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SKYLARK OF VALERON, download, by E.E. "Doc" Smith, (Skylark Series, Book 3), Read by Reed McColm
This book picks up where "Skylark Three" leaves off. Our hero families are in deep space when they are attacked by the intellectuals. Inorder to survive the attack they rotate into the 4th demention and are captured. They must make it back to 3space and find their way home. Unfortunatly they find themselves hopelessly lost but are able to save another race and make their way home! ..
SON OF AN ARIZONA LEGEND, download, by Stephen Bly, (Stuart Brannon Series, Book 6), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Stuart Brannon's fortieth Birthday party turns into a real surprise with the arrival of an unexpected guest--a twelve year-old son he never knew he had! The boy also brings sad news that his mother, whom Brannon had befriended at Broken Arrow Crossing, is now dying in a Navajo camp. Brannon determines to bring her back to his ranch, but chooses to wait and see her with the boy before telling Littlefoot the truth of his outlaw parentage. Danger stalks the trail to the Utah..
STANDOFF AT SUNRISE CREEK, download, by Stephen Bly, (Stuart Brannon Series, Book 4), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Stuart Brannon heads home to his Arizona Ranch, but he finds it occupied by interlopers from the Casa Verde Land Corporation claiming to hold a Spanish land grant on the property. Enraged, Brannon drives them off. Stuart is soon joined by several friends and neighbors in defending his home. Including a contingent of soldiers tracking down a band of Apaches, and Miss Harriet Reed who makes her attraction to the ex-lawman obvious. They are soon under siege by Casa Verde's f..
STARS IN THEIR COURSES, download, by Gilbert Morris, (Appomattox Series, Book 8), Read by Maynard Villers
Seeking an escape from the monotony and drudgery of days-on-end army life, Frank Rocklin, an actor, approaches his commanding general with a bold plan to spy on Vicksburg and assess its military condition. Vicksburg is the last major Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi. This mission lays the groundwork for a proposition from Allan Pinkerton, the head of the Federal Secret Service. Pinkerton wants to send Frank and an acting troupe to the South, where Frank can pick up v..
STAY AWAY FROM THAT CITY...THEY CALL IT CHEYENNE, download, by Stephen Bly, (Code Of The West Series, Book 4), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Married life for Tap and Pepper isn't turning out quite the way they planned. The ranch is gone and they've moved to Cheyenne where Tap finds himself a job as acting marshal in a town that has little regard for the law. And it's not a pretty sight! He soon discovers just how hard it is to simultaneously hold off a vigilante crowd hungry for a lynching, control a wayward deputy who thinks he should be in charge, keep his lovely wife from worrying herself sicker, an..
SWEET GRASS, download, by Dee Marvine, Read by Laurie Klein
When spunky Swedish spinster Lili Tornquist, age 29, learns that her widowed father will soon remarry a woman she detests, she leaves her Minnesota home to become the mail-order bride of a distant cousin, Gunnar Jorgeson, a Montana sheep rancher. But her new husband falls far short of his promise, and putting aside all she has previously believed about steadfastness and endurance, Lili abandons her marriage to make her own way in the notorious wide-open mining town of Butte. ..
TALES FROM COMANCHE COUNTY, download, by Max Yoho, Read by Cameron Beierle
Yoho's first novel, The Revival, dealt with life as seen by a boy. In Tales from Comanche County, an old man with a hilariously skewed education in history and religion looks back to summers spent listening to stories told on the front porch of his Uncle Jack's Comanche County, Kansas ranch. Cattle rustler Leepy Danfer lies amoldering in his grave. The Emperor of China has come to grief. A soft-shell Oklahoman met his maker while riding a unicycle. Why? Yoho will tell..
TARZAN AND THE JEWELS OF OPAR, download, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, (Tarzan Series, Book  5), Read by David Sharp
Tarzan’s enemy in this book is a Belgian traitor and an Arab chieftain named, Achmet Zek. Tarzan intends to ‘liberate’ more jewels from the lost city of Opar, unaware that his enemies know of his plan and they intend to liberate the jewels from Tarzan. The running battle becomes so intense that Tarzan is incensed to the point of losing his newly-found, refined demeanor and becomes the beast of old with a terrible ferocity. The apeman once again responds to t..
TARZAN OF THE APES, download, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, (Tarzan Series, Book 1), Read by David Sharp
The legend begins when Tarzan's parents are placed on a jungle shoreline by mutinous seamen. Here they establish a crude residence and survive for a time until attacked and killed by a band of apes. But one female ape rescues the baby, takes it for her own and raises it among a large socially organized tribe of great apes. The baby grows to be a noble man whose great strength and keen senses compel the world around him to bend to his might according to the "law of th..
TENDERFOOT, download, by Mary E. Trimble, Read by Rebecca Cook
A romantic suspense, Tenderfoot takes place on a working Northwest cattle ranch in 1980, the year the world remembers for the catastrophic eruption of Mount St. Helens. Corrie Stephens is eager to learn about ranching, but reluctant to become involved with a man – it’s just not worth the heartache. Rancher J McClure, on the other hand, has been alone too long. Tenderfoot draws the reader into the story’s strong emotions based on family, love, and the first-h..
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THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN, download,  by Mark Twain, Read by Tim Behrens
Published in 1885, this sequel to TOM SAWYER tells an entrancing tale of mischievous boys during the old steamboat days on the Mississippi River. Huckleberry Finn and his pal Tom Sawyer run away from home and venture down the Mississippi on a raft. Until their final return up the river, they encounter thrilling, funny and pathetic incidents which succeed one another in rapid succession. The story especially depicts the old social order of that era and reveals its problems. Th..
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THE ADVENTURES OF KIMO, download, by Dan Robison, Read by Reed McColm
Kimo knew that touching a village chief was a crime punishable by death. In fact, a violator could be beheaded or thrown into the boiling lavas of Mauna Lea. So when he accidentally ran into and knocked over his village chief, Kimo dove off a cliff top into the ocean and escaped to the City of Refuge on the Island of Hawaii. Will he ever be able to return to his village? Will he ever see his family and friends again? Kimo's Escape is the first installment in a series o..
THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER, download, by Mark Twain, Read by Larry Strawbridge
First published in 1875, this classic excursion into Mark Twain's Mississippi River country will lighten your heart even today. The characters themselves - Tom's aunt Polly, his friends Becky and Huck, even Injun Joe - evoke nostalgia for a simpler, more rural lifestyle. Mark Twain describes a people, and a place, full of affection, wit, and adventure...where a dark summer night in a graveyard searching for black cats, or even getting lost during a cave exploration ca..
THE APOSTLE'S WIFE, download, by Col. Chuck Lehman (First Century Christian Heroes, Book 4), Read by Cameron Beierle
Aliza, the wife of a simple fisherman named Simon, is thunderstruck when her husband announces he and his business partner are quitting their jobs to follow a man known as Jesus of Nazareth. She is suddenly without income and nearly destitute! For three years Aliza sees Simon, now known as Peter, only occasionally. Her resentment mellows somewhat as she develops into a first-century entrepreneur, but she refuses to accept Jesus’ message - a new covenant with..