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FREE DOWNLOAD - THE LETTERS by Loren Robinson, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
This story is based on a true event. Names have been changed but the course of the narrative follows, in part, the epic story of young Sheri Walker who takes years to find her family whom she believed had abandoned her. Only her father knows the answers to her questions; but he feels the truth would cause more problems. #5023 Running Time: Approx. 52 Min. Read by Jerry Sciarrio Rated PG ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - FOLLOW YOUR STAR, by Loren Robinson, Read by John Pruden
Merry Christmas to you all. This is a FREE complimentary audiobook to be heard by the entire family. Trey Hightower had faced racism all his life and when he fell in love with the daughter of the ranch’s owner, he knew he’d be fired. So he decided to leave, but a winter blizzard held him back and what happened next changed his life forever... Read by John Pruden Running Time: Approx. 1.02 hrs ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - HOLIDAY SURPRISE, by John Duncklee, Read by Kevin Foley
Graduating from high school is always an exciting event. But the final exam before graduation can be an overwhelming obstacle especially when algebra is your weak suit. And Joe had a weak suit, but Margie agreed to tutor him and get him to graduation. This human interest story follows Joe and Margie as they embark on their journey through life and the paths they take. ..
Except for the hens, Maddie O'Brien is the only female on her father's forty acres of sagebrush and pines. Living with her father and grandfather, Maddie enjoys her time on the small spread. But her chores leave her with little time to do her schoolwork. And then when a blizzard hits and ushers in a herd of donkeys caught in the snow storm she finds her time even more demanding, especially with Christmas coming.... ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - ONE SPECIAL TEACHER, by John Duncklee, Read by Rusty Nelson
Some of us have experienced a special teacher in our life time, either in Grade School, High School or College. This is a story of that ONE SPECIAL TEACHER written by John Duncklee especially for you to enjoy this Christmas. Take the time to reflect on your special moment with that ONE SPECIAL TEACHER. Running Time: 45 minutes Read by Rusty Nelson Rated G ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - THE GUARDIAN, by Loren Robinson, Read by John Hough
Losing his leg in war was a traumatic affair for David Winthrop, but not nearly as devastating as what he faced now - the bank's foreclosure on his Montana ranch. David searched for a way out and discovered it as a final solution...his $300,000 life insurance policy. At least his wife would be OK. Everything went according to plan until... Michael showed up. ..
FREE DOWNLOADS - UPON A MIDDAY CLEAR, by Loren Robinson, Read by Kevin Foley
It's Christmas season in Spokane, Washington and mysterious happenings leave Patrick Shannon, a Spokane policeman, perplexed and even more fearful that another child may turnup missing. Could that nice homeless man in the park be the kidnapper? ..
FREEDOM BIRD: A Novel Of The Summer Of Love, download, by Allan Cole and Chris Bunch, Read by Ben Mclean
During the Vietnam war, GIs who managed to survive their tour of duty in one piece – more or less - were flown home in chartered airliners. They called those planes “Freedom Birds.” This is the story of three young men – from wildly different backgrounds – who meet on such a plane and make a pact to spend three days together in San Francisco. Their goal: to spend every cent of their mustering out money in a party of a lifetime. And they’ll ..
G GIRLS, download, by Paula Sweeney and James Pirone, Read by Stephanie Brush
This is the story of G-Girls caught up in the danger and romance in Washington D.C. during World War II. It tells the adventures of several young women doing their part for the war effort. Most worked in relatively safe office jobs, but a select few go undercover in the glamorous but deadly game of counter-espionage. This book is a tribute to those brave women who picked up the gauntlet and kept more than the home fires burning. Women who didn't flinch during the tumultuo..
GHOST WARRIOR, download, by Lucia St. Clair Robson (Lucia Robson), Read by Kris Faulkner
For more than a century, Apaches have kept alive the memory of their hero Lozen. This beautiful, valiant warrior and revered shaman fought alongside Geronimo, Cochise, and her own brother, Victorio, holding out against the armies of both the United States and Mexico. Lozen has known since childhood that the spirits have chosen her to defend Apache freedom. As the U.S. Army prepares to move her people to an Arizona reservation, Lozen forsakes marriage and motherhood to fight a..
GIFT OF THE AMULET, download, by Michael A. Cariola (Shattered Worlds, Book 1), Read by Cameron Beierle
To save humanity from being consigned to oblivion and to prevent war between elves and men, Eltanin, the first and greatest wizard there ever was, performed a terrible ritual that shattered the one world into two. For 20,000 years the two dimensions, unknown to each other, existed side by side. Aralia, home to the elfin race known as the Ferrishyn, and Earth, home to humanity are both weakening. On Aralia, Magick is fading and will extinguish unless the two worlds are reunite..
GIVE MY LOVE TO IVEY ROSE, download, by Brooks Carver, Read by Mara Lynne Thomas
On the pivotal edge of the twentieth century, the beautiful and determined Ivey Rose Grady falls in love with the captain and owner of a steamboat. Things go horribly wrong; not at all as she had wished in her young innocent dreams. Into the story strides her younger brother, Jody Lee, a nearly perfect replica of his grandfather, Jack Grady, only bigger. The young man deals out his own very special brand of justice to those who would harm his beloved sister. The story moves f..
GLACIER TERROR, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 52), Read by Rusty Nelson
MYSTERY ON THE MOUNTAIN The King family wouldn't have lasted as long as they have in the remote, perilous Rockies if they didn't know a thing or two about survival. But even after all these years, the wilderness has a few surprises for them. There's something not quite right about a glacier high atop a peak near their valley. The Indians claim it’s bad medicine and won't go near it. Of course, that doesn't stop Louisa King from cajoling her husban..
GOD'S THUNDERBOLT, download, by Carol Buchanan, Read by Steve Cooper
December 1863. Daniel Stark, New York lawyer and radical abolitionist, has come to Alder Gulch to get enough gold to redeem his family from disgrace after his father’s suicide revealed that he had gambled away his clients’ assets. But as travelers are robbed and murdered, Dan realizes that he will likely not survive. Then a friend is murdered, and Dan successfully prosecutes the suspected murderer in miners court. After testimony during the trial reveals a crimina..