GENEVIEVE OF TOMBSTONE, download, by John Duncklee, Read by Juanita Parker

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Tombstone in the 1880's was the toughest town in the West, and it took a special kind of grit just to survive there. Ask the Earps or Clantons! Among the gunslingers and lawmen, among the ranchers and rustlers, there was Genevieve. She is a woman with spirit, toughness and heart--the kind of woman the town demanded, whether she was working in a fancy house or running her own cattle ranch. Genevieve would not only survive, she would triumph. She was a woman who would never surrender, never give in. No one who ever encountered her would ever forget it.

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DOWNLOAD ISBN: 1-58116-318-5

Read by Juanita Parker

Approx. 8 Hrs.

Rated PG

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