EAGLE SQUAD by James C. Glass, Read by Ben McLean

EAGLE SQUAD by James C. Glass, Read by Ben McLean
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Terror stalks the campus of a Minnesota university, where two professors working on classified military research have been brutally murdered. Student Karen Butler fears for her life after her adviser is killed, realizing she's the only one left with detailed knowledge of a new nerve gas defense system plus a terrible nanotech weapon. Karen and her boyfriend, Jack Nelson, a member of the elite military group Eagle Squad, play a dangerous game with an enemy who claims the secrets belong to them. As the pressure mounts, the pair are terrorized by an implacable foe that means to kill them, once it has what it wants.

New York Times bestselling author Steve Perry says: "Murder and mayhem and assorted skullduggery skulk through Glass's latest novel, Eagle Squad, and he lays it out with his usual entertaining style and offhand expertise. Jack Nelson and Karen Butler find themselves in the middle of something they don't understand, though as it becomes clearer to them, they realize just how dangerous their lives have become. A first-rate thriller from Jim Glass!"

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CD ISBN: 978-1-64192-146-6
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Running Time: Approx. 8 Hrs.
Read by Ben McLean

Rated PG, 7 CDs

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