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Except for the hens, Maddie O'Brien is the only female on her father's forty acres of sagebrush and pines. Living with her father and grandfather, Maddie enjoys her time on the small spread. But her chores leave her with little time to do her schoolwork. And then when a blizzard hits and ushers in a herd of donkeys caught in the snow storm she finds her time even more demanding, especially with Christmas coming.... ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - MIRACLE AT JOE'S DINER by Frank Roderus, read by Jerry Sciarrio
It's Christmas season and a major snowfall turns Joe's diner into a winter oasis where a group of passengers on a bus seek shelter. They were joined by a mysterious stranger who wandered in from the snow storm, the cook called him a bum. During there stay an emergency occurs with a pregnant passenger. Help from without is non-existent because of the storm, so the group must do what they can to help the pregnant woman. ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - ONE SPECIAL TEACHER, by John Duncklee, Read by Rusty Nelson
Some of us have experienced a special teacher in our life time, either in Grade School, High School or College. This is a story of that ONE SPECIAL TEACHER written by John Duncklee especially for you to enjoy this Christmas. Take the time to reflect on your special moment with that ONE SPECIAL TEACHER. Running Time: 45 minutes Read by Rusty Nelson Rated G ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - STRANGER RIDING BY by Carol Buchanan, read by Kris Faulkner
Lou and her 7-year-old son, Willie, are alone on their ranch near Malta, MT, when a well-dressed stranger stops by. Hospitality being an unwritten law in their part of the country, Lou offers the man breakfast. Although the man is polite and pleasant both mother and son feel that something is not right and then suddenly.....Based on an actual event in 1901 along the Milk River. ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - THE CHRISTMAS ASSIGNMENT by Loren Robinson, read by Cameron Beierle
When Henry Raynor arrives in heaven he is shown seven doors. The first three doors are not the ones a pious individual would want, the only direction through the doors is down. After preliminary judgement Henry is assigned to the fifth door. He must go through that door and accept an assignment which requires him to return to Earth and perform a good deed. The problem is, Henry doesn't know which good deed he must do. ..
Old, poor, but proud, Major Talbot and his daughter Lydia visit Washington D.C. While staying at a boarding house they meet Henry Hargraves, an ambitious actor. They buy play tickets, but Hargraves skit is demeaning to Major Talbot in a disrespectful way. The Major scolds the actor who tries to make it up to them with a financial gesture, sternly refused. When things are most bleak, an old and mysterious colored man appears... ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - THE EXPEDITION BEGINS, by Loren Robinson, (The Expedition Series: The Prequel), Read by Cameron Beierle
Jim Parker, Navy Commander, Astronaut, was on the verge of getting married after his next flight into space. But during his flight his spaceship disappeared, a time warp. And now Jim Parker is destined to experience early history first hand on...THE EXPEDITION. Running Time: Approx: 1.1 hrs. Rated PG ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - THE GUARDIAN, by Loren Robinson, Read by John Hough
Losing his leg in war was a traumatic affair for David Winthrop, but not nearly as devastating as what he faced now - the bank's foreclosure on his Montana ranch. David searched for a way out and discovered it as a final solution...his $300,000 life insurance policy. At least his wife would be OK. Everything went according to plan until... Michael showed up. ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - THE GUN ALSO RISES, (Aaron Tucker Series Prelude), by Jeffrey Cohen, Read by Damon Abdallah
The Gun Also Rises is a prequel to the Aaron Tucker mysteries. It's about a freelance reporter and work-at-home dad who, in this story, is simultaneously investigating the death of a minor league baseball player who seemingly suffocated at the bottom of a dogpile while celebrating a playoff win, and the case that concerns Aaron more personally, the allegation that his kindergarten-age son Ethan violated school rules by bringing a water pistol to class. ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - THE NINTH MAN by Loren Robinson, read by Cameron Beierle
Sergeant Bryce Conway knew his company of eight soldiers was trapped in a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan and called in an air strike. For escape, timing was critical. Too early the Taliban would kill them, too late, friendly fire would kill them. Out of nowhere an army ranger appeared and guided the 8 to safety. Basecamp said a ranger was never sent. Who was the ninth man? The answer came on a Montana mountain in a winter blizzard. ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - UPON A MIDDAY CLEAR, by Loren Robinson, Read by Kevin Foley
It's Christmas season in Spokane, Washington and mysterious happenings leave Patrick Shannon, a Spokane policeman, perplexed and even more fearful that another child may turnup missing. Could that nice homeless man in the park be the kidnapper? ..