ENEMY WITHIN, by Phillip Thompson, Read by Cameron Beierle

ENEMY WITHIN, by Phillip Thompson, Read by Cameron Beierle
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A former Marine Corps Officer and now ATF Special Agent, Wade Stuart is assigned an undercover case in his home territory on the Mississippi Delta. He infiltrates a militia unit supposedly built on lofty goals. But those goals will also mean assassinating the Mississippi Governor in an effort to seize that state and initiate a revolution. Washington plans to use the 2nd Marine Division to destroy the militia, and Agent Stuart is caught between them attempting to uphold the U. S. Constitution and stave off the bloodbath. The Militia's founder claims to be a true Patriot, while the President says he's acting in the nation's best interest ordering the attack. Somewhere in between is agent Stuart and basic citizen's rights.

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CD ISBN: 1-58116-224-3

Read by Cameron Beierle
Approx. 5.25 Hrs. 5 CDs
Rated PG

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