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LUCKY IN CYPRUS, download, by Allan Lucky Cole, Read by Ben McLean
LUCKY IN CYPRUS is a coming-of-age story set in the Middle East during the height of the Cold War. An American teenager - son of a CIA operative - is inspired by grand events and a Greek Cypriot teacher to learn about survival and his art. He witnesses earthquakes and riots and terrorist attacks, but in the end it is his teacher's gentle lessons that keep him whole. ISBN: 978-1-61453-972-8 ear a sample of this..
MANKILL SPORT, download, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 14), Read by Kevin Foley
The Penetrator was hunting for Johnny Utah but the tables turned and Utah was offering him a sporting chance. The rules were simple: Mark Hardin was to be given an hour's head start in the Canadian wilderness. He will be naked, unarmed and without rations. His hunters, among them Johnny Utah and a German sharpshooter, will have M-16 rifles, pistols, hunting knives, and bows with wide-tipped hunting arrows...and a dozen other hunters! If Mark loses, he dies-but if he wins ..
MARDI GRAS MASSACRE, download, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 5), Read by Gene Engene
Against the colorful backdrop of New Orleans' Mardi Gras, the Penetrator joins the festivities with a bang-literally-as he blows up an eighty-thousand-ton cannery ship belonging to Marcel Bouchet. It seems that Marcel Bouchet is the powerful head of the Gulfland Fisherman's Co-op...Bouchet and his henchmen are terrorizing the independent Gulf Coast fisherman into joining his organization so that he can corner the seafood market. But that is only a small part of his pl..
MARINE SNIPER, download, by Charles Henderson, Read by Kevin Foley
The sniper is the big-game hunter of the battlefield, and he needs all of the skills of a woodsman, marksman, hunter, and poacher. He must possess the field craft to be able to position himself for a killing shot, and he must be able to effectively place a single bullet into his intended target. Gunnery Sergeant Hathcock was able to do all of these things. There have been many Marines. There have been many marksmen. But there has been only one Sergeant Carlos Hathcock. A lege..
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MEXICAN BROWN, download, by Chet Cunningham (Penetrator Series, Book 26) Read by Gene Engene
Dirty Dope. It happens all the time. Deaths from overdoses of heroin. Now it was more than that. Narcotics agents muttered that the Mexican Brown heroin coming in across the border was some strange mix – dirty...and deadly. Mark Hardin has a line on the “hot horse,” but he has to move fast – and find a way to beat the smugglers to the border before they can sneak the stuff into the country. If he fails, he'll be in one helluva fix! CLIC..
NIGHTWALKER, download, by Frank Roderus, Read by Damon Abdallah
The inconceivable has happened. America has been ravaged by nuclear war. James Wolfe, a trucker driving on an isolated State Highway in the Northwest seeing the mushroom clouds in the distance, hid out in an abandoned mine. Now months later, after living on the pretzels he was hauling and a trickle of water in the mine, Wolfe emerges to a world he hardly recognizes. He too has changed. Barely thirty, his hair is now snow white; his eyes are unable to handle bright light, but ..
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NORTHWEST CONTRACT, download, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 8), Read by Kevin Foley what a gang of crooked cops has been taking care of...big and dirty business. Seattle, that Northwestern stronghold of law, order and the American way, is the scene. Mark Hardin (a.k.a. The Penetrator) steps in when he finds that a former Vietnam war buddy -- now a cop -- has been shot to death in an apparent robbery. But who was robbing whom? Mark doesn't know for sure, and he will find out. Just which boys in blue have sold their souls to profit outsi..
NUKE DOWN, download, by Chet Cunningham, (Specialists Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene
When a raid on an Iraqi terrorist nest uncovers a list of American targets, the Specialists need answers fast. Is the list real? Which targets will be threatened first? And who's the mastermind behind it all? The Specialists have three chief suspects: the notorious Osama Bin Laden, the Iranian Abdel Salim - known as the "Muslim Assassin" - and a shadowy figure who calls himself "The Scimitar" -- all masters of disquise whose exp..
OMEGA, download, by Gary Naiman, Read by Greg Papst
Karl Frankton is thrust into a global war against terrorists who have re-activated the cyanide nightmare in our seas. With the human race facing extinction, Karl and Dr. Mandu Thala fight a last- ditch battle that reaches from the White House to the Nile Delta, Hindu Kush Mountains, and finally to Geneva where the world's most powerful atom smasher is about to launch us into the unknown. Since retiring from senior positions in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and entertainme..
OMEGA, download, by Loren Robinson, (Hawk File Series, Book 2), Read by Cameron Beierle
After saving President Conway and exposing Secret Service Chief Alan Powell as a traitor, Lane becomes the target of an assassin named Omega. Omega's purpose is to kidnap Lane Palmer and deliver him to the Islamic terrorists in Libya for a large reward. Additionally, this act will get his own death sentence removed from the Libyan list. ISBN: 978-1-60548-996-4 ..
ORINOCO, download, by JAMES A. CIULLO, Read by Gene Engene
Conspirators are attempting to terrorize Joe LaCarta and force him to abandon his US Senate race in Vermont. They resurrect an event long since laid to rest. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Venezuela in the 1970’s, LaCarta and his cohorts pulled off a heist of art looted by the Nazis in WWII, liquidating the proceeds to fund their programs into perpetuity. Now, twenty-five years later, they discover that the heist was not the win-win proposition they had thought. There we..
OUTBACK LEGACY, download, by Aaron Fletcher, (Outback Series, Book 5), Read by Beth Richmond
Bold, breathtaking and beautiful, the Australian outback calls to Lesley Holleck like no other site on the continent. The young firebrand soon realizes, however, that the untamed region could exact a brutal price from all who dare enter it. But disguised as a rowdy jackaroo with a special talent for taming horses, she earns the admiration and respect of the people who help her survive there and forever change her world -- including Zachary Cooper, who longs to tame ..
OUTBACK STATION, download, by Aaron Fletcher, (Outback Series, Book 2), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
The Convict: David Kerrick is a man with nothing left to lose. Betrayed by the woman he adores, deported to Australia for murdering her lover, he has lost the will to live -- until the lure of the outback claims his soul. Captivated by the sweeping wild beauty of the land, its freedom and mystery, he sets out to make a piece of it his own. Battling drought and dingoes, bushfires and bushrangers, he lives for the moment until the past comes back to haunt him.... The Colonist: ..
OUTBACK, download, by Aaron Fletcher, (Outback Series, Book 1), Read by Cameron Beierle
Patrick Garrity started life unwanted and unloved as the bastard son of a female convict. Barely out of his teens, he worked to make a new life for himself in the limitless back country of New South Wales. There he met Mayrah, the native girl he bought to satisfy his passions and the woman who would change his destiny and that of an entire continent. Divided by competing cultures, they were nevertheless united by their fierce love of the land -- and eventually, each other. To..