton Thornesby had “personally” supervised the shooting of the cattle. He wanted to prevent future outbreaks – or did he? Only the Penetrator knew who Thorne..
FREE DOWNLOAD - PRISONERS OF WAKE ISLAND by Loren Robinson, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
This is the story of one man’s battle for survival. Fred Rumple wasn’t a soldier or sailor. He was a civilian; a construction worker who was hired by a large construction company to build improvements on Wake Island in the mid Pacific. The events of this story were taken from Fred’s memoirs and other research to get a better perspective of this little-known World War Two battle. Fred and those who survived the four years of beatings, starvation, and imminent..
FREE DOWNLOAD - SILENT NIGHT IN A FOXHOLE by Loren Robinson, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
This is a true story, in part, of one soldier's experience in the Battle of the Bulge in 1944. Liberty has been taken with the character Sergeant Mark Weston (not his real name) who drove a truck on the “Red Ball Express” and returned to his unit. The time spent in the Belgium village is accurate as told by the sergeant. Christmas Eve in the fox hole was as described. Prisoners were taken, but not to the extent shown here. #5024 here ..
FREEDOM BIRD: A Novel Of The Summer Of Love, download, by Allan Cole and Chris Bunch, Read by Ben Mclean
During the Vietnam war, GIs who managed to survive their tour of duty in one piece – more or less - were flown home in chartered airliners. They called those planes “Freedom Birds.” This is the story of three young men – from wildly different backgrounds – who meet on such a plane and make a pact to spend three days together in San Francisco. Their goal: to spend every cent of their mustering out money in a party of a lifetime. And they’ll ..
GHOST SQUAD: OPERATION STINGRAY, download, by Bob Casemore, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
The Ghost Squad is a combat hardened special force trained to operate behind enemy lines. Its mission this time is to find a renegade American with an Australian accent, code-named Stingaree, who is sending information via short-wave to the Japanese regarding American troop movements. The idea is to capture the man and remove him from New Guinea and replace him with a look-alike imposter who will transmit erroneous info to the Japanese. This is vital, so that U.S. forces can ..
GHOST SQUAD: OPERATION TATTOO, download, by Bob Casemore, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
The Ghost Squad embarks on a top secret land operation in mid-1944 at the request of the US Navy. On a monsoon drenched night a Petty Officer fell or was pushed off his PT boat in the Leyte Gulf. A strong swimmer, the Navy believes the sailor made it to shore. On his arm is a tattoo. Unknown to him, the tattoo is the code for U. S. Forces landing operations on Leyte. The squad's danger filled mission is to find and retrieve the officer before Japanese officials can find h..
HEAT SYNC, download, by Wes DeMott, Read by Kevin Foley
Henry (HT) Thompson is a soldier eager to make his way into Special Operations, the best place, he feels, for a man with his skills to make a difference. When a covert military force known as Jaspers recruits him from the Navy SEALs, HT knows he’s found his chance. He believes he is being trained to assassinate foreign enemies who pose a threat to this country. It’s only when he receives his orders that he realizes what his true mission is—to kill the Presid..
HIGH DISASTER, download, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 22), Read by Kevin Foley
Oregon Revenge! Arlene Day, Capitol Sex Bonus Girl, has blown the whistle on Senator Harland H. Harrington of Oregon. She has told the world about her secretarial sex life while on the Washington payroll. As a result, the Senator is being forced to retire. Suddenly Oregon is under attack. Six hundred acres of land are burned to the ground. An entire lake is poisoned, killing all the fish and surrounding wildlife. A clue is left that the destruction of the dams will be next an..
HIJACKING MANHATTAN, download, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 4), Read by Gene Engene
Mark Hardin (a.k.a. The Penetrator) is prepared for trouble in New York City, but he hoped to arrive in time to prevent it. The first subway station blew up while he was still en route from his Stronghold in California, piloting a sleek new twin-engine plane. It was fast, but not fast enough to get him there in time to stop the 72nd Street IRT station from caving in, carrying a large section of Broadway with it. New York City is now under siege and being held for ransom. Mill..
HOSTILE TAKEOVERS, download, by Michael A. Black, (Leal and Hart Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene
Something's happening in the underworld of Cook County. Tensions are rising between two rival drug lords, and the streets are their battleground. Sergeant Frank Leal and his former partner, Olivia “Ollie” Hart, get involved when one of their informants turns up dead with his ear cut off. When one drug lord decides it’s time to eliminate the competition completely, the takeover becomes very hostile indeed. As blood flows in the gutter and retaliation rule..
JOURNEY ON THE WIND, download, by Kay L. McDonald, (Vision of the Eagles Series, Book 2), Read by Mary Starkey
Marlette Brightwood had come inexperienced and unafraid from a sheltered life in Philadelphia to the unmapped, untamed Oregon Territory in 1842. She was sure she could take car of herself in this brutal world of crude frontiermen and savage Indians - and totally unprepared for what awaited her. Her guide was Ross Chesnut, a legend on the frontier. Some said he was a white renegade, others that he had Indian blood. But no one doubted his many bloody victories in violent bat..
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JUSTICE FOR FREDDIE, download, by Gerry Gotro, Read by Rusty Nelson
Psychopaths are numerous in our world and once in a long while one stands out above all others. Andrew Corbett, an American businessman, was just such a man, a killer. Freddie was a decent hard-working guy, a bush pilot trying to give his family a little dignity and it cost him his life. When his friends tried to find him in the Canadian Wilderness six more men died before they found "Justice for Freddie." This story is loosely based on a series of true incide..
KAZAN, download, by James Oliver Curwood, Read by Kevin Foley
Part wolf, part Husky, he was born to the wilderness and carried his burden among men stoically. He had known starvation, bitter cold, overwork and suffering at the cruel hand of man. He was a giant among his kind and as fearless as the men who drove him mercilessly through the perils of a frozen world. And now, through the uncertain hand of fate, he is free...he is called Kazan, the Wild Dog. But his journey has just begun and survival against the unforgiving wilderness with..
LORD JIM, download, by Joseph Conrad, Read by Gene Engene
This adventure story of the south seas is one of Conrad’s best known works. Jim is a young man who has chosen a career with the Merchant Marines. Early on he is tested by the sea and found wanting. His ship founders on the high seas and sinks. Disregarding the passengers, Jim, and the rest of the crew manage to escape in lifeboats. The passengers die with the ship. Haunted by his one act of cowardice Jim wanders from port to port in search of self-respect. He manages to..