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SOLDIER IN PARADISE, by John Mort, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
John Mort’s compelling first novel embodies both the Vietnam combat experience and the sad aftermath for those who underwent it. Alternating between “stateside” chapters after the war and the Vietnam chapters dramatizing it, the novel creates a tension back and forth in time as well as geography. We participate in the trauma of combat in crisp and authentic detail, and we witness the effect of that experience on “Irish” Donnelly, a bookish, reluc..
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STORIES FROM THE JUNGLE BOOK AND MORE by Rudyard Kipling, Read by Laurie Klein
Four short stories are included in this volume of Kipling works, they are (1) MOWGLI’S BROTHERS- Mowgli, a small boy, is found orphaned in the jungle by wolves and raised by them. (2) KAA’S HUNTING - Mowgli is kidnapped by the Bandar-log (monkeys) and rescued by Kaa, a python. (3) THE WHITE SEAL - The community of seals believe a great white seal will come, and deliver them from the wrath of the seal hunters. (4) RIKKI TIKKI TAVI - A young mongoose defends his hum..
STORM RISING, by Gary Naiman, Read by Kevin Foley
It is 2012 and the United States is at war in three middle-eastern countries after a second terrorist attack on our homeland. PERRY AMBROSE is an embedded reporter covering the Iran campaign. When Perry tries to convince WNN to go live with his video of the brutal mutiny shootout, he is rebuked after the PRESIDENT warns WNN to squelch the story. Six months later, Perry is a broken man who has been blackballed from media employment except for scant assignments with fringe papa..
STRIKE GROUP REAGAN, by Harold Hutchison, Read by John Hough
In Strike Group Reagan, Harold C. Hutchison takes us inside the world of war and sacrifice, loyalty and heroism, in a story that mirrors events taking place around the globe. Lieutenant Renee Patterson is a Navy fighter pilot with one of the squadrons assigned to the carrier USS Ronald Reagan. The Reagan and its battle group, under the command of Rear Admiral Kevin Bradshaw are deployed to the Mediterranean. Renee s sister younger sister Angela is in Tunisia to study archeolo..
SUMMER OF FIRE, by Linda Jacobs, (Yellowstone Series, Book 1), Read by John Pruden
It is 1988, and Yellowstone Park is on fire. Among the thousands of summer warriors battling to save America’s crown jewel, is single mother Clare Chance. Having just watched her best friend, a fellow Texas firefighter, die in a roof collapse, she has fled to Montana to try and put the memory behind her. She’s not the only one fighting personal demons as well as the fiery dragon threatening to consume the park. There’s Chris Deering, a Vietnam veteran ..
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TALON FORCE: BLOODTIDE, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book 9), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Amid the horrors of war-torn Kosovo, a group of Serbian military renegades has re-created a nightmare of the past for their own twisted agenda. They have constructed a concentration camp deep in the mountains to hold thousands of Albanian refugees, who are fleeing the conflicts that rage across the region. But one of the first prisoners of the camp is an American NATO pilot, and that attracts the attention of the most dangerous fighting force ever assembled. T..
TALON FORCE: DIRE STRAITS, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book  11), Read by Jerry Sciarri
Tensions are high in Turkey as violence erupts while the Turkish Army roll across the Bosphorus Bridge en route to NATO maneuvers. The span uniting Europe and Asia is blown sky high, killing thousands of troops. But the carnage has only just begun. A ruthless extremist dedicated to turning Turkey from the West has declared war against all who dare oppose him, and threatens to ignite nuclear war. While the country teeters on the edge of anarchy, TALON FORCE is ..
TALON FORCE: HELLSTORM, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book 7), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
In Tokyo, a deadly Sarin gas is once again unleashed upon the helpless public. But it is no random act by a lunatic fringe group of radicals. The attack was carefully planned, and is only a test for an operation on a much larger scale put into motion by the most feared criminal organization in Japan-the dreaded Chu Triad. TALON Force is ordered to infiltrate the Triad, and when they do, the team discovers a conspiracy against the United States involving the most ruthless unde..
TALON FORCE: MELTDOWN, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book 2), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Cuba's Juragua nuclear power plant is a relic of Communist might, and a target for fanatical terrorists. Possibly armed with a missle-laden ship offshore, they're determined to initiate a reactor meltdown to create "black pollen." The radioactive dust would blanket the Southeastern United States with a cloud of death. Infiltrating a hostile country while battling formidable warriors is a mission most special forces would consider suicide. But not TALON Force..
TALON FORCE: SEA FIRE, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book 10), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
The Russian and British navies are conducting joint military maneuvers in the Irish Sea. Suddenly, a Russian sub suffers a radiation leak--or at least that's what everyone thinks. In reality, the sub has been hijacked by an ultra-radical wing of the IRA that wants to continue the fight with Britain. Worse still, the terrorists already have the launch codes for the nuclear missiles on board. With London under threat of nuclear destruction and a political powder keg ready t..
TALON FORCE: SECRET WEAPON, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book 4), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
An American pilot is forced to eject during a "Deny Flight" mission over Northern Iraq. The plane's electronics mysteriously go dead knocking his plane from the sky. Little does he know he's become the target of cutting edge radio frequency technology under the control of an international master terrorist. Once on the ground he'll become the focus of an all out manhunt. TALON Force is called in to handle the volatile situation. They must destroy the terr..
TALON FORCE: SKYFIRE, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book 3), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
The "Frateco" are left over fanatics from the Communist Bloc era. Rather than seeing their beloved regime dissolve into history, they are determined to steer the course of the world's future. Using skills gained in the aerospace industry, they plot and strategize from a hidden mountain stronghold in central Asia, planning for a day when they will re-emerge as a fearsome global power. That day is now! The Frateco have launched a laser armed satellite enabling the..
TALON FORCE: SLAUGHTERHOUSE, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book 8), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
It begins with an attack on an unlikely target--cattle. Herds in Japan, England, and the United States drop dead from a virus, deliberately unleashed by a South African extremist group bent on creating a new, all-white Rhodesia for themselves. If the Boer's demands are not met, they will obliterate the world's supply of cattle, destroying economies and plunging whole continents into starvation and all-out war. Now TALON Force must find the radicals and destroy the vir..
TALON FORCE: TAKEDOWN, by Cliff Garnett, (Talon Force Series, Book 5), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
The island nation of Haiti has a long, turbulent history as a seething hotbed of political and religious conflict. Things are about to get a lot hotter... After the island is mauled by a hurricane, an American ship carrying badly needed relief supplies is sent to help...and disappears. The man who has it plans to use the vessel as the means to spark a bloody coup and takeover of Haiti. TALON Force is dispatched to investigate, only to find themselves trapped in a battle..