BILLY RAY'S 40 DAYS by Frank Roderus, Read by Cameron Beierle

BILLY RAY'S 40 DAYS by Frank Roderus, Read by Cameron Beierle
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Billy Ray, self-taught itinerate preacher, former hard-working miner and Saturday Night brawler, faces his own temptations in the wilderness of the Old West. Called to be pastor of a divided flock in a frontier town held in the grip of a lawless cattle baron, Billy tries to bring his parishioners together, and repair the abandoned little church in the middle of town. Billy must win his place in a community that “doesn’t want any preacher changing things.” A beautiful mysterious woman crosses Billy’s path, stirring up feelings he not sure he should have “working in the Lord’s pasture.” There’s a fight brewing, and Billy Ray may have to pick up his guns or put up his fists to save himself, his church and the town.Click for more Western audiobooks


CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-851-6
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Running Time: Approx. 4.97 Hrs.
Read by Cameron Beierle

Rated PG, 5 CDs

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