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THE COUNTRY BEYOND, by James Oliver Curwood, Read by Ric Benson
For three years the grim chase had continued. Hanging like a wolf to the trail of “Jolly” Roger McKay, Corporal Cassidy of the Royal Northwest Mounted had put more than a thousand miles of frozen nothingness behind him. But always the man he hunted, the outlaw who was wanted for murder, escaped him. It was a bitter chase, a sporting game in deadly earnest, until Nada, the woman from “a little corner of Hell,” entered McKay’s life. He decided to r..
THE DAUGHTERS OF LUKE McCALL, by Linda Sandifer, Read by Deb Slater
In 1863 California a corrupt lawman reneges on a deal for Luke McCall's mustang herd when 19 year-old Delaney refuses to marry him as part of the purchase. He frames the McCalls as horse thieves for taking the herd back in lieu of payment. They are soon forced to abandon their ranch, and flee to Monterey seeking protection through their friend the sheriff who tries to prove their innocence. When he is murdered, Luke and his daughters cross Donner Pass to Virginia City pur..
THE FINAL VOYAGE OF THE SEA EXPLORER, by Douglas Boren, (Alexander Family Chronicles, Book 1), Read by Tim Campbell
When Josh Alexander and his friend Jimmy embarked on a scuba diving vacation in the Bahamas, they knew they were in for the adventure of a lifetime. Sailing aboard the Sea Explorer, many amazing sights and exciting times were in store for them. What they couldn't know was that the ocean held not only a beautiful alien world of wonder but the ominous reality of natural forces at work, moving the dive boat towards its dangerous destiny. Seven days of realism at the mercy of..
THE FIRE SHIP, by Peter Tonkin, (Richard Mariner Series, Book 2), Read by Dave Courvoisier
The freighter came like a ghost off the hazy horizon, strafed by gunfire, abandoned by her crew…and laden with explosives. Richard Mariner is aboard a new high-tech sailing vessel when he encounters the fire ship, never realizing it’s only the beginning of a deadly adventure. As Mariner sails through the Indian Ocean, he learns the prize tanker in his family’s fleet, Prometheus II, has been seized by terrorists in the Persian Gulf, and his father-in-law has..
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THE FLEDGLINGS, by Howard E. Adkins, Read by Kevin Foley
The Fledglings examines the maturation of three young men in the crucible of the terrifying and bloody World War 1. Of course, their loss of innocence is not unique to war alone, but such an arena accelerates the process and is a much harsher compass. The time period is one of revolutionary change throughout the world, but nowhere is the transformation in the early Twentieth Century more pronounced than in warfare – killing has become a highly refined process and now ev..
THE FUND, by Wes DeMott, Read by Kevin Foley
Peter Jamison is an aerospace engineer who wanted nothing more than to save his contract for a tactical weapons system. But together with his girlfriend, attorney Melissa Corley, he uncovered a crime of corruption, power and violence, a crime that has drawn him into a deadly game he cannot win. And now the stakes are going up. The FBI and the White House are determined to silence him, someone has captured Melissa, and Peter knows the time has come to fight back. Any way he ca..
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THE HELLBOMB FLIGHT, by Chet Cunningham, (Penetrator Series, Book 10), Read by Kevin Foley
Deep in the bowels of an abandoned mountain mineshaft, smack in the middle of the harsh Nevada desert, Dr. Orlando Fitzmueller has installed his computer base. The idea had first come to him when he was second in command at NASA. Then it as an impossible dream. But now, through careful planning, and sheer brilliance, it will become a reality. And he will win. Then in a few precious hours, he will be the single most powerful man the universe has ever known. He will hold life a..
THE JAKARTA PLOT, by R. Karl Largent, Read by Ron Varela
The heads of state of the world's most powerful nations--the United States, Russia, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, and France--are meeting in Jakarta, on the island of Java, to issue a joint declaration to the Chinese government. China must stop its nuclear testing or face the strictest sanctions of the World Economic Council. But a powerful group of Communist terrorists has other ideas. With the backing of the mainland Chinese government, the terrorists attack the hotel ..
THE MAKING OF AN ASSASSIN, by Loren Robinson, (Hawk File Series, Book 7), Read by Cameron Beierle
Lane Palmer had it all, a good government job, plenty of friends and a loving family. Then, in a horrible instant, he lost everything. His life seemingly over, he thinks of suicide, but turns instead to revenge. The American sets out on a holy war of his own. Using contacts made during his service with the CIA, he searches for the five Jihad terrorists responsible for the death of his family. Tracking the killers across five continents, he hunts them down, one by one, violati..
THE MUCKER by Edgar Rice Burroughs (The Mucker Series, Book 1), Read by Gene Engene
Billy Byrne is a low class American born in Chicago's ghetto. He grows up a thief and a mugger. "Billy was a mucker, a hoodlum, a gangster, a thug, a tough." He is not chivalrous nor kind, and has only meager ethics - never giving evidence against a friend or leaving someone behind. He chooses a life of robbery and violence, disrespecting those who work for a living. He has a deep hatred for wealthy society. He trains as a prizefighter but cannot stop drinking. ..
THE OAKDALE AFFAIR by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Partial Sequel to The Mucker), Read by Gene Engene
In "The Oakdale Affair", we follow further adventures of Bridge. Bridge finds himself sheltering from a storm with a mysterious thief. The pair rescue a young woman who's run afoul of her gangster boyfriend. It seems that everybody wants the loot that the thief stole, and somewhere out there is a kidnapped young woman who is the key to it all. Bridge will have a lot of juggling to do to keep gangsters, gypsies, and private detectives in line and solve the myster..
THE PANZER SOLDIER, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 4), Read by Gene Engene
It was easy for Casca to go along with some of the basic premise behind the Nazi war machine. These men were soldiers, hard fighting men born of the same militaristic outlook that had sustained him since that fateful day at Calvary. Inevitably the high sounding ideals of the Third Reich revealed hidden horrors. In the background is always The Brotherhood. Discovering this hidden organization, and as the war begins going badly for the Nazis, Casca loses faith in the Fuhrer and..
THE PERSIAN, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 6), Read by Gene Engene
The Brotherhood of the Lamb concluded its sacred meeting and the Brothers dispersed to their separate nations and cities with but one identical message: "Casca lives, and is in Persia..." The Eternal Mercenary enters the gates of the Persian Empire to become commander of Shapur II's royal forces. One man will seek his downfall at all costs, Rasheed, advisor to the King and secret member of The Brotherhood. When he watches Casca's burning flesh turn to ash, h..
THE PREDATORS, by Howard E. Adkins, Read by Kevin Foley
Charlie Buchanan, a young rancher in central Idaho, sets out to kill the newly introduced pack of wolves as his anti-government statement. The result is high adventure and endless misery for man and beast. CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-405-1 Read by Kevin Foley Approx. 7.8 Hrs. 8 CDs Rated R ..