EARS TO HEAR - CITIES OF APOSTLE PAUL, by Arthur Rupprecht, Read by Arthur Rupprecht

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Since the excavations of New Testament Corinth began 101 years ago, many other cities of the period associated with Paul have emerged from the ground in Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Greece, and Italy. This program explains how recent aarchaeological discoveries demonstrate the historical accuracy of the Pauline Letters. - Arthur Rupprecht, Professor of Classical Languages and Archaeology, Wheaton College. Click here for more Bible Studies Audiobooks

A. Introduction to biblical archaeology.
B. Troy, Pompeii, Herculaneum.
C. Troy and Greece.
D. Greece: Philippi, Amphipolis, Thessalonica and Berea.
E. Athens.
F. Athens.
G. Corinth.
H. Corinth.
I. Cornth and Delphi.
J. Caesarea.
K. Caesarea manuscripts.
L. The dump at Oxyrhynchus, Egypt.
M. St. Catherine’s monastery, Egypt.
N. Jerusalem.
O. Jerusalem.
P. Jerusalem: Rebuilding the temple.
Q. Jerusalem: the city; Nazareth.
R. Rome.

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CD ISBN; 5376-CD

4 CDs
Rated G

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