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STRIKE GROUP REAGAN, download, by Harold Hutchison, Read by John Hough
In Strike Group Reagan, Harold C. Hutchison takes us inside the world of war and sacrifice, loyalty and heroism, in a story that mirrors events taking place around the globe. Lieutenant Renee Patterson is a Navy fighter pilot with one of the squadrons assigned to the carrier USS Ronald Reagan. The Reagan and its battle group, under the command of Rear Admiral Kevin Bradshaw are deployed to the Mediterranean. Renee s sister younger sister Angela is in Tunisia to study arc..
TARZAN AND THE JEWELS OF OPAR, download, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, (Tarzan Series, Book  5), Read by David Sharp
Tarzan’s enemy in this book is a Belgian traitor and an Arab chieftain named, Achmet Zek. Tarzan intends to ‘liberate’ more jewels from the lost city of Opar, unaware that his enemies know of his plan and they intend to liberate the jewels from Tarzan. The running battle becomes so intense that Tarzan is incensed to the point of losing his newly-found, refined demeanor and becomes the beast of old with a terrible ferocity. The apeman once again responds to t..
TARZAN JUNGLE TALES, download, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, (Tarzan Series, Book 6), Read by David Sharp
Here are a dozen action-packed interlinked jungle stories illustrating the early life of Tarzan of the Apes. The stories included are: 1. TARZAN’S FIRST LOVE 2. THE CAPTURE OF TARZAN 3. THE FIGHT FOR BALU 4. THE GOD OF TARZAN 5. TARZAN AND THE BLACK BOY 6. THE WITCH DOCTOR SEEKS VENGEANCE 7. THE END OF BUKAWAI 8. THE LION 9. THE BATTLE FOR TEEKA 10. A JUNGLE JOKE 11. TARZA..
TARZAN THE TERRIBLE, download,  by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Tarzan Series, Book 8), Read by Rusty Nelson
In this novel two months have gone by and Tarzan is continuing to search for Jane. He has tracked her to a hidden valley called Pal-ul-don, which means "Land of Men." In Pal-ul-don Tarzan finds a real Jurassic Park filled with dinosaurs, notably the savage Triceratops-like Gryfs, which unlike their prehistoric counterparts are predatory. Jane is also being held captive in Pal-ul-don where she becomes a pawn in a religious power struggle. Tarzan continues to pursue t..
TARZAN THE UNTAMED, download, by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Tarzan Series, Book 7), Read by Rusty Nelson
With the speed of the great apes, Tarzan rushed through the jungle toward his home and family. But he was already too late. The marauders had been there before him. His farm was in shambles and no one was left alive. Of his beloved wife there was only a charred, blackened corpse, still wearing the rings he had given her. Silently, he buried the body and swore his terrible vengeance against those who had done this terrible deed. Then he set out grimly to track them...through w..
TERROR IN TAOS, download, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 11), Read by Kevin Foley
Mark Hardin is known to his enemies as The Penetrator. He penetrates in several ways: by fighting his way in, by easing in...or by dropping in via parachute. Mark Hardin is dropped through the air, scanning the desert for David Red Eagle's smoke signal, his mind flashed back to similar jumps in Vietnam. Another time, another enemy. In the fetid rice paddies and rubbled hamlets, the enemy had a yellow skin and slanted eyes. Today Hardin would be fighting foes on his own ki..
THE ADVENTURES OF KIMO, download, by Dan Robison, Read by Reed McColm
Kimo knew that touching a village chief was a crime punishable by death. In fact, a violator could be beheaded or thrown into the boiling lavas of Mauna Lea. So when he accidentally ran into and knocked over his village chief, Kimo dove off a cliff top into the ocean and escaped to the City of Refuge on the Island of Hawaii. Will he ever be able to return to his village? Will he ever see his family and friends again? Kimo's Escape is the first installment in a series o..
THE ANIMAL GAME, download, by Chet Cunningham (The Penetrator Series, Book 27) Read by Gene Engene
Breeding Ground Right off Mark Hardin smelled a rat.... Someone was stealing animals...a lot of animals. It wasn't an escalation of the “petnapping” of several years past. No ransom asked, but thousands of dogs and cats were missing, primarily along the densely populated Eastern Seaboard. Sheer volume alone dictated that there was some planning behind the thefts. Somewhere these small animals were being disposed of. And there had to be a profit in it for..
THE ASSASSIN'S WIFE, download, by Dan Daines (The 5th Republic Series, Book 1), Read by Andrea Bates
The Assassin’s Wife is a thrilling tale of political intrigue set in current America. A jealous, deranged husband assassinates the President-Elect of the United States two weeks before inauguration, and for the first time in history, a Vice-President-Elect must step up and take the oath of office. Madison Hemsley-Tarlton, a war hero and former governor, will be the new President…if she can stay alive long enough. Questions about the assassination quickly surface ..
THE ASSASSIN, download, by R. Karl Largent, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
It began when satellite photos revealed certain anomalies along the border of Saudi Arabia and Jordan: entire areas with no signs of life. That combined with reports from Iraq that nomadic tribes are being decimated by mysterious illnesses. Could it mean a global nightmare is becoming a reality? Someone is perfecting an ultimate and deadly form of germ warfare, but who? The American government must get the truth behind the lies and rumors, and do it quickly. They turn to the ..
THE B-52 OVERTURE, download, by Don Bendell, (Vietnam Special Forces Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene
The Vietnamese stole their land. The NVA raped their daughters. The Green Berets know them as the most fearless and loyal warriors in the land. They were the Montagnards, who called themselves “Sons of the Mountains” and always fought to the death. In this incredible memoir of wall-to-wall combat in the jungle near the Laotian border, Special Forces Lieutenant Don Bendell recounts the saga of the A camp of Dak Pek, 242. On those death-strewn hilltops in 1969-70, a..
THE BEASTS OF TARZAN, download, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, (Tarzan Series, Book  3), Read by David Sharp
This venture into the wild kingdom thrusts Jane into the thickest of demoniacal plots as Tarzan’s nemesis, the dark and swarthy Rokoff and his rat-like lieutenant capture her with the intention of wreaking vengeance on Tarzan. But Tarzan assembles an awesome rescue squad; Mugambi, a giant native from the jungle who becomes the devoted follower and protector of Tarzan; Sheeta, a sleek and powerful black panther longing to apply fang and claw to those who would harm Jane;..
THE COFFIN SHIP, download, by Peter Tonkin, (Richard Mariner Series, Book 1), Read by Dave Courvoisier
The fate of Prometheus rests in the hands of Richard Mariner, the tanker’s new captain. It is his responsibility to battle human treachery and the dangers of the open sea to bring Prometheus to safe harbor. From the Persian Gulf to the storm-tossed Atlantic, Mariner and his crew will struggle against the elements while trying to uncover the elusive—and cunning—enemy in their midst. “Tonkin is a superb storyteller who creates big, brash..
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THE COUNTRY BEYOND, download, by James Oliver Curwood, Read by Ric Benson
For three years the grim chase had continued. Hanging like a wolf to the trail of “Jolly” Roger McKay, Corporal Cassidy of the Royal Northwest Mounted had put more than a thousand miles of frozen nothingness behind him. But always the man he hunted, the outlaw who was wanted for murder, escaped him. It was a bitter chase, a sporting game in deadly earnest, until Nada, the woman from “a little corner of Hell,” entered McKay’s life. He decided to r..