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SING A SONG OF DEATH, download, by Catherine Dain, (Freddie O'Neal Mystery Series, Book 2) Read by Stephanie Brush
She would prefer being home with her cats, at the Casino playing Keno, or off flying her private plane. Instead Freddie O’Neil is called in to solve the murder of the star from Lake Tahoe’s hottest Lounge Act, Vince Marina. His ex-wife swears she didn’t do it, though it’s true things offstage weren’t so great between them. Based on the obvious evidence Marina’s ex-wife Connie looks like the sure thing as murder suspect number one, but no ma..
SIX-POUND WALLEYE, download, by Elizabeth Gunn, (A Jake Hines Mystery Series, Book 4), Read by Kevin Foley
Late winter, and police detective Jake Hines is beginning to feel the effects of light deprivation; it’s not only in the edginess of the citizens of Rutherford, Minnesota, but also in the escalating battle he’s having with his girlfriend, Trudy. Sitting in headquarters talking about the winter depression may not make it go away, but it does offer Jake a chance to air some of his feelings. Then two emergency calls come in at the same time. A child has been criti..
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SLAB HAPPY, download, by  Richard S. Prather, (Shell Scott Series, Book 14), Read by Heath Kizzier
Every bloodthirsty hoodlum, every trigger-happy gunman in the state of California had that song on his lips. I didn't like it. I'm no music lover and, what's more, I was the rascal they were dying to kill. Me. Shell Scott. "Where there's death, there's hope" - that was gangdom's newest slogan. I was measured for a grave and I was supposed to share it with a gorgeous redhead named Coral. Man, this was just about the first time I haven't be..
SMALL TOWNS CAN BE MURDER, download, by Connie Shelton, (A Charlie Parker Mystery Series, Book 4), Read by Lynda Evans
Charlie Parker is asked to look into a controversial series of miscarriages in a small town in New Mexico that's heavily populated by Mexicans. The town has one medical clinic. Her first assumption is to look for some type of environmental problem such as pesticides but that draws a blank. Then she shifts her suspicions onto the medical industry and finds herself embroiled in politics regarding health care among minorities. It's when the dead bodies start to show up t..
SOMETHING VERY WICKED, download, by Mary Zelinsky, (New Orleans Legacy Series, Book 1), Read by Janean Jorgensen
A getaway weekend to a bayou bed-n-breakfast seems the perfect spot for New Orleans former playboy Ethan Galen to get acquainted with a nice girl for a change and take care of a little business too. But when a fellow guest vanishes into the swamp, his plan to resurrect his reputation and family fortune hits a snag. The object of his affection turns out to be Cora Dearing, a would-be reporter for the newspaper responsible for his family's disgrace. Cora sees the disappeara..
SOMETHING VERY WILD, download, by Mary Zelinsky, (New Orleans Legacy Series, Book 2), Read by Janean Jorgensen
Chloe Galen, the family wild-child has been expelled from college for the third time and returns to New Orleans with her tail between her legs. That's one time too many for her society matriach mother. When Mama cuts the purse strings, Chloe sets out to prove she can finish college on her own. Using her passion for art and creative ability to stay alive, she takes a job in a gallery and lands in the middle of international art fraud, unaware her fellow students and co-wor..
SONG OF THE BONES, download, by M.K. Preston, (Chantalene Series, Book 2), Read By Beth Richmond
This engaging second novel is also set in the fictional town of Tetumka, Oklahoma, where protagonist and amateur sleuth Chantalene Morrell becomes embroiled in a decades-old mystery. Preston lives in Edmond, where she edits and publishes ByLine, a nationally distributed trade magazine for writers. Thelma Patterson had given up on ever seeing her husband again, who disappeared some thirty years before. That is, until a handsome cowboy claiming to be him strides into their s..
SOUND TRACKS, download, by Marcia Simpson, Read by Stephanie Brush
Liza "Liz" Romero steers her old boat "Salmon Eye" in and out of small Alaskan ports delivering cargo and books, constantly flirting with danger in the waters around Wrangell Island. Yet even Liz isn't prepared for what awaits her one November morning. A sudden crash rocks the Salmon Eye, bringing Liz running from the wheelhouse to the foredeck expecting submerged rocks or another vessel. Instead she sees a humpback whale diving over the boat, narrowly..
SPOOKY SWEET, download, by Connie Shelton (Samantha Sweet Series, Book 11) Read by Andrea Bates
Now that Samantha Sweet has a contract to provide her special handmade chocolates for the wealthy jet-set clients of Book It Travel, Sweet’s Sweets bakery is taking on a whole new dimension. Only problem, Sam isn’t ready. It’s almost Halloween, her pastry shop is bursting at the seams and she needs extra employees but there is no place to put them. Right before the witching day, she comes upon a large Victorian house she can adapt for the business, and it se..
STARDOM CAN BE MURDER, download, by Connie Shelton, (A Charlie Parker Mystery Series, Book 12), read by Rebecca Cook
It’s a terrible case of mistaken identity when a gang of bank robbers think that Charlie is a famous movie star. Disappointed with their take from the bank, they decide that a hefty ransom will be their ticket to riches. But what will happen when the real star steps forward? Charlie knows that only her wits will save her from this band of desperate men. Meanwhile, in a race against the clock, Charlie's husband Drake is working with the FBI and local authorities to g..
STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS, download, by Steven F. Havill, (Posadas County Mystery Series, Book 4), Read by Stephanie Brush
It's Christmas in Posadas County, and Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman is settling down to a quiet evening with her family and friend ex-Sheriff Bill Gastner, that is until her doctor husband gets a disturbing call. Retired chief-of-police Eduardo Martinez is calling from a nearby motel where he is having chest pains. Not nine minutes later Estelle gets a call that there has been an incident at the same motel. Estelle and ex-Sheriff Bill Gastner, arrive at the motel park..
STICKY SWEET, download, by Connie Shelton, (Samantha Sweet Series, Book 12), Read by Andrea Bates
It's a freezing January day when Samantha Sweet finds herself facing the unpleasant task of going back to her old job of breaking into houses. Meanwhile, a customer who's just a little bit too nice seems to be worming her way into Jen's confidence. Sheriff Beau, on the other hand, is dealing with a car-crash-turned-murder, and somehow it all seems to tie together in a great big sticky situation. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE CD PRODUCT ISBN: 978-1-64192-13..
STONEWALL JACKSON'S ELBOW, download, by John Billheimer, (Owen Allison Series, Book 5), Read by Kevin Foley
After the death of J. Burton Caldwell, president of the First National Bank of Contrary, West Virginia, federal bank examiners find three-quarters of a billion dollars missing. A hick bank in a hick town, it stacks up to be one of the biggest failures in the history of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. When the FDIC attempts to recoup investor's losses by auctioning off the banks' assets and the museum's holdings, the attractive museum curator vanishes an..
STRATA, download, by Howard E. Adkins, Read by Kevin Foley
James Stanford, a recent college graduate, seeks out an abandoned homestead in the rugged Owyhee country of southwestern Idaho which has recently been scheduled for tax sale. He finds an archeological dig underway there and becomes captivated by the millennia of human drama which is suggested by the artifacts. ISBN: 978-1-60548-308-5 Read by Kevin Foley Appro..