FOR THE TIME BEING, by Marie DesJardin, Read by Jerry Sciarrio

FOR THE TIME BEING, by Marie DesJardin, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
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The “Pubbers,” ten gifted social misfits, set out one night to explore a set of steam tunnels beneath their campus, end up captured by aliens, and are transported by space ship to another planet. Hoping to return home they pool their talents to construct a time machine. The escape plan is discovered and the Pubbers learn that building the device is why they were kidnaped in the first place. 5,000 years ago they had promised their captors that they would build the machine to save their race from extinction. To get home they must unravel what they’ve done in the past, figure out a plan for the future, and get home in an alien spacecraft, all while eluding two warring races. Simple, right?!..... 

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CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-687-1
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Running Time: Approx. 17.72 Hrs.
Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Rated G, 15 CDs

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