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THE GOOD AND THE DEAD, download, by Seymor Shubin, Read by Ron Varela
True-Detective Mystery author Ben Newman has written about scores of murders, and thinks he has seen it all, until he is confronted with murders of adults from his childhood neighborhood. The first is his brother’s wife, her body found floating in the family swimming pool. Suspicion immediately falls on Ben’s brother, the good doctor. The death of a childhood friend turned pharmacist, and then a former flame of Ben’s turns the investigation away from Ben&rsq..
THE GOOD DIE TWICE, download, by Lee Driver, (Chase Dagger Mystery Series, Book 1), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Chase Dagger is a private detective with seemingly no past, an on-again off-again fiancee, a scarlet macaw with photographic memory and an attitude, and Sara as his beautiful and mysterious young assistant. Chase also seems to only inherit the most unusual of cases. Such as when Sara witnesses the murder of a woman she cannot identify. Then, while visiting the Tyler Mansion, she sees a picture of Rachel Tyler. The woman in the picture appears to be the murder victim, except s..
THE GRIEF SHOP, download, by Vicki Steifel, (Tally Whyte Series, Book 3), Read by Stephanie Brush
Tally Whyte has seen a lot of dead bodies in her years with the Massachusetts Grief Assisstance Program, but this is the first time a murder victim has been brought there by the murderer himself. During the night, someone broke into the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, aka the Grief Shop, and left behind a tragic calling card- the body of a young girl, bearing a message that reads: Sins of the Fathers. The girl's playmate is also missing. Could she be another victim?..
THE HOMEFRONT MURDERS, download, by D.R. Meredith (Sheriff Charles Matthews Series, Book 5), Read by Ben McLean
When the mummified remains of a World War II G.I. are unearthed in the sub-basement of the Crawford County Courthouse, the residents, well-known for their nonstop gossip, are suddenly as quiet as the soldier's grave. Sheriff Charles Matthews is frustrated by the town's silence. He isn't planning to arrest anyone for a murder more than fifty years old, but he does want to bury the soldier's remains with a name other than John Doe. One of the local oldsters must..
THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, download, by Arthur Conan Doyle, Read by Gene Engene
"The last red streaks had faded away in the west and night settled upon the moor. A few faint stars were gleaming in a violet sky. Watson and I gazed out over the shadowy moor, half silver and half gloom. A distant howl arose from the shadowy depths, menacing, almost musical, rising and falling like the low constant murmur of the sea, the hound!" Complete and unabridged, in its original serial format from THE STRAND MAGAZINE, The Hound of the Baskervilles is a super..
THE JUDGE, download, by James E. Thierry, Read by Rusty Nelson
When Andy MacTavish accepts the appointment of interim judge for the municipal court, he doesn’t realize that the law director of the county seat, who also serves as prosecutor, has been sent there by a combination of Toledo and Detroit underworld figures to gain control of the local law enforcement. They plan to set up a variety of illegal moneymaking ventures. To insure that these activities could be carried on under the nose of the law, the mob needed to have the law..
THE KACHEMAK KILLER, download, by Michael K. Jamison, Read by Keith Baker
Chas English, Detective and soon-to-be Special Investigator for the Alaska State Troopers, was looking forward to a long overdue fishing vacation on the Kenai Peninsula. Visions of Red and Silver Salmon dancing on the end of a taut flyline are shattered when Captain Cadie drops a file on Chas’ desk at 8 a. m. on the Friday morning before his annual trip was supposed to start. What begins as “just a regular case” includes a canvas wrapped corpse surfacing in ..
THE LAKE, download, by Richard Laymon, Read by Stephanie Brush
​Leigh is a beautiful girl, eighteen years old, headstrong and rebellious. All she wants from her summer by the lake is a chance to relax and have some fun. And that handsome boy she just met certainly looks like fun. But her summer fling will lead to terror. That night in the old abandoned house will haunt her nightmares for the rest of her life. Eighteen years later, Leigh's daughter, Deana, doesn't know much about what happened to her mother all those years ago, an..
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THE LOBO CONNECTION, download, by Chet Cunningham, (Scream Series, Book 4), Read by Damon Abdallah
After losing the love of his life to drug dealers, Matt decides to seek revenge and take on the Mexican drug cartel single handily. His background in police work aids him in the ins and outs of their daily workings within the cartel. With the information he gained from the police department, will Matt be able to pull it off? Listen as Matt seeks revenge on those that took his beloved and if he's able to do enough damage to put the drug cartel out of business, forever. ..
THE LOST ARTIST, download, by Gail Lukasik, Read by Rebecca Cook
Chicago performance artist Rose Caffrey is desperate to sell her sister's nineteenth-century farmhouse in southern Illinois. She's haunted by her sister's death from a fall inside the house. But when Rose discovers three murals in an upstairs bedroom depicting strange images of Native Americans and bizarre nineteenth-century landscapes, she becomes obsessed with knowing the artist's identity and the meaning of the murals. Buried for over one hundred and se..
THE LOST BIRD, download, by Margaret Coel, (Father O'Malley Mystery Series, Book 5), Read by Stephanie Brush
What reason would anyone have to kill an aging elderly priest? Unless the reason dates back to 1964 when Father Joseph Keenan left his post. The same year dozens of Arapaho newborns had died from contaminated water. It was also the year Hollywood star Sharon David was born, perhaps to one of those grieving families. When the adopted celebrity shows up in Vicky Holden’s office with clues suggesting she was born in the area it’s clear that the glamorous actress is a..
THE LUCK OF THE DRAW, download, by Catherine Dain, (Freddie O'Neal Series, Book 6), Read by Stephanie Brush
Her cats, the occasional game of keno, and the odd solo flight in her private plane would be enough for Freddie O’Neal if she could make a living that way. Instead she’s a private investigator hired to track down Darla Hayden. The missing woman left her therapist with a pile of unpaid bills, but the therapist is less concerned about money than murder. The patient’s affair with a playboy professor had gone sour, and her graduate studies came to a screeching h..
THE MAJOLICA MURDERS, download, by Deborah Morgan, (Antique Lovers Series, Book 5), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Jeff Talbot, the antiques collector Sara Paretsky called “an engaging new hero,” returns in a new mystery where the cost of antiques can be murderously high… Ex-FBI agent and antiques picker Jeff Talbot asks Lanny, a fellow picker, to scout out some antique majolica as a present for his wife with no idea just how costly it will be. Lanny is a bit of a loner, but Jeff has always liked him. So it comes as a total shock when the young man is arrested for murd..
THE MARRIAGE CASKET, download, by Deborah Morgan, (Antique Lovers Series, Book 3), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Antiques picker and ex-FBI agent Jeff Talbot figured he was about to make a killing when Nathan Rose offered him all the antiques in his newly deceased aunt’s house dirt cheap. What Jeff hadn’t bargained for, however, was the bloodstain beneath one of the old pack rat’s priceless rugs, indicating that the death of Verena Rose was no accident. But unlike the police, Jeff doesn’t think that nephew Nathan is the culprit. Convinced the answer lies somew..