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UNION BOUND by William R. Walters and Michael Davis, Read by Dalen Gunn
A companion audiobook to the provocative award-winning Civil War film of the same name, Union Bound is a powerful story of one man who understood what slavery is all about and who risked everything to do the right thing – to save his country, to free slaves. It is a story of compassion, resolve, and unity against a common evil. it is a story of our past to encourage us to be resolute today. Based on the actual diaries of Union soldier Joseph Hoover, Union Bound is the s..
VEGAS VIXEN, by Dennis N. Griffin, Read by Michael Taylor
Las Vegas in the 1960s...corrupt politicians, mobsters, and crooked cops competed for turf and power, and Christina Patterson, Sin City’s top madam, knew how to play the game. Beautiful, yet smart and savvy, admired by clients and associates alike— she held the secrets of the most influential people in Vegas. On Christmas Eve 2002, Detective Steve Garneau is called to an exclusive Las Vegas neighborhood. A 67-year-old woman is sprawled on her living room floor, sh..
WARHORSE by Wayne Barton and Stan Williams, Read by Ben McLean
Warhorse—named because of the retired warhorse who still gallops to the sound of the guns. When Marshal Tom Sturdivant unpinned his badge, he meant to lay down the gun that had made him famous and retire to his Wyoming ranch. Then a violent incident in Lodestone (Note: an imaginary chunk of the Eastern slope of Colorado) gave him a score to settle and one more job to do—a job that would bring him face to face with A. J. Adler, the notorious gunman who'd st..
WHERE DANGER DANCED by Irene Bennett Brown (A Celia Landrey Series, Book 2), Read by Mara Lynne Thomas
Celia Landrey is guiding her last walking-tour of the season in historic Pass Creek. Myriad tasks await her attention, such as planning her wedding to handsome cowboy real estate agent, Jake Flagg. Discovery of Smoke Allenby’s bones wasn’t on the agenda. But there they are, turned up in the removal project of an old underground fuel tank at Jolly Hoffman’s service station. A situation Celia, town leader, can hardly ignore. Before he abruptly disappeared ..
WHY WAIT FOR HEAVEN, by Dolores Cline Brown, Read by Kris Faulkner
The time is the late 1800's, the setting, a small town in Eastern Washington: the story, an undeniably fascinating and unforgettable saga of life on the newly civilized western frontier. Why Wait for Heaven paints a broad and brilliant portrait of this era as it follows the exploits of the Andrus family, prominent residents of Dayton: Lord Nelson Andrus, the patriarch known to all as "Doc", a man rich in humanity and intelligence who dispenses both justice and g..
WILDCAT by Wayne Barton and Stan Williams, Read by Rusty Nelson
It was the end of an era, and the beginning of an ever-evolving world of fast money, fast women, fast talkers...and fast death. Texas was just as noisy, reckless, and wide open in 1914 as it was in the days of the Wild West — with one important exception: success no longer paid off in livable wages, it paid off in millions. Lee Temple, fresh out of a Fort Worth jail and broke, knew that to survive he'd have to give in to change. No sooner had he ditched his saddle t..
WILLOW WHIP, by Irene Bennett Brown, Read by Laurie Klein
Could the Faber family really own a farm, that's the dream? Could they make enough money to buy one, dream again? Her father had almost given up hope, but for Willow it was the only dream worth having. As tenant farmers, the Fabers moved almost every year following their opportunities. To stay put in a good place, Willow's dream, she would plan, work, save, and sacrifice everything to accomplish her dream. ..
WINDCHILL, by Melvin Anderson, Read by Maynard Villers
A young man from the "lower 48" vacations to Alaska in the hope of securing spectacular outdoor winter photographs and finds himself caught in a frigid, killer blizzard. Holed up in a dirt-floor cabin forty miles from civilization, and in spite of ample supplies for survival, the man learns the terrible lessons of ignorance in the wilderness, the hard way. A team of snowmobilers is dispatched to bring the 'Cheechako' to safety. But even they get into trouble..
WOLVERINE by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 49) Read by Rusty Nelson
Hunted? In the harsh wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, every day presents a new challenge. Nate King and his family have survived by overcoming those challenges, one by one. But in the new valley that is their home, they face perils they've never before known. Some of the most vicious predators on the continent are stalking the Kings and their friends. Nate has gone up against grizzlies, mountain lions, and enraged buffalo, but he's never battled wolverines--cunni..