THE DEALER, download, by Mark Jenest, Read by Milton Bagby

THE DEALER, download, by Mark Jenest, Read by Milton Bagby
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Streetwise sleight of hand expert Drake Everett is hired to be a crooked dealer in a high stakes Hollywood poker game. As the game evolves into a bartering ground for the rich and famous, Drake secretly takes control of the entertainment industry by manipulating career deals at the poker table. But when he is framed for a tabloid murder, Drake discovers that he is merely an extra in the big picture. The Dealer twists and turns its way through the greed and temptation of the ultimate fantasyland. Provocative, humorous, and quirky, The Dealer is an insider's look at the art of deception, combined with life behind the scenes in the Los Angeles movie business.

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DOWNLOAD ISBN: 978-1-60548-462-4

Read by Milton Bagby

Approx. 8.15 hrs.

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