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CASCA: THE TRENCH SOLDIER, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 21), Read by Gene Engene
It was the last gasp of Europe's royal families. World War I began with the assassination of an obscure archduke. But before it ended, most of Europe would turn into a corpse-littered battleground. It was mankind's first modern war. Thousands would die in the hail of machine gun fire, by the burning agony of mustard gas, and on the blood-soaked steel of a bayonet. There was no honor in the rat-infested trenches or heroism for the dead who hung rotting on the barbed wi..
CASCA: THE WAR LORD, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 3), Read by Gene Engene
Casca awoke from a drugged sleep and saw his spear thrust into the side of the man on the cross. His spear...lost when he was sent from Judea! It wasn't a vision--it was the beginning of a threat which would follow Casca through eternity, and cost him the use of his hand. As Doctor Goldman is soon to learn, it is just the beginning of an adventure which would take Casca behind the Great Wall of the Hidden Empire, China. He would rise to the position of War Lord, and heir ..
CASCA: THE WARRIOR, by Barry Sadler, (Casca Series, Book 17), Read by Gene Engene
Wandering the globe under a curse received from the dying Christ on Calvary, Casca Longinus fights onward, surviving and looking for the day when He promised to return, so the curse may end. Now, shipwrecked on a South Seas island inhabited by warrior tribes, Casca quickly proves himself fearless in combat. Wielding spear and club with murderous precision, the Eternal Mercenary soon earns a respected place in his adopted tribe's barbarously primitive rituals. Then, when h..
COMBAT PAY, by Curt Messex, Read by Kevin Foley
A True Story. Few civilians realize the immense role the brave pilots in C-130 aircraft played in the Vietnam War. Now, Major Curt Messex tells the hair raising tales he experienced piloting a C-130. Imagine flying a boxcar with four engines, loaded with high explosive fuel, at night, low, over a jungle with numerous Viet Cong shooting at you with 23mm, 37mm, and 57mm guns. You'll see tracers zooming by so thick and so bright they light-up your cockpit with an eerie..
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COMBAT SUPPORT, by Curt Messex, Read by Kevin Foley
In the spring of 1962, the early days of the Vietnam War, Air Commando Crew 139 was assigned their first mission. They were ordered to land a special forces Green Beret team on an unsecured Vietnamese air strip in a Viet Cong dominated area. This was just the beginning of an explosive tour of duty in the “Gooney Bird” over Vietnam. This true story of Air Force Major Curt Messex offers revealing information on the use of loopholes in the restrictive “rules of..
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COUNTDOWN TO TERROR, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 18), Read by Kevin Foley
Liberty or Death? The message: "Liberty for Puerto Rico or death to all Gringos. Viva el F.A.L.N." The terrorist tactics of the Fuezas Armadas de Liberacion Nacional Puerto Riquena were being stepped up. The bombings would increase each day, culminating in the big blast, Operation Luz. Racing against the clock, Mark Hardin stalks the streets of Spanish Harlem – his quarry, El Chico, ruthless leader of the fanatic F.A.L.N. Each step brings him closer to the cre..
COUNTER FORCE, by Loren Robinson, (Hawk File Series, Book 1), Read by Cameron Beierle
Lane Palmer is an assassin known as "The Hawk" and is feared throughout the world by terrorist organizations. His friend, FBI agent Pat O'Neill, is in charge of the highly secretive "Counter Force," an agency created to correct errors in justice. By accident Hawk uncovers a conspiracy to overthrow several major governments, U.S. included. Now he is a target, hunted by an assassin named Omega, and he's leading killer robots. Hawk's investigation..
CROSSBOW, by Don Bendell, (Vietnam Special Forces Series, Book 1), Read by Gene Engene
CROSSBOW was Don Bendell's first book ever, but many still say that it was his best, as it was written very much from the heart. It is the autobiographical story of a young very gung ho Green Beret first lieutenant in 1968 and 1969 and his love affair with the Jeh tribe of Montagnards, a proud, family-oriented tribespeople in Vietnam's mountainous Central Highlands region, the action and intrigue of a horrific war, and the plight of the Montagnards who were racially-d..
CRYOGENIC NIGHTMARE, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 24), Read by Kevin Foley
Frozen Assets: Preacher Mann is too much for the FBI and the CIA. He has dual citizenship and friends in diplomatic circles and he's too powerful for the regular legal channels. He's come a long way: from a pimp in Harlem he's worked his way to the top – of the rackets. He's into international dope, espionage – and now, in his orgy palace off the Florida coast he's onto a new wrinkle! The most beautiful women in the country are systematically v..
CURSE OF AL CAPONE'S GOLD,  by Mike Thompson, (Andy Larson Series, Book 1), Read by Gene Engene
Andy Larson, a North Dakota cop, and four close friends will hijack a truck load of bootleg booze coming in from Canada. Everything goes wrong, when after months of meticulous planning, they actually take down the whisky truck and one of his friends is killed by a machine gun toting guard and they end up killing all the men in the trucks. When a shaken Larson and his remaining friends unload the whiskey they find the reason for the extra security is sixty-thousand dollars in ..
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DARK POWER, by Loren Robinson, (Hawk File Series, Book 9), Read by Cameron Beierle
An FBI agent is murdered on a snow-covered mountain in Idaho. Retired Agent Lane Palmer recovers a courier valise with evidence of a secret organization in Washington involving powerful government leaders operating in drugs, oil, organized crime and directing terrorists. The evidence is stolen when FBI Director Pat O'Neill is shot, and President Armstrong asks Palmer to find the valise, and who killed the agent. Palmers' search leads him across the country, from the b..
DEADLY STRIKE, by Chet Cunningham, (Specialist Series, Book 3), Read by Gene Engene
Book #: 3 Series: Specialists. They show no mercy and take no prisoners wherever trouble strikes, they hit first, hard, and last. They are the best of the best, the deadliest of the deadliest an elite fighting force drawn from the ranks of the FBI, the CIA, Navy SEALs, Britain's MI-6, and Israel's Mossad. Talented, dangerous, fearless, they were recruited, trained, and shaped into a lethal strike team by a billionaire patriot with a burning desire for..
DEATH AND DECEPTION, by Jeanne VanDusen-Smith, Read by Jennifer Hille
Death and Deception (aka Sindrome) is an action/adventure novel about the life of beautiful Eden O’Shea, a young woman caught up in an international struggle between the spiritual leader, Sai Rabah, and the evangelical ruler, Billi T. Tyler. With the help of a handsome government agent, Hans Dusson, she survives the danger and destruction planned for her, as she dares to seek the truth about the murder of her parents and her own identity. Eden is out, not only to expose..
DECORATION OR DISHONOR?, by Don Corzine, Read by Chris Kennedy
World War II pilot, Ensign Sam Gaunt, a carrier fighter pilot is awarded the Navy's Distinguished Flying Cross medal. Secretly, however, Sam feels that if the truth were known, he could be court martialed. But that is not all Sam has to worry about. Sam's life is constantly in danger, not only from the Japanese, but from someone aboard his carrier. Someone who wants him dead. It could be anyone of the enemies Sam has made. It could be his division leader, whose sordid..