FIREWEED, by Nellie Buxton Picken, Read by Gene Engene

FIREWEED, by Nellie Buxton Picken, Read by Gene Engene
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The brilliant spires of blue fireweed that spring up after a range fire symbolize nature’s cycle of renewal, a cycle which governs Ed McLaren’s life. He comes west in 1897 as a rebellious teenager and winds up playing an active role in the development of the Okanogan Valley in north central Washington. Drawn west by the lure of gold, he finds a better life as a rancher, living from the interaction of sun, soil and the sweat of his labor. Ed fights to build the Lazy Ear ranch with hard work, determination and an appreciation of the natural forces that shape every rancher’s decisions...and to hide his deep and abiding love for Analix the half-breed mother of Ed’s unacknowledged son. Click for more Historical Fiction audiobooks


CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-461-7
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Running Time: Approx. 18.55 Hrs.
Read by Gene Engene
Rated G, 16 CDs

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