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THE DUPLICITY OF HARGRAVES, FREE download, by O. Henry, Read by Gene Engene
A father (Major Pendleton Talbot) and his daughter (Lydia Talbot) visit Washington D.C. The Talbots, having come from an aristocratic past, are surprisingly quite poor and stay at a boarding house in the nation’s capital. There they meet Henry Hopkins Hargraves, an ambitious actor, and Lydia is spellbound by Mr. Hargrave’s tales. Having spent most of their money on play tickets, Lydia is excited to see a play but is shocked to see Mr. Hargraves demeaning her father in a d..
THE GODS OF MARS, download, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, (Mars Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene
“I grasped a mighty long-sword in my hand and in my heart was the old blood lust of the fighting man, and a red mist swam before my eyes and I felt my lips respond to my heart in the old smile that has ever marked me in the midst of the joy of battle. With their single eyes in the center of their heads and every eye turned upon the prey they were attacking, they did not note my soundless approach, so that I was upon them with my great long-sword, and four of them lay de..
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THE GOLD HUNTERS, download, by James Oliver Curwood, Read by Maynard Villers
This is the sequel to THE WOLF HUNTERS as Rod, Wabi and Mukoki return for more adventures. In their possession is the secret of a great fortune. Romance, adventure and discovery awaits them as they start on that most thrilling of all trails, the trail of gold. The big silent North, mysterious in its age-old desolation, was just ahead of them. They were about to bury themselves in its secrets, to wrest from it the yellow treasure it guarded. They tingled excitedly at thoughts ..
THE GRIZZLY KING, download, by James Oliver Curwood, Read by Jack Sondericker
Here is a wonderful adventure about a giant grizzly and an orphaned cub. The story unfolds in the Canadian Rockies back near the turn of the century. Wounded and chased persistently by hunters, the giant grizzly continually eludes them. The hunters show new respect for their quarry when their lives fall into jeopardy as the grizzly turns the tables and they become the hunted. In the subsequent chase, both cub and hunters are taught the unyielding rules of nature and survival ..
THE HARVESTER, download, by Gene Stratton-Porter, Read by Mary Starkey
THE HARVESTER is the story of David Langston, a solitary young man who harvests and sells medicinal herbs which he collects from his forested lands. He believes he needs nothing more than his work, his simple cabin and his trusty dog for companionship...that is until a hauntingly beautiful and demure vision visits him, and suddenly, he knows that it is the woman of his dreams. At that moment he realizes how truly lonely he has been, and that it is possible that a woman ..
THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, download, by Arthur Conan Doyle, Read by Gene Engene
"The last red streaks had faded away in the west and night settled upon the moor. A few faint stars were gleaming in a violet sky. Watson and I gazed out over the shadowy moor, half silver and half gloom. A distant howl arose from the shadowy depths, menacing, almost musical, rising and falling like the low constant murmur of the sea, the hound!" Complete and unabridged, in its original serial format from THE STRAND MAGAZINE, The Hound of the Baskervilles is a super..
THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU, download, by H.G. Wells, Read by Jack Sondericker
Narrowly missing death at sea, Pendrick finds a risky sanctuary on a remote island as an invited guest of Dr. Moreau. Pendrick is unaware of the evil that lurks behind the scenes. Dr. Moreau is in the midst of scientific experiments he feels will benefit all mankind. Whether his ambitions are worthy, or mad, is yet to be proven. He has succeeded only in achieving the grotesque. When Pendrick finally discovers the extent of Moreau's ghastly experiments, he is horrified at ..
THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, download, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Read by David Sharp
Bowen Tyler, his reluctant crew and a blonde heroine, find themselves marooned in a nightmare world of mighty dinosaurs and bestial apemen who kill on sight. This is the lost continent of Caspak, a hot, dark and mysterious prehistoric world located somewhere in the icy waters of the Antarctic. Their only hope of rescue is a note in a bottle flung into the sea. The survivors persist and penetrate the heart of Caspak to find the incredible secret that claws, fangs and spears ha..
THE LITTLE SHEPHERD OF KINGDOM COME, download, by John Fox Jr., Read by Maynard Villers
Set in the Appalachian mountains in the mid 1800s, orphaned Chadwick Buford is a young Kentucky boy with the unnatural luck to keep getting complete strangers to take him in and raise him for a time. After his foster parents die, Chad is taken in by the Turner family. Young daughter Melissa Turner falls in love with Chadwick. When Chad is separated from the Turners, he's then taken in by Major Buford. Although Chad doesn't know much about his own family past, the M..
THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, download, by Jules Verne, Read by Gene Engene
During the Civil War, five Union soldiers and a dog quietly escape from the clutches of the Confederate Army at Richmond, Virginia by hot air balloon. Their intention was to simply drift safely over to the Union lines and rejoin their own troops. Instead, while aloft, they were caught in a high wind and whisked hundreds of miles out to sea. The men carried no provisions for survival and had no idea where they were. Under those circumstances their future was bleak. Worse yet, ..
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THE PATROL OF THE SUNDANCE TRAIL, download, by Ralph Conner, Read by Gene Engene
The Northwest Mounted Police were assigned the duty to preserve law and order along the construction line of the railroad in eastern British Columbia. The greatest danger to the railroad, and to the residents of the area, was an Indian uprising. And old Copperhead, chief of the Sioux was just the man to start one. He was a schemer, the smartest Indian in all the western country. He wanted the white man and the railroad out of eastern British Columbia, home of vast numbers of ..
THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER, download, by Mark Twain, Read by Jack Sondericker
Tom Canty, a boy of the London slums, and Edward Tudor, a boy destined to be King of England, were born on the same day. Though worlds apart, they were so amazingly similar in features they could have been mistaken for twins. A chance encounter in the castle brings them together and an impish plan prompts the two to exchange clothing. The plan backfires when Edward is mistaken for a peasant and, in spite of his protests, is thrown out into the streets to endure the life..
THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE, download, by Stephen Crane, read by Gene Engene
This Stephen Crane masterpiece of the Civil War searches the emotions of a raw recruit thrown into battle totally unaware of the ferocity and horror awaiting him. Expecting heroism and glory, he becomes frightened and confused when he finds himself exhibiting cowardice in the face of the enemy. Through a series of events he begins to find his courage, successfully conceals his act of cowardice, and takes his place in the frontlines of battle. CLICK HERE FOR CD ..
THE RETURN OF TARZAN, download, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, (Tarzan Series, Book 2), Read by David Sharp
Tarzan has been in England where he has been learning about civilization, his heritage and how he fits into it all as Lord Greystoke. Fate thrusts Tarzan back into the primeval jungle and as he returns to it, his adventures begin with a shipboard altercation. Evil Nickolas Rokoff, the recipient of Tarzan's wrath, swears vengeance and puts a price on Tarzan's head. But Tarzan has greater concerns on his mind as he leaves modern civilization behind to discover a hidden ..