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THE VOLUCER DRAGON, by R.K. Mortenson, (Landon Snow Series, Book 4), Read by Cameron Beierle
Landon Snow and his sisters are falling headlong into another fantastic adventure. But they're not alone. This time, a strange boy named Max has slipped into the parallel world with the Snows. Transported to the Igneus Forest, the children discover that the elfish people of Wonderwood are enslaved by the evil Arcans. Landon's mission is to free the valley folk and battle a dragon darker than the forest shadows. Will Landon Snow find the courage to quench the dragon..
THE VORTEX BLASTER, by E.E. "Doc" Smith, Read by Reed McColm
One man against the basic energy of the universe, unleashed in ravening fury that was “Storm” Cloud. Unique was the only way to describe him, yet alone in his single-handed battle. The appalling destructiveness of a loose atomic vortex could be canceled out only by destroying the vortex itself. While not even the most massive and modern of electronic computers could figure out how to destroy a loose vortex, “Storm” Cloud could and did. To Galactic Civi..
THE WAY IT WAS AND THE WAY IT IS, by James A. Nelson, Read by Jim Miller
You can laugh, cry, or smile while you listen to this collection of nostalgic stories of life in general – and perhaps, while doing so, you can recall your own cherished memories. Appearing in magazines and newspapers, the stories and poems written by James A. Nelson are reminiscent of his many life experiences and relationships he established through the years. His essays are windows to his soul, opinions forged by strong family values and mores. DOWNL..
THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, by Kenneth Grahame, Read by Marilyn Langbehn
Mr. Mole, Mr. Water Rat and Mr. Badger are just a few of the animals that assume the roles of people in this charming, pleasant story for listener of all ages. When Mr. Toad of Toad Hall comes on the scene and acquires a motor-car, the real fun begins. "Ho! Ho! I am the Toad, sit still and you shall know what driving really is, for you are in the hands of the famous, the skillful, the entirely fearless Toad!" here..
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THIS PRESENT DARKNESS, by Frank Peretti, Read by Jack Sondericker
Ashton is just a typical small town. But when a skeptical reporter and a prayerful pastor begin to compare notes, they suddenly find themselves fighting a hideous New Age plot to subjugate the townspeople, and eventually the entire human race. The battle rages in the spirit world between Rafar, leading his legions from the world of darkness, and Tal, leading his army of angels. The battle is unseen by the townspeople but they feel its presence and the vorte..
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THROUGH THE WHEAT, by Thomas Boyd, Read by Gene Engene
Fresh out of a Defiance, Ohio, high school, Thomas Boyd (1898-1935) joined the Marines to serve his country in the patriotic heat of the spring of 1917. In 1919 he came home from the war with a Croix de Guerre and a desire to write. He joined the St. Paul News as a journalist and opened a bookstore, whose patrons included F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sinclair Lewis. Through the Wheat appeared to immediate acclaim, with F. Scott Fitzgerald calling it a work of art and "arresti..
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THUVIA, MAID OF MARS, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, (Mars Series, Book 4), Read by Gene Engene
Mars is divided, as not one, but two princes and a Jeddak vie for the love of Thuvia of Ptarth. When she is mysteriously kidnapped, treachery threatens to throw Barsoom into a bloody war. Now Cathoris must follow in the footsteps of his famous father, John Carter. He must overcome phantom armies, dangerous spies and savage beasts in a heroic attempt to rescue not only his true love, but to save and reunite Mars. ear a sample ..
TO RAINBOW VALLEY, by Irene Bennett Brown, Read by Laurie Klein
This is a 1935 dust-bowl saga of the Baldwin family's trip across a depression-torn country in an old model A towing a boat. They were trying to reach Oregon from Kansas. It was necessary to leave the family dog behind when he disappeared and could not be found. The hardships of the trip also is the telling of thirteen-year-old Cotton's painful growth into manhood and his family's proud determination to begin a new life in Oregon. ..
TOM SWIFT AND THE CITY GOLD, by Victor Appleton, Read by Patrick Treadway
High-spirited young Tom Swift is off on another of his many exciting adventures. This time he's in search of gold in an underground lost city. Tom finds the lost city in a remote area of Mexico, and he finds the gold. Getting into the city was difficult for the adventurers, but when they try to get out, then their real adventure begins. Tom and his companions find themselves trapped in an underground city which contains as many traps and mazes as an Egyptian pyramid. ..
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TORCHLIGHT, by Lisa Tawn Bergren, (Full Circle Series, Book 2), Read by Kris Faulkner
Can the handsome Handyman enlisted to renovate Julia’s estate also fix her mixed-up heart? After inheriting her family’s lighthouse and mansion, heiress Julia Rierdon--sister of Jake Rierdon (Refuge)--travels to Maine to take charge of the estate and turn it into a lavish inn. Temporarily separated from her fiance, Julia turns to a mysterious stranger for help. Motorcycle-riding handyman Trevor Kenbridge is handsome, infuriating...and just the man she needs to hel..
TREASURE, by Lisa Tawn Bergren, (Full Circle Series, Book 4), Read by Kris Faulkner
Ever since her days as an undergraduate student at Harvard, nautical archaeologist Dr. Christina Alvarez has been obsessed with finding her ancestor's lost treasure ship, and striking underwater gold. Traveling to the Caribbean Island of Robert's Foe, Christina must win over treasure hunter Mitch Crawford, who has refused to help her search. CD ISBN: 1-58116-704-0 Read by Kris Fau..
TRIPLANETARY, by E. E. "Doc" Smith, (Lensman Series, Book 1), Read by Reed McColm
From the atomic age in Atlantis to a world remote in space and time, two incredible ancient races, the Arisians and the Eddorians, are in the midst of an interstellar war with Earth as the prize. The Arisians, using advanced mental technology, have foreseen the invasion of their galaxy by the corrupt and evil Eddorians, so they begin a breeding program on every planet in their universe. Their produce super warriors who can hold off the invading Eddorians. DOW..
VOW OF SILENCE by B.J. Hoff (Daybreak Series, Book 4), Read by Jean DeBarbieris
This is book four in the Daybreak Series featuring the husband and wife team of Daniel and Jennifer Kaine, two reluctant sleuths who end up in the thick of sinister plots and dangerous mysteries that challenge both their love and their faith. In this book, Jennifer and Daniel become involved with Whitney Sharyn a young deaf woman who Jennifer believes has survived some excruciating ordeal in her past. A past that is still haunting her. Jennifer is convinced that Whitney lives..
WALK ABOUT, by Aaron Fletcher, (Outback Series, Book 3), Read by Kevin Foley
Wrested from the primordial Australian wilderness, Tibooburra Station has taken the blood, sweat, and tears of generations of Kerricks and given them a magnificent heritage in return. But now the golden legacy of the outback station is threatened by the disappearance of the young boy who will one day inherit it all. Fleeing the pain of being abandoned by his mother, eight-year-old Jeremy Kerrick wanders the rough-and-ready gold towns of the frontier and comes to manhood among..