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THE BUFFALO'S LAST STAND by Stephen Bly (Retta Barre's Oregon Trail Series, Book 2), Read by Rebecca Cook
Retta Barre has never met a hero, except for the ones she reads about in her books. She does know they're strong and courageous. And handsome and pretty. Everything she's not. Her world doesn't expect much from her anyway. She's just a plain-looking 12-year-old who's more stubborn than brave. She owes what little strength she has to her dull daily chores on the Oregon trail. And yet, when her friends are missing, Retta doesn't think twice. She heads ou..
THE CALDERAN PROBLEM by Joseph R. Lallo (Free-Wrench Series, Book 4), Read by Andrea Bates
Several months have passed since Nita’s last adventure in the fug, and though she has spent them back in her native Caldera, she has never been busier. After countless debates and discussion, she has finally convinced her people to give the Wind Breaker and its crew safe harbor on the shores of her idyllic homeland. Now she is looking forward to introducing Captain Mack, Lil, Coop, and the rest of the crew to the land of her birth. Back in the fug, Gunner has remain..
THE CORNERSTONE, by Randall Platt, Read by Jeffrey Kafer
In this coming-of-age novel set in 1944, Ian McKenzie is a bright fifteen-year-old street kid who's been sent to a Washington State summer camp to be straightened out. Andy Ackerman, the counselor assigned to the camp's charity cases, is a young man fresh from the war in the Pacific, tough, angry, but understanding. Through Ackerman's tough love and the sharing of a strenuous task, Ian gains pride and a sense of honor. It is Ackerman's tragedy that forms the c..
THE EXECUTIONER'S HOOD by Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton (The High Country Mystery Series, Book 4), Read by Michael Bowen
Who killed Judge Grayson? When Sheriff Jeff McQuede finds Durmont's highly respected judge, Phil Grayson, bludgeoned to death in his study, a black executioner's hood shoved over his head, he faces his toughest case yet. The judge has many enemies, including Darin Keefe, sentenced by Grayson and just released from prison. McQuede soon finds out that Keefe's case is linked to a city scandal that may involve Grayson. Seven years ago the judge's best frie..
THE GENERAL'S NOTORIOUS WIDOW by Stephen Bly (The Belles of Lordsburg Series, Book 2), Read by Rebecca Rogers
The scandalous death of Lixie Miller's husband has forced her to flee to Lordsburg, New Mexico. All she wanted to do at first was crawl in a hole and hide. But after a few months of dull routine, her safe hole is beginning to feel like her burial place. Then an interesting attorney comes from Santa Fe just to meet her--and leaves just as quickly as he came. And others need her help, including a hurt Indian girl. Suddenly Lixie has a purpose, but the dangerous circumstance..
THE HIDDEN VALLEY, by Jeanne Williams, (Beneath the Burning Ground Series, Book 2), Read by Laurie Klein
Kansas Territory near the border with Missouri. Border skirmishes and raids have now been replaced by the opening of hostilities in the War Between the States. Kansas is deeply split by the national conflict. Jonathan Ware and his wife are deeply troubled that their sons have enlisted on opposing sides of the conflict. The Wares and the other homestead families are subject to raids by renegades from both sides. When Jonathan Ware and Bishop Jardine are killed, the women are l..
THE HOMEFRONT MURDERS by D.R. Meredith (Sheriff Charles Matthews Series, Book 5), Read by Ben McLean
When the mummified remains of a World War II G.I. are unearthed in the sub-basement of the Crawford County Courthouse, the residents, well-known for their nonstop gossip, are suddenly as quiet as the soldier's grave. Sheriff Charles Matthews is frustrated by the town's silence. He isn't planning to arrest anyone for a murder more than fifty years old, but he does want to bury the soldier's remains with a name other than John Doe. One of the local oldsters must..
THE LIKES OF ME, by Randall Platt,  Read by Laurie Klein
Cordelia Lu Hankins is the half Caucasian, half Chinese – and all albino. She has grown up in a remote lumber town with her distant father and a giant stepmother nicknamed Babe (after Paul Bunyan's blue ox), convinced she is ugly. Then, in the summer of 1918, when she is fourteen, she falls in love with the dashing Squirl. One day they meet on the mountain and Cordy receives her first kiss, as well as a wild ride down a log flume that gets Squirl fired. Determine..
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THE LONGEST ROAD, by Jeanne Williams, Read by Patty Duke
For Laurie Field, life is a series of hellos and good-byes, of attachments cut short by the struggle for survival in America's Dust Bowl. When a violent dust storm leaves their mother dead and the family farm in ruins, Laurie and her brother help their father load up the flivver and leave Kansas-aiming for a better life. At the side of the road, the Fields meet handsome wayfarer Johnny Morrigan. Although he is with them for only a short time, Johnny makes a painful journe..
THE LOST WAGON TRAIN by Stephen Bly (Retta Barre's Oregon Trail Series, Book 1), Read by Rebecca Cook
A simple trip into the prairie provides adventure and trouble. Soon Retta Barre is the talk of the wagon train. Her friends don't want to miss her next caper. And Retta certainly won't let them down. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE & CD ISBN: 978-1-64192-210-4 to hear a sample of this audiobook Running Time: Approx. 3.01 Hrs. Read by Rebecca Cook Rated G, 3 CDs ..
THE MENACE OF THE YEARS by Frank Zafiro (A River City Crime Novel, Book 5), Read by Michael Bowen
It is December 1999, and the spectre of Y2K hangs over the police department. More menacing yet, officers respond to a hate-fueled home invasion robbery. As the entirety of the River City Police Department prepare for possible chaos when the calendar turns over to the year 2000, they also must stop a gang of white supremacists who plan to use that same chaos to mask their biggest crime yet. Meanwhile, Officer Katie MacLeod falls under the suspicion of Internal Affairs. Office..
THE MIRROR, by Marlys Millhiser, Read by Lynda Evans
On the eve of her wedding in 1978, Shay Garrett peers into the antique mirror in her family's longtime home, the famous Victorian Gingerbread House on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado and falls unconscious only to wake in the body of her own grandmother Brandy on the eve of her wedding in 1900. The virginal Brandy, in turn, awakes in Shay's body in 1978 to discover herself pregnant. What follows is a fascinating look at how two women - and their families - cope..
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THE MT. PELÉE REDEMPTION by Stephen Hawley Martin, Read by Kris Faulkner
This fast-paced thriller and romantic suspense novel won First Prize for Fiction from Writer's Digest, and Independent Publisher magazine awarded it a First Place IPPY. Claire DuMond can't believe her father would just lapse into a coma for no apparent reason. Even his doctors are mystified. But one thing is clear, she must find the cause before it's too late. Claire sets out to do just that, and soon arrives on the Caribbean island of Martinique. And wouldn't..
THE OUTLAW'S TWIN SISTER by Stephen Bly (The Belles of Lordsburg Series, Book 3), Read by Rebecca Rogers
Her life was like a bad dream that kept getting worse. Until the Lord awakened her to a future of hope. Julianna Ortiz gave up her hopes for a perfect life long ago. She's 32, and alone, and she's accepted that. For how could she ask anyone to share in the absurdity that has become her life? Her twin brother is languishing in a Mexican prison. His fellow gang members are constantly harassing her. And her father, who was absent for so long, has finally returned. ..