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PALAWAN, download, by C.D. Williams, Read by Gene Engene
Palawan is an adventure story that has it all. There is an exotic tropical island location. There are Muslim terrorists, missionary hostages, a millionaire’s daughter, mercenaries, Borneo pirates and a struggle for survival. It’s a story of friendship, courage, life, death and love played out under extreme conditions. The story begins half a world away in the Philippine jungle, continues in Las Vegas and has its unexpected climax on a ranch in the Arizona High des..
PANAMA POWER PLAY, download, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 19), Read by Kevin Foley
Norbert Briscoe, financial wizard, friend of presidents, and toast of the jet set, is alive and well and living in exile in Costa Rica. The proceeds of his swindles, thefts, and international money manipulation made him a wanted man in the U.S. But now he is putting together his biggest deal – one that will guarantee his own safety, grant him a complete pardon, and allow him to retain his huge fortune. He’s going to buy the Panama Canal! CLI..
PLUNDER, download, by Chet Cunningham, (Specialists Series, Book 1), Read by Gene Engene
An elite group of top members from the FBI, Navy Seals, CIA, Britain's MI-6, and Israel's Mossad investigate the mysterious death of an American who was trying to find a missing fortune stolen from his Jewish grandfather during World War II. ISBN: 1-59607-918-5 Read by Gene Engene Approx. 11 Hrs. Rated R ..
PRISONERS OF HELL, download, by John S. Jones, Read by Gene Engene
This is a gripping story based on the author’s personal experiences as a prisoner of the Japanese Army during World War II. In 1941, the Japanese Army aimed their victorious war machine at the Pacific Island of Corregidor. American defenders, relying only on limited supplies of food and ammunition, were unable to repel the invasion. The island fell and thousands of Americans were taken prisoner. Many died daily from mistreatment, disease, malnutrition or a combination o..
RAND, download, by Loren Robinson, (Hawk Files Series, Book 3), Read by Cameron Beierle
A cue-stick laser gun that was used to kill four militia rebels caught the attention of Counter Force and leads Lane Palmer into a search that involves conspiracy and murder. In addition to that, someone in the military is secretly trying to get the United States into a war with China. Lane must find the man who killed the rogue rebels and take possession of the laser gun. The mysterious man's name is Rand, and some believe he is an alien from another world. ..
RED SKIES, download, by R. Karl Largent, (T.C. Bogner Series, Book 2), Read by Kevin Foley
The cutting-edge Russian SU-39-Covert stealth bomber, with fighter capabilities years beyond anything the U.S. can produce, vanished while on a test run over the Gobi Desert. Half a world away, a dissident faction of the Chinese Red Army engineered an abduction of a top scientist, the one who developed SU-39, while he was visiting Washington. Now, Commander T.C. Bogner has his orders--retrieve the fighter and its designer within 72 hours--or else. CLICK HERE ..
RED WIND, download, by R. Karl Largent, (T.C. Bogner Series, Book 1), Read by Kevin Foley
TERRORIST PLOT When a military jet went down off the California coast, killing the Secretary of the Air Force, it was a tragedy. When another jet crashed with the Undersecretary of State on board, it became cause for investigation. When a member of the State Department was found shot in the back of the head, his top-secret files missing, it became a national crisis. A SECRET MOLE National security was hanging by a thread—a thread about to be cut by a well-place..
REFUND, download, by Mike Thompson, Read by Reed McColm
The Fennec, a professional killer, is contracted by a group of seven businessmen to kill Steven Donovan; a man they feel holds the key to their future fortune. A fortune to be amassed from a platinum mineral swindle. Each of the men puts up an equal amount of money to cover the cost of the contract, but to appease their consciences; six of the men want to know nothing about the transaction details. The man who set up the deal is found dead and on his body is an envelope of mo..
SAINT NICK, download, by Loren Robinson, (Hawk File Series, Book 5), Read by Cameron Beierle
Lane Palmer is called out of retirement by Counter Force Director Pat O'Neil to help foil a terrorist assassination plot on U. S. President Emerson. The terrorists are rumored to have connections with local residents, and Counter Force's Director, Pat O'Neil, needs "The Hawk" to investigate. A local man with a mysterious past, known as "Saint Nick" to area children, becomes the center of Palmer's suspicions. Defeating one plot reveals a mor..
SHOCK WAVE, download, by James O. Born, (Bill Tasker Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene
Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent Bill Tasker is still smarting from a run-in with the FBI that almost got him killed when he reluctantly teams up with them again on a case involving a stolen Stinger missile. The op goes smoothly enough (though the feds take all the credit; what else is new?), but something about the whole set-up just doesn’t feel right to him. He pokes around a bit and stirs up more trouble than a nest of rattlesnakes: with his boss, with ..
SOLDIER IN PARADISE, download, by John Mort, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
John Mort’s compelling first novel embodies both the Vietnam combat experience and the sad aftermath for those who underwent it. Alternating between “stateside” chapters after the war and the Vietnam chapters dramatizing it, the novel creates a tension back and forth in time as well as geography. We participate in the trauma of combat in crisp and authentic detail, and we witness the effect of that experience on “Irish” Donnelly, a bookish, reluc..
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STING OF THE BLACK WIDOW, download, by Loren Robinson, (Checkmate Series, Book 2), Read by Cameron Beierle
Space stations, scattered throughout the cosmos are peopled with scientists and engineers. Cargo shuttles that leave Earth’s gravity on their own power, deliver supplies on a regular schedule. Still there are remnants of the past in rural areas that cling to the disappearing life of yesteryear. And yet, there are terrorists, reborn out of the days of Islamic al Qaeda. A reorganization, under the name of “Defenders of Islam,” has made its mark on the free wor..
STORIES FROM THE JUNGLE BOOK AND MORE, download, by Rudyard Kipling, Read by Laurie Klein
Four short stories are included in this volume of Kipling works, they are (1) MOWGLI’S BROTHERS- Mowgli, a small boy, is found orphaned in the jungle by wolves and raised by them. (2) KAA’S HUNTING - Mowgli is kidnapped by the Bandar-log (monkeys) and rescued by Kaa, a python. (3) THE WHITE SEAL - The community of seals believe a great white seal will come, and deliver them from the wrath of the seal hunters. (4) RIKKI TIKKI TAVI - A young mongoose defends his hum..
STORM RISING, download, by Gary Naiman, Read by Kevin Foley
It is 2012 and the United States is at war in three middle-eastern countries after a second terrorist attack on our homeland. PERRY AMBROSE is an embedded reporter covering the Iran campaign. When Perry tries to convince WNN to go live with his video of the brutal mutiny shootout, he is rebuked after the PRESIDENT warns WNN to squelch the story. Six months later, Perry is a broken man who has been blackballed from media employment except for scant assignments with fringe papa..