GLIMMERWING, download, by Ted Dickey, Read by Lynda Evans

GLIMMERWING, download, by Ted Dickey, Read by Lynda Evans
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Out in the Pacific Ocean exists an island that is under the Spell of Concealment. On this peaceful island lives birds, animals and a population of Fairies capable of magic and wizardry. Because of the Spell, the island is unseen by humans. The Spell is maintained by the Sealing Stone sent from heaven to keep the island safe and stable, with gentle weather. When a pilot discovers the island he finds the Sealing Stone and takes it back to the mainland. Glimmerwing a young female fairie is sent to the U.S. to find the stone. To do this, she must mingle with humans as a human but finds it difficult to hide her wings. And worse, she falls in love with a human...

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DOWNLOAD ISBN: 978-1-61453-472-3
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Running Time: Approx. 6.74 Hrs.
Read by Lynda Evans

Rated PG

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