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THE QUEBEC CONNECTION, by Chet Cunningham, (Penetrator Series, Book 15), Read by Kevin Foley
The 23 May Liberation Front finances their terrorism by the sale of drugs in Canada and the U.S. Heroin, cocaine, hashish--the usual. Now they have their hands on a new synthetic called Ziff-a drug with an unusual side effect. It does radical and permanent damage to the genetic makeup of the user, thus effecting generations yet unborn. Join the Penetrator, the one man strike force, in a journey that takes him from New York to Marseille. Those who play Russian roulette with th..
THE RADIATION HIT, by Chet Cunningham, (Penetrator Series, Book 20), Read by Kevin Foley
Bombs Away! The information was limited. An "event" was going to take place at the Rocky Mountain Nuclear Generating Plant within three days. The attack would be coming from a terrorist group trying to get uranium to build an atomic bomb. Mark Hardin doesn't know why they have chosen this site or when they are going to strike but if there is going to be a hit, he will certainly be on hand to prevent it. ..
THE RETURN OF RAND, by Loren Robinson, (Hawk File Series, Book 6), Read by Cameron Beierle
Lane Palmer has been fighting terrorists for years, leaving his marker, the hawk playing card. Called out of retirement by FBI Chief Pat O'Neill, Lane includes his wife Nancy, another former FBI agent, and his loyal Nez Perce Indian friend, Tom Redhorse, on the Hawk's strike team. This unexpected case may prove to be the most extreme yet for "The Hawk." A neutron bomb is planted somewhere in the United States. The Hawk must stop a spreading network of Al Qae..
THE RETURN OF THE MUCKER by Edgar Rice Burroughs (The Mucker Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene
The Mucker spent his life fighting. He fought his way out of the worst of Chicago's slums; he fought his way out of a jail sentence for a murder he didn't commit. Then, forced to fight for his freedom, destiny led him through a startling series of further adventures to Mexico -- and a fight for his life in the middle of a bloody revolution. Like two thieves they crept along in the shadow of the canyon wall. Inwardly Billy cursed the darkness of the night which hid fro..
THE RIDGERUNNER, by Richard Ripley, Read by Gene Engene
During the early 1940’s in Idaho’s expansive Selway-Bitterroot wilderness, a few items disappeared from a tent camp, then from a lookout tower, and a ranger station. Eventually, the continuing loss of food and supplies at such isolated sites confirmed the presence of a mysterious stranger. For years no one saw him, even though he entered forest service quarters while employees slept. In the winter, when he did leave tracks, they were found on the most inhospitable..
THE SEA'S FURY, by Michael Hazard, Read by Gene Engene
In the frigid waters off the coast of southeast Alaska, Coast Guard Petty Officer, Josh Stewart volunteers to attempt a daring underwater rescue of a passenger from a downed seaplane. This incident becomes the catalyst that launches his Coast Guard career as a Rescue Swimmer. After many other life threatening rescues Josh finds himself and the crew of a Coast Guard 44-footer facing their ultimate test of courage and strength in a powerful storm off the Pacific Coast while enr..
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THE SEA, by R. Karl Largent, Read by Kevin Foley
THE MISSION: At the bottom of the Sargasso Sea lies a sunken German U-boat filled with Nazi gold. For more than half a century the treasure, worth untold millions of dollars has been waiting – tempting, luring, but always out of reach. Now Elliot Wages has been hired to join a salvage mission to retrieve the gold, but it isn't long at all before he realizes that there's quite a bit he hasn't been told – and that not everyone wants the missio..
THE SON OF TARZAN, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, (Tarzan Series, Book 4), Read by David Sharp
This time it is the son of Tarzan, the young Lord Greystoke, who leads us away from the sheltered shores of 19th century England, back to the primitive jungle. Young Lord Greystoke quickly asserts his natural authority in the jungle the way an heir-apparent might ascend a throne but not without a few painful learnings. Accepted by his fellow primates, they rename him, Korak the killer. He is as powerful as he is clever. Though his transformation is successful, it is not ..
THE SUPERGUN MISSION, by Chet Cunningham, (Penetrator Series, Book 21), Read by Kevin Foley
Ready...Aim...Fire! It started with the smuggling of Mexican "wetbacks" for slave labor in the U.S. They were brought to an island in Lake Texoma, north of Dallas, to work on a top-secret operation directed by H.H. Christiansen...and were forbidden to leave. But it wasn't until twenty-five Mexicans died in a mysterious tank truck fire that the Penetrator was called in. That's when this simple smuggling assignment turned into a national security threat. ..
THE TARGET IS H, by Chet Cunningham, (Penetrator Series, Book 1), Read by Gene Engene
With, "The Target Is H", find out how it all began and what events lead to Mark Hardin's quest for justice. A quest where he must not only go up against the criminals but at times law enforcement officials who wish to stop him. The Penetrator. He's learned how in Vietnam. Infiltrate the enemy's position, determine the plan of action and then strike swiftly, taking out as many key men as possible, wreaking destruction, leaving chaos in your wake. No..
THE TREMAINE ASSIGNMENT by K.A. Terrell, Read by Rebecca Cook
Young biology student, Denni Douchet, has an uncanny ability to communicate with animals, but has all kinds of trouble connecting with humans. When she is given an assignment to investigate a dying species of seaweed off the Puerto Rican Coast, she discovers a smuggling operation using dolphins as underwater accomplices. Could the mysterious disappearance of her beloved mentor be somehow related? But asking too many questions in this wild coastal jungle can be ..
THE WOLF HUNTERS, by James Oliver Curwood, Read by Gene Engene
The starved wolf-pack was hot on his trail. It was the biggest pack that Wabi had ever seen. He calculated there were at least fifty animals in it, possibly even more. Nearer and nearer they came, until the first were scarcely two hundred feet away. Close enough for Wabi to see this was a hungry, determined pack. Then, with a shout, the Indian leaped and dashed fearlessly toward them. This unexpected move stopped the foremost wolves and Wabi fired two of his three remaining b..
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TOKYO PURPLE, by Chet Cunningham, (Penetrator Series, Book 6), Read by Gene Engene
Mark Hardin (a.k.a. The Penetrator) flew to the Orient for a vacation and to recover physically and mentally from the numerous brushes with death he has had in his quest to bring down the evil individuals and organizations that he has encountered. But his visit has touched off a chain reaction of terror. First a renowned atomic scientist was kidnapped; then a madman announced he has a stockpile of thermonuclear weapons for sale. Now, Mark Hardin heads into the Japanese countr..
TRACKERS, by Dan Purkey, Read by Michael Bowen
In the course of an otherwise routine missing person case, private detective Jack Dugan stumbles onto a covert operation that effectively controls everyone on the planet. Through cellular-sized implants, The Council tracks and records where anyone is at any given time without their knowledge. Humankind’s freedom hangs on the ability of a cynical, bicycle-riding PI to operate at a level of intrigue he’s never experienced, battling powers determined to destroy him a..