CASANOVA COWBOY by Jo Ann Bender, Read by Kelly Willis

CASANOVA COWBOY by Jo Ann Bender, Read by Kelly Willis
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When a charismatic cowboy arrives in Rusty Springs, he brings with him a breath of fresh air as he settles in at the Oliver Ranch. The first to be attracted to the charms of her husband’s new hired hand, is Joy Ann Oliver. Lance’s devil eyes beckon and his finely-chiseled face speak a hidden language of pleasure. Even his manner of living intrigues her husband. When Joy Ann tells her Stitch N’Bitchers, that he is staying at her ranch, the ladies get excited. Young Stormy Smith asks, “Is he cute? Will I like him?” Gladys, an older woman, cautions, “Joy Ann, now don’t pimp so fast. He may be on the run.” And then a story of romance unfolds with wild and unruly happenings in the valley. When the cowboy departs, the women who fell into his orbit will never forget those eyes which could warm like a shot of Jack Daniels. Each had something missing in her life and was hoping the cowboy would be the one to fill it.

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CD ISBN: 978-1-64192-052-0
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Running Time: Approx. 6.96 Hrs.
Read by Kelly Willis

Rated PG, 6 CDs

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