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I LOVED YOU, LOGAN MCGEE!, download, by Irene Bennett Brown, Read by Janean Jorgensen
When Logan McGee gives Calla Lea Stafford a note saying that he doesn't think they should go steady anymore, Calla can't believe it-especially when the note is slipped inside a valentine card. Just six weeks earlier, over Christmas break, Logan had moved with his mother from Texas to Treebrook, Oregon. Calla had offered to show him around the school and introduce him to other kids. And school had not even started again before Calla was certain that she and Logan were ..
ISTANBUL EXPRESS, download, by T. Davis Bunn, (Destiny Series, Book 5), Read by Ron Varela
With Stalin on the move to build a Russian empire that runs from the Arctic Circle to the Indian Ocean, Jake and Sally Burnes are dispatched to an exotic new location outside the sphere of traditional American interests: Istanbul. With the Eastern Mediterranean in turmoil, Jake is to oversee a massive aid program. But as they travel on the Orient Express, a shocking discovery makes clear that a radically different kind of intervention is required. At the same time, spiritual ..
IT'S YOUR MISFORTUNE AND NONE OF MY OWN, download, by Stephen Bly, (Code of the West Series, Book 1), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Pepper Paige is tired of her life as a dance hall girl, and tired of fearing Jordan Beckett, a violent patron who has turned his attentions on her. When a stagecoach wrecks and an injured woman dies in her room, Pepper assumes her identity and leaves town. The dead woman was a refined, educated Christian on her way to marry a rancher she knew only through letters. Pepper chooses to assume that role. What she doesn't know is, the rancher has been killed by Indians and Tap ..
JOURNEY OF THE EAGLE, download, by Priscilla A. Maine, Read by Laurie Klein
Danielle Alexander's life has suddenly turned upside down. On a wagon train to California to join her fiance, her father falls terminally ill. Add to that a motherless newborn half-breed baby boy dropped literally into her arms by a wise, ancient Indian chief, who wants her to be the baby's mother "just until" her fiance comes to rescue her. Throw in, for good measure, a heady attraction to a handsome stranger named Joel Riley now making his fortune in the u..
JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, download, by Jules Verne, Read by Jack Sondericker
In Jules Verne's classic tale Professor Von Hardwigg and his nephew Harry discover the entrance to an ancient volcanic tunnel in Iceland. They choose to explore it for the mysteries it may hold, the Professor for scientific knowledge, and Harry to prove his bravery to a beautiful girl. It is a dangerous journey that may destroy them both. As they travel deep into the caverns they encounter a subterranean world that pre-existed man. It is an adventure as fascinating and st..
JUDITH AND THE JUDGE, download, by Stephen and Janet Bly, (The Carson City Chronicles Series, Book 1), Read by Laurie Klein
When a wealthy woman is found battered and abandoned, her womanizing embezzler of a husband mysteriously vanishes. His sister arrives from the East to avenge his reputation, and Carson City's spunky and beloved Judith Kingston, wife of Judge Hollis A. Kingston, finds herself caught up in a hurricane of intrigue and innuendo. Will she stay safe in the eye of the storm until justice is served? ear a sample of thi..
JUST ANOTHER GORGEOUS GUY, download, by Irene Bennett Brown, Read by Nina Monique Kelly
Dismayed at first when her adoptive parents send her to another town to help her aunt, Hillary finds she can still search for a "total guy" during her seventeenth summer. Hillary Germaine had plans for her seventeenth summer. She was going to find a “total” guy and have a magical romance. To her horror, on her seventeenth birthday, just before the summer began, her parents gave her a plane ticket to Oregon. She left her plush existence in Iowa to help A..
KILLER OF EAGLES, download, by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson, (Ardis Cole Series, Book 6), Read by Stephanie Brush
Ardis Cole braves a sudden blizzard on her way to the isolated Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to help her friend, Ella White Owl, locate her missing niece. Carrie, an art teacher at Shadow Pass High School, appears to have simply vanished without a trace. Medicine man Jim-Walks-Alone shares with Ardis his disturbing vision about a “killer of eagles”, which to the Sioux represents an evil person, and a destroyer of all that is good. Ardis soon finds the girl’s..
KING SOLOMON'S MINES, download, by H. Rider Haggard, Read by Jack Sondericker
African explorer Allan Quatermain and his two companions aren't just searching for the fabled diamond mine of the Biblical King Solomon, deep in the heart of Africa, they are searching for a man. The trio braves long treks across parched, waterless deserts and the icy cold of the mountains. They survive wicked witchcraft and fierce tribes, only to be lured into an eerie stalactite cave of skeletons where they narrowly escape being buried alive in a tomb of diamonds with c..
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LADDIE, download, by Gene Stratton-Porter, Read by Laurie Klein
LADDIE, is a captivating, good-humored look at family life in the early 1900’s in a small farming community in Indiana. The story is told in the first person narrative by the youngest in a family of twelve children, known only as “Little Sister”. Through her eyes the listener experiences the lives, loves, and tribulations of her family. But it is Laddie, her eighteen-year-old brother, whom she is the most proud. Life becomes complicated when Laddie falls in ..
LAND OF THE SHADOW, download, by Gilbert Morris, (Appomattox Series, Book 4), Read by Maynard Villers
When Paul Bristol returns home from Europe, he knows his involvement in the war is inevitable, though reluctant. As an artist and photographer he is requested to go to the battlefront and capture Confederate bravery on film. But he needs an assistant trained in photography. Because of time constraints, he has no choice but to accept an independent young woman named Frankie Aimes. And so the two load up their equipment and head for the dangers of the battlefield. But there is ..
LAST HANGING AT PARADISE MEADOW, download, by Stephen Bly, (Stuart Brannon Series, Book 3), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Stuart Brannon's friend Peter Mulroney has been wrongfully jailed by Dixon Rutherford, the corrupt Mayor of Paradise Meadow. Rutherford killed Mulroney's wife for standing up to him, and continues tyrannizing the entire town. Brannon comes to break his friend out, but finds himself drawn into the town's struggle by schoolteacher Rose Creek. With Rose's courage and Stuart's leadership the townspeople are ready for a showdown at the Gold Palace. Facing down ..
LAST OF THE TEXAS CAMP, download, by Stephen Bly, (Fortunes of the Black Hills Series, Book 5), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Dacee June Fortune’s mother died when she was eight, and for the next 23 years she stood at her father’s side. Even after she married, Daddy Brazos was her strength, her protection, and her idol. Now, daddy is dying. ISBN: 978-1-60548-211-8 Read by Jerry Sciarrio Approx. 7.5 Hrs. Rated G ..
LAST SWAN IN SACRAMENTO, download, by Stephen Bly, (Old California Series, Book 2), Read by Laurie Klein
Martina Swan's business and marriage is falling apart. She grabs up her child and seeks to find her husband as armed outlaws chase her looking for their stolen treasure. She's determined to bring her man home as she faces one shock after another. Can she forgive and love again? A full and satisfying read from a woman's point of view in the old west. ISBN: ..