BLOOD ON THE STRIP, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene

BLOOD ON THE STRIP, by Chet Cunningham, (The Penetrator Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene
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   Mark Hardin is known to his enemies as The Penetrator. He penetrates in two ways: by fighting and by easing in. He's part Cheyenne and he's never forgotten his past. In quest of his heritage, Mark Hardin has learned Indian skills: to track a man, but not to leave tracks; to speak his native language, in ancient dialects and sign language.
   His years of army service in Vietnam taught him other things. He's a sharpshooter with almost any weapon a man can hold; an expert with hand grenades, explosives, booby traps, and line mines; a black belt in karate and aikido. He knows how to kill; he tries to stay alive. As a child he bounced from orphanages to foster homes. He grew up with foster parents as diverse as Mafia Dons, Irish policemen, and college professors. He's seen all angles of life. He knows it is too often evil, and it has become his mission to eradicate evil any way he can.
   Evil brings The Penetrator to Las Vegas. A town given life by corruption and nourished by greed. A town where all that glitters is not gold but perhaps the flash of a knife blade destined for The Penetrator's heart. In Las Vegas he seeks an elusive enemy, but for Hardin even one faint clue is enough to begin. His ancestors bequeathed him special knowledge in these things.
   It is late. He has penetrated, now he must complete the mission and escape.
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CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-061-9

Read by Gene Engene
Approx. 5.1 Hrs. 5 CDs
Rated R

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