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TO RAINBOW VALLEY, download, by Irene Bennett Brown, Read by Laurie Klein
This is a 1935 dust-bowl saga of the Baldwin family's trip across a depression-torn country in an old model A towing a boat. They were trying to reach Oregon from Kansas. It was necessary to leave the family dog behind when he disappeared and could not be found. The hardships of the trip also is the telling of thirteen-year-old Cotton's painful growth into manhood and his family's proud determination to begin a new life in Oregon. CLICK HERE FOR CD PR..
TOM SWIFT AND THE CITY GOLD, download, by Victor Appleton, Read by Patrick Treadway
High-spirited young Tom Swift is off on another of his many exciting adventures. This time he's in search of gold in an underground lost city. Tom finds the lost city in a remote area of Mexico, and he finds the gold. Getting into the city was difficult for the adventurers, but when they try to get out, then their real adventure begins. Tom and his companions find themselves trapped in an underground city which contains as many traps and mazes as an Egyptian pyramid. ..
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TORCHLIGHT, download, by Lisa Tawn Bergren, (Full Circle Series, Book 2), Read by Kris Faulkner
Can the handsome Handyman enlisted to renovate Julia’s estate also fix her mixed-up heart? After inheriting her family’s lighthouse and mansion, heiress Julia Rierdon--sister of Jake Rierdon (Refuge)--travels to Maine to take charge of the estate and turn it into a lavish inn. Temporarily separated from her fiance, Julia turns to a mysterious stranger for help. Motorcycle-riding handyman Trevor Kenbridge is handsome, infuriating...and just the man she needs to hel..
TREASURE, download, by Lisa Tawn Bergren, (Full Circle Series, Book 4), Read by Kris Faulkner
Ever since her days as an undergraduate student at Harvard, nautical archaeologist Dr. Christina Alvarez has been obsessed with finding her ancestor's lost treasure ship, and striking underwater gold. Traveling to the Caribbean Island of Robert's Foe, Christina must win over treasure hunter Mitch Crawford, who has refused to help her search. ISBN: 978-1-58116-705-9 R..
TRIPLANETARY, download, by E. E. "Doc" Smith, (Lensman Series, Book 1), Read by Reed McColm
From the atomic age in Atlantis to a world remote in space and time, two incredible ancient races, the Arisians and the Eddorians, are in the midst of an interstellar war with Earth as the prize. The Arisians, using advanced mental technology, have foreseen the invasion of their galaxy by the corrupt and evil Eddorians, so they begin a breeding program on every planet in their universe. Their produce super warriors who can hold off the invading Eddorians. CLICK H..
VOW OF SILENCE, download, by B.J. Hoff (Daybreak Series, Book 4), Read by Jean DeBarbieris
This is book four in the Daybreak Series featuring the husband and wife team of Daniel and Jennifer Kaine, two reluctant sleuths who end up in the thick of sinister plots and dangerous mysteries that challenge both their love and their faith. In this book, Jennifer and Daniel become involved with Whitney Sharyn a young deaf woman who Jennifer believes has survived some excruciating ordeal in her past. A past that is still haunting her. Jennifer is convinced that Whitney lives..
WALK ABOUT, download, by Aaron Fletcher, (Outback Series, Book 3), Read by Kevin Foley
Wrested from the primordial Australian wilderness, Tibooburra Station has taken the blood, sweat, and tears of generations of Kerricks and given them a magnificent heritage in return. But now the golden legacy of the outback station is threatened by the disappearance of the young boy who will one day inherit it all. Fleeing the pain of being abandoned by his mother, eight-year-old Jeremy Kerrick wanders the rough-and-ready gold towns of the frontier and comes to manhood among..
WALL OF FIRE, download, by Gilbert Morris, (Appomattox Series, Book 7), Read by Maynard Villers
Upon the death of her mother, Mark Rocklin learns of Allyn, the daughter he didn't know existed. He asks a friend to bring her to Gracefield. Upon her arrival, she is treated well, but cannot seem to make a place for herself with the Rocklins or her father. Hoping to help his daughter, Mark buys a plantation for her, with the requirement that she marry for the property to be put in her name. Desperate to have a place of her own and to live life her own way, Allyn arranges..
WALLABY TRACK, download, by Aaron Fletcher, (Outback Series, Book 4), Read by Kris Faulkner
In the vast and rugged lands of the Australian outback, a lone doctor vows to help the settlers survive the harsh environment and all the while he looks for true love. Wallaby Track from author Aaron Fletcher follows Stephen Brendell as he charts a life for himself as tempestuous and hearty doctor in the Outback.Yet when he hears of the wealthy Deirdre Kerrick and her sickly father he feels for her and must try to assist her before she looses him and her wealth all to the gre..
WHEN THE FAR HILLS BLOOM, download, by Diane Noble, (California Chronicles Series, Book 1), Read by Kris Faulkner
Aislin Byrne harbors a powerful love for the wild, untamed lands of Rancho La Paloma. The threat of its financial ruin only strengthens her feelings and seals her resolve to save her home. But the fight to rescue the rancho will draw her into a drama rife with conflict and secret sorrow, and send her on a desperate journey that will test her mettle, and change her life forever. Throughout her quest, Aislin is haunted by the love of two brothers: Jamie, a natural authority ..
WHERE HONOR DWELLS, download, by Gilbert Morris, (Appomattox Series, Book 3), Read by Maynard Villers
After the battle at Manassas, both North and South realize the nation's civil war will not be quickly resolved. Amidst the nation's struggle the Rocklin clan continues its own conflict: Vince Franklin, the renegade stepson of Amy Rocklin Franklin, has returned home. His intentions? To fulfill the requirements of his grandfather's will and claim his family inheritance, with no regard for the lives he may ruin in the process. But before Vince can claim his money, a ..
WHERE THE DEER AND THE ANTELOPE PLAY, download, by Stephen Bly, (Code of the West Series, Book 3), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
In only two weeks Tap Andrews will tip his hat and say "so long" to bachelorhood. Normally that would be enough time to take care of business and finalize wedding plans. But considering his knack for finding trouble, it may take him longer. For instance, there's a gang of rustlers invading his ranch, a missed bank payment he didn't know about, a sniper taking potshots at him, and problems at the local dance hall. In fact, there's so much trouble that it&..
WHO CARES, download, (ARE YOU A GIVER, TAKER, OR WATCHER?), by Roger Fritz Ph.D, Read by Kevin Foley
“The only way to move beyond what we can accomplish alone is to care about those who will help us.” “Four words best describe my feelings about Who Cares: Are You a Giver, Taker, or Watcher? - Revealing, Candid, Inspiring, and Useful.” — Loris Essary, Director, International Titles “Roger has done it again. As before, he takes on a big subject and condenses it so ..
WILDFIRE, download, by Zane Grey, Read by Maynard Villers
The folks in the Colorado River valley, located in southern Utah, openly discussed and wondered which horse was the fastest, Wildfire or Sage King. But Wildfire was a wild stallion and not yet captured...that is until Sloane came along. His relentless pursuit of the wild stallion finally brought him a hard won victory. But old man Bostil didn't take kindly to a saddlebum's challenge to race his Sage King. And no one ever knew for sure which horse was fastest until a r..