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DEEPSEA SHOOTOUT, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 16), Read by Kevin Foley
Jaminson D. Hutch, archaeology professor, is “somewhere” in the Bahamas. He is in search of the fabled Spanish treasure on board the Nuestra Senora de la Concepion, which was sunk in 1641. It is believed there is a gold horde of more than forty tons below the deck – worth thirty-five million dollars! Join the Penetrator as he combs the Caribbean – on land and sea – fighting modern day pirates – in order to rescue the professor and the burie..
DEMENTED EMPIRE, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 17), Read by Kevin Foley
Five senior citizens are dead. They were conned out of their life’s savings on phony land deals and made trouble complaining. The mob is also distributing wholesale weaponry, ammunition, and drugs to any thief or psycho with money. Tony Rossi of La Costra Nostra asks his old friend, Mark Hardin, to smash the Florida operation. And Mark is forced to help the Mafia against their non-Sicilian opponents because of their threat to innocent people…. DO..
DIVINE DEATH by Chet Cunningham (The Penetrator Series, Book 23), Read by Gene Engene
Holy Smoke! Mark Hardin was supposed to be on vacation...but when three undercover cops mysteriously die, his help is needed. The police had been investigating the disappearance of some young people who were joined up with a new evangelistic sect called The Church of the Final Coming. Their spiritual leader, Vanua Levu, comes from Fiji. However, the instructions to the group's hierarchy come from Moscow – and the orders are to assassinate America's top ..
DIXIE DEATH SQUAD, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 13), Read by Kevin Foley
A weak voice, gasping with pain, came on the line. "That asked me to look into...It's more than you thought...worse." There was only silence on the line---then the sound of a body collapsing. With this, Mark Hardin is on the trail of his most seductive enemy--Linda King, the Colonel. Supposedly a wealthy social worker rehabilitating juvenile court cases, she is training her charges to commit terror by contract. W..
DODGE CITY BOMBERS, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 9), Read by Kevin Foley
THE SHADOWMEN - It was always a tactical advantage to know the enemy's intended route of march, in addition to his identity. The Penetrator knew the Shadowmen were moving their operations into the Dodge City area. After the pasting they had taken near Liberal, the Penetrator was certain they wouldn't make any further attacks until they had regrouped. But who were the Shadowmen? Those who had seen them described them younger Hell's Angels without the bike, unsavory..
DONT MEAN NOTHIN, by John Mort, Read by Gene Engene
These twelve stories reflect the combat infantry experience of the Vietnam War--in the gritty “Tanks,” “Called of God,” and “Incubation Period.” There’s also the woman’s perspective of Arlene, a naive Red Cross volunteer or “Doughnut Dolly,” in “A Man’s World.” Mort captures veterans’ experiences in “Rest Stop,” a woeful, divorced man’s tale; “Hallelujah By and By,&rdqu..
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ECHOES OF AN ASSASSIN, by Loren Robinson, (Hawk Files, Book 8) Read by Cameron Beierle
A new assassin appeared on the world scene. He left a card on his victims, the picture of a snake. He called himself Viper. He killed leaders in different countries and also terrorists. He had no agenda, it was for the money, and he was paid in the millions. But there was one assassination he would do for free. His goal was to kill Hawk, and he knew where he lived. He also knew Hawk's real name FBI assassin Lane Palmer. So he wouldn't be hard to find. When Palmer lear..
ENDWORLD: ARMAGEDDON RUN by David Robbins, (Endworld Series, Book 7), Read by Damon Abdallah
THE TIME: 100 Years after World War III. THE PLACE: What used to be called America. THE ARMAGEDDON RUN: The battle-ravaged Alpha Triad, an elite fighting force dedicated to the restoration of civilization, traveled across the blasted landscape towards a fateful meeting. Accompanied by members of the Freedom Federation, Blade and his deadly team rolled into a small Wyoming town hoping to slaughter the Doktor in a final ambush. But the predators quickly became the prey ..
ENDWORLD: CAPITAL RUN, by David Robbins, (Endworld Series, Book 9), Read by Damon Abdallah
Washington D.C. was in the tight grip of the Russians. They planned to use their base on the Potomac to launch an all-out attack on the warring states of America. But the Red Menace made one mistake – they thought Blade and the Warriors would go like lambs to the slaughter. Instead, they fought with a savagery that would drive the invaders back to the land of perpetual nuclear winter. CD ISBN: 978-1-64192-004-9 ear a sampl..
ENDWORLD: CITADEL RUN, by David Robbins (Endworld Series, Book 6), Read by Damon Abdallah
THE TIME: 100 years after the mushroom clouds. THE PLACE: What was left of America. THE FAMILY: The last, best hope for the future of mankind. THE TRIADS: The fighting arm of The Family, men and women sworn to kill and die for survival. THE CITADEL RUN: It was a mission of mercy that turned into a run with death as Blade and the Alpha Triad tried to rescue the pathetic remnants of humanity from the festering stinkhole that had once been the Twin Cities. Captur..
ENDWORLD: DAKOTA RUN by David Robbins (Endworld Series, Book 5), Read by Damon Abdallah
Post-nuclear America was a slagheap littered with the charred debris of the holocaust. Only a few survivors remained – some dedicated to rebuilding civilization, most determined to drive humanity deeper into the abyss. BLADE, an Alpha Triad Warrior, was a knife-fighter with a razor-sharp temper. He had sworn to protect The Home from all invaders – but this time he had to slaughter the innocent to save the guilty. GERONIMO, was a full-blooded Indian Warrior..
ENDWORLD: DENVER RUN by David Robbins (Endworld Series, Book 8), Read by Damon Abdallah
The last vestige of civilization was under attack by a horde of savage fighters, determined to plunge the world into total darkness and ignorance. Undermanned, outgunned and overmatched, the Warriors of the Home desperately need help. But help was hundreds of miles away in Denver, and only one man had the courage and strength to accomplish the impossible. If he failed, the Home would perish; if he succeeded, it might be his last act of heroism. CD IS..
ENDWORLD: DOOMSDAY, by David Robbins, (Endworld Series Prequel), Read by Kevin Foley
At a remote site in Minnesota, filmmaker Kurt Carpenter has built a secure compound and invited a select group of people to bunker down until the worst is over. The world into which they re-emerge is like nothing they’ve ever seen. At first they think they’re the only ones left. But they soon find out how wrong they are. In the wasteland of what used to be America, their battle to survive is only just beginning… Clic..
ENDWORLD: LIBERTY RUN, by David Robbins, (Endworld Series, Book 11), Read by Damon Abdallah
The Russians Had Destroyed The World – Now They Wanted To Rule What Was Left Of It. 100 YEARS AFTER WWIII – The Freedom Federation was the last hope for a civilized society in America. It was the only protection a million survivors had against the country’s savage invaders. THE RUSSIANS – had planted a spy in the Federation, vowing to learn the location of each of its inhabited outposts and destroy them – one by one. THE LIBERTY RUN &..