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HONOR'S PLEDGE, download, by Kristen Heitzmann, (Honor's Series, Book 1), Read by Suzanne Niles
Abigail Martin is a headstrong young woman who believes frontier life in the rugged Colorado Rockies possesses all the world she could ever want. As a woman who listens to her heart, Abbie is determined to wait for the best - even if it means dashing the hopes of her childhood friend and holding out for a love as consuming as her beloved mountains. Montgomery Farrel is a handsome, refined gentleman who sees in Abbie a reflection of the untamed, pristine land he has come to ca..
HONOR'S PRICE, download, by Kristen Heitzmann, (Honor's Series, Book 2), Read by Suzanne Niles
Montgomery Farrel believes his splintered world is about to heal when Abbie Martin accepts his love and his offer of marriage. But their dreams come crashing down when a vicious fire brings injury and devastation. When the fire proves to be intentional and the sabotage to Monte's property continues to escalate, Abbie's fierce determination takes over and a frightening gun battle ensues. Confronted with a hate that runs deeper than the Colorado granite, Monte is swept ..
HONOR'S QUEST, download, by Kristen Heitzmann, (Honor's Series, Book 3), Read by Suzanne Niles
Young Abigail Farrel is just beginning to adjust to her ladylike life as the wife of Montgomery Farrel when word comes of the death of Monte's sister. Monte takes the surviving daughter, Jeanette, into his home. Though Jenny is a spoiled, pampered toddler, Abbie's heart yearns to let love and discipline blossom in the young girl's life. The Farrel's lives are filled with the joyful chaos that a child brings, leaving them unprepared when another tragedy strikes..
HONOR'S REWARD, download, by Kristen Heitzmann, (Honor's Series, Book 5), Read by Suzanne Niles
As the newly married wife of Cole Jasper, Abbie is certain life will never again be dull. What she doesn't know is whether her blossoming love for Cole will allow her to bid farewell to the nightmares that have plagued her since Monte's brutal death. When rumors of the evil, vengeful Crete Marlowe and his unsavory band of comrades reach Rocky Bluffs, Cole knows he must bring them to justice. Can Abbie ever forgive Cole for allowing honor to once again jeopardize their..
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I'M OFF TO MONTANA FOR TO THROW THE HOOLIHAN, download, by Stephen Bly, (Code of the West Series, Book 6), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Tap Andrews has left his past behind. He's no longer a Wyoming lawman backing down any mobs, nor a Brand Inspector dodging rustler's bullets. He has loaded up the wagon and is moving the very pregnant Pepper and their 11-year old ward to a seemingly perfect new family life in Montana. His old friend Stack Lowery has invited him to partner on the 50-thousand acres of timbered range land called the Slash Bar Ranch. There are a few surprises though, such as cows in the f..
ICE, download, by Shane Johnson, Read by Cameron Beierle
FEBRUARY 1975, Apollo 19, the last of the manned lunar modules, has successfully landed. Exhilarated and confident, Commander Gary Lucas and Pilot Charlie Shepherd set out to explore a vast, mysterious depression in the surface of the lunar South Pole. There in the icy darkness - where temperatures reach 334 degrees below zero - the astronauts search for the fragments of crystalline bedrock, scientists back on earth are hoping for. When tragedy strikes, the men are driven dee..
ISTANBUL EXPRESS, download, by T. Davis Bunn, (Destiny Series, Book 5), Read by Ron Varela
With Stalin on the move to build a Russian empire that runs from the Arctic Circle to the Indian Ocean, Jake and Sally Burnes are dispatched to an exotic new location outside the sphere of traditional American interests: Istanbul. With the Eastern Mediterranean in turmoil, Jake is to oversee a massive aid program. But as they travel on the Orient Express, a shocking discovery makes clear that a radically different kind of intervention is required. At the same time, spiritual ..
IT'S YOUR MISFORTUNE AND NONE OF MY OWN, download, by Stephen Bly, (Code of the West Series, Book 1), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Pepper Paige is tired of her life as a dance hall girl, and tired of fearing Jordan Beckett, a violent patron who has turned his attentions on her. When a stagecoach wrecks and an injured woman dies in her room, Pepper assumes her identity and leaves town. The dead woman was a refined, educated Christian on her way to marry a rancher she knew only through letters. Pepper chooses to assume that role. What she doesn't know is, the rancher has been killed by Indians and Tap ..
JUDITH AND THE JUDGE, download, by Stephen and Janet Bly, (The Carson City Chronicles Series, Book 1), Read by Laurie Klein
When a wealthy woman is found battered and abandoned, her womanizing embezzler of a husband mysteriously vanishes. His sister arrives from the East to avenge his reputation, and Carson City's spunky and beloved Judith Kingston, wife of Judge Hollis A. Kingston, finds herself caught up in a hurricane of intrigue and innuendo. Will she stay safe in the eye of the storm until justice is served? ear a sample of thi..
LAND OF THE SHADOW, download, by Gilbert Morris, (Appomattox Series, Book 4), Read by Maynard Villers
When Paul Bristol returns home from Europe, he knows his involvement in the war is inevitable, though reluctant. As an artist and photographer he is requested to go to the battlefront and capture Confederate bravery on film. But he needs an assistant trained in photography. Because of time constraints, he has no choice but to accept an independent young woman named Frankie Aimes. And so the two load up their equipment and head for the dangers of the battlefield. But there is ..
LAST HANGING AT PARADISE MEADOW, download, by Stephen Bly, (Stuart Brannon Series, Book 3), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Stuart Brannon's friend Peter Mulroney has been wrongfully jailed by Dixon Rutherford, the corrupt Mayor of Paradise Meadow. Rutherford killed Mulroney's wife for standing up to him, and continues tyrannizing the entire town. Brannon comes to break his friend out, but finds himself drawn into the town's struggle by schoolteacher Rose Creek. With Rose's courage and Stuart's leadership the townspeople are ready for a showdown at the Gold Palace. Facing down ..
LAST OF THE TEXAS CAMP, download, by Stephen Bly, (Fortunes of the Black Hills Series, Book 5), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Dacee June Fortune’s mother died when she was eight, and for the next 23 years she stood at her father’s side. Even after she married, Daddy Brazos was her strength, her protection, and her idol. Now, daddy is dying. ISBN: 978-1-60548-211-8 Read by Jerry Sciarrio Approx. 7.5 Hrs. Rated G ..
LAZARUS ARISE, download, by Col. Chuck Lehman (First Century Christian Heroes, Book 2), Read by Cameron Beierle
Lazarus and Y'shuah (Jesus' Hebrew name) grow up like brothers in the hills of Galilee. Both apprentice to their fathers as builders and carpenters until tragedy forces them to support their families. Lazarus refuses to believe his friend could be the Messiah of the Jews. He moves with his sisters to Judea and works alone until he suffers a crippling injury. His sisters learn that Y'shuah has become known in Galilee as a healer and teacher, so they summon him. Laz..
MARTHELLEN AND THE MAJOR, download, by Stephen and Janet Bly, (The Carson City Chronicles Series, Book 2), Read by Laurie Klein
In an age when robber barons and get-rich-quick schemes abound, a charismatic land developer arrives in Carson City. It doesn't take Major Lansford Fallon long to win the affections of widowed Marthellen Farnsworth--Judith Kingston's housekeeper and dearest friend. And it takes Fallon even less time to win the financial backing of the town's leading citizens when he presents a plan to build a health sanitarium on a mineral spring outside of town. CLICK HERE FOR..