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RUSTY SPRINGS by Jo Ann Bender, Read by Kelly Willis
Leigh Wiodonski’s life as a blackjack dealer has been turned upside down. Now, she is trying to escape her frightening past. She fears more alarming happenings if she doesn’t leave Winnemucca. Can the mysterious stalker find her at a remote mountain cabin in Montana? In this fast-paced thriller, she changes her identity in the mountains where gossip is juicy at the Stitchers N’ Bitchers and she falls in love. The ways of livingy"in the West become espec..
S.O.S. by Allan Cole, Read by Ben McLean
S.O.S. is a fine WW2-era historical novel (based on Allan Cole’s family experiences) set in Florida, on the “Home Front.” Nazi submarine attacks off the coast are only the start of the problems for local residents. Will humans overcome obstacles in the face of adversity & surely save the day? The author writes: “Between February & May of 1942, German U-boats operated with impunity off the Florida coast, sinking nearly two dozen freighters f..
SHADOW OF DOUBT, by Wayne Barton and Stan Williams, (J.D. King Western Series, Book 2), Read by Michael Taylor
Texas Ranger, J. D. King feels like he's been rode hard and put away wet. After a shotgun blast took his half-brother, C. D. Hollis, King had nearly lost an arm seeing to the killer. Now, he's heading home for Christmas in Waxahachie, and a hard reunion with Hollis' family. Edwin Spivey has plans for Christmas, and for King too. Some time back, Sheriff Hollis and Tom Trueblood put him in prison. Now, he's broken out to make them all pay, including their kin. T..
SKITTERBRAIN, by Irene Bennett Brown, Read by Nina Monique Kelly
The Morans had to have that cow, for Larnie’s sickly mother was about to have a child, and the infant would need milk. Out here in the empty prairie of 1875, only a cow could save its life. But Larnie could not-would not-ask her Papa to get Bessie back for her. She bridled the family’s old white mule and rode off bareback after the cow. She was just in time to see the animal join a passing trail herd and lose itself among the thousands of steers. Along the trai..
SO MANY KINGDOMS, by Jeanne Williams, Read by Kris Faulkner
THEY CAME IN SEARCH OF A DREAM. THEY FOUND A KINGDOM OF EXOTIC BEAUTY, DANGEROUS PASSION...AND ETERNAL LOVE. Brazil...lush with jungles, rich with gold...a wild and mysterious land that lured generations of men and women with visions of glory – to be caught in a crossfire of passion, danger, and betrayal as they struggled to hold on to their dreams in the turbulent land that was their heritage. One family, would pass down a mighty legacy. Rachel, a brave and beaut..
SOLOMON SPRING, by Michelle Black, (Eden Murdoch Series, Book 2), read by Kris Faulkner
- A child custody battle turns deadly on a windswept winter prairie in 1878. - A man begins a quixotic search for lost love in an effort to mend his shattered life. - A sacred Native American shrine is about to be defiled, but not if one determined woman can stop it. These three seemingly unrelated stories collide at the Solomon Springs natural wonder held sacred for centuries because of its legendary healing properties. Murder shatters the spiritual calm that is Sol..
STEALER OF HORSES by Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton (The High Country Mystery Series, Book 3), Read by Michael Bowen
The famous Carlo painting Stealer of Horses sells for cash in a small Wyoming town and gallery owner Sheldon Spence gives the $200,000 to his wife, who walks over to the bank to make the deposit… and never returns. A witness claims to have seen a frightened-looking Susan Spence in a battered old Chevy, speeding out of town. And each succeeding clue reveals a different angle on her disappearance. Sheriff Jeff McQuede begins to wonder if this is more than a simple ca..
STICKY SWEET by Connie Shelton, (Samantha Sweet Series, Book 12), Read by Andrea Bates
It's a freezing January day when Samantha Sweet finds herself facing the unpleasant task of going back to her old job of breaking into houses. Meanwhile, a customer who's just a little bit too nice seems to be worming her way into Jen's confidence. Sheriff Beau, on the other hand, is dealing with a car-crash-turned-murder, and somehow it all seems to tie together in a great big sticky situation. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE & CD ISBN: 978-1-..
STRUCTOPHIS by Joseph R. Lallo, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
In a small town in Colorado, Markus Spiros was just getting his life on track. By day he worked as a veterinary tech, by night he took classes. His steady little routine was rolling along nicely when his impulsive Uncle Dimitrios threw a wrench in the works. Thanks to an unannounced trip, Markus had to swing by his uncle’s bistro to tend to the ‘special oven.’ When he arrived, he discovered it wasn’t the oven that was special, it was the rare and exoti..
SUMMER OF FIRE, by Linda Jacobs, (Yellowstone Series, Book 1), Read by John Pruden
It is 1988, and Yellowstone Park is on fire. Among the thousands of summer warriors battling to save America’s crown jewel, is single mother Clare Chance. Having just watched her best friend, a fellow Texas firefighter, die in a roof collapse, she has fled to Montana to try and put the memory behind her. She’s not the only one fighting personal demons as well as the fiery dragon threatening to consume the park. There’s Chris Deering, a Vietnam veteran ..
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SWEET MAGIC, by Connie Shelton (Samantha Sweet Series, Book 13), Read by Andrea Bates
It's here — USA Today bestselling author Connie Shelton's newest Samantha Sweet cozy mystery. With nearly 2 million books sold and downloaded in more than 60 countries, find out what the fuss is all about! Samantha Sweet's life is a little crazy right now, beginning with her daughter's wedding, which coincides with Sam's receiving a huge new contract for her chocolate factory. The day after the wedding someone takes a shot at Sam and she discovers..
SWEETS FORGOTTEN by Connie Shelton (Samantha Sweet Series, Book 10), Read by Andrea Bates
When a woman walks into Samantha Sweet’s pastry shop, claiming to have amnesia, it’s a puzzle that seems to have nothing to do with Sam’s new commission for a fantastic one-of-a-kind order of chocolates, although "Jane Doe" seems to know a lot about that. Sam calls Sheriff Beau to solve the mystery of who this stranger is and where she belongs. But Beau’s attention is occupied by other things: nearly his entire force is out sick with some kin..
THE ANGELS' SHARE by Brooks Carver, Read by Henry McNulty
Out of the nineteenth century period of reconstruction comes former Sergeant Jack Grady of the Stonewall Brigade, his family, and a diverse cast of southern characters trying to rebuild their ravaged land. Join them in an epic 1865 journey across the war torn South. Meet this beleaguered farm family from the mountains and you will get a perspective of our nation that transcends and enhances textbook history. CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-831-8 he..
THE BOOK OF IMAGINATION by El Holly (Phantasmic Wars, Book 1), Read by Rebecca Rogers
“Do you want to live in a world that has no imagination and no dreams in it? Where everyone just lived but had no reason to? Phantasmagoria...where all the forgotten dreams go, where all the imagined things, both good and bad, make their home. Tom and his friends would much rather be on a bike ride than trying to navigate their own imaginations. But, with most of humanity frozen by Morgrim, their school librarian's bitter half-brother, their option..