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COMES A TIME FOR BURNING, download, by Steven F. Havill, (Dr. Thomas Parks Series, Book 2), Read by John Pruden
Busy putting in stitches and bandaging lumberjacks' injuries, young Dr. Thomas Parks has no idea that his worst enemy is lurking in the sleepy village of Port McKinney in the spring of 1892. When one of the working girls at the Clarissa Hotel is brought to the Clinic desperately ill, Thomas's newly arrived associate wastes no time in making the diagnosis--Asian Cholera has somehow found this back water near Puget Sound. The cholera strikes viciously and kills in days,..
COMPETITION CAN BE MURDER, download, by Connie Shelton, (Charlie Parker Series, Book 8), Read by Rebecca Cook
Brian Swinney needs someone to fly his aircrafts in Scotland on a lucrative contract shuttling men and equipment to the North Sea oil rigs. Helping out their friend, Charlie Parker and Drake Langston agree to the job, ignorant of the escalating battle between the outfitters that service the rigs. Taking up residence at historic Dunworthy Castle, they become acquainted with owners Robert and Sarah Dunbar. They seem to be down-to-earth ranching folk but their daughter, son-in-l..
CONFUSION, download, by Eric Dalen, Read by Gregory Papst
At three in the morning, Aaron Montaine is driving home from his night job when he sees a terrified and bloodied woman running blindly down the center of the street. Not far behind her is a man in a three-piece suit with a gun. Stop the guy, save the woman, is all Aaron can think. Throwing the passenger's side door open, he lets the woman jump in and then takes off. The woman tells him nothing except that she cannot go to the hospital or the police, because her pursuers w..
CONSIDER ME DEAD, download, by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson, (Ardis Cole Series, Book 8), Read by Stephanie Brush
A troubled teenager, Jenna Carrington, leaves her father a note to “consider me dead” before she runs away from home. Five years later the skeletal remains of a female murder victim are found in the river near Sydney, Australia. Archaeologist Ardis Cole traces Jenna’s flight to a homeless shelter on the outskirts of the city. Safe Port’s manager, Quentin Trebb, seems to know more about the missing girl, and some rare black opals stolen from her father&..
CONVENIENT DISPOSAL, download, by Steven F. Havill, (Posadas County Mystery Series, Book 3), Read by Stephanie Brush
To most people, hat pins are vestiges of the past, used now only by elderly ladies who don't leave home without a hat. But recently the notion store in Posadas County has been doing a good business selling hat pins to teenage girls. Following a "cat fight" over a boy, one of the girls, Carmen Acosta, had been suspended from school. But Carmen's friends are still around. So, Deena, Carmen's rival, wants something with which to defend herself. No..
COPP FOR HIRE, download, by Don Pendleton, (Copp Series, Book 1), Read by Gene Engene
Don Pendleton is the creator of the enormously popular The Executioner series, featuring Mack Bolan. Now he has created the Joe Copp series which develops against the backdrop of violence and corruption in Los Angeles. Joe Copp is an ex-cop, tough, smart, but caring and compassionate. In Copp for Hire, Joe is hired by a stripper to investigate a stalker, but before he can even begin the investigation, the woman is killed by a hit-and-run driver, who has now turned his sight o..
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COPP IN DEEP, download, by Don Pendleton, (Copp Series, Book 3), Read by Gene Engene
Joe Copp is hired by old buddy ex-cop Tom Chase to protect him from the FBI. Chase is the security chief for a defense contractor, and Uncle Sam is following him and setting up his executives for a sting. Sure enough, two of them are stung. Permanently! Then, without warning, Chase is arrested as a spy. Now, he is not only running from the feds, but he is busting KGB skulls, and rubbing elbows with traitors while tripping over corpses. Somehow Joe Copp has gotten himself in d..
COPP IN SHOCK, download, by Don Pendleton, (Copp Series, Book 6), Read by Gene Engene
Joe Copp is recovering from a three week bout of partial amnesia after a perp almost blew him away with his own gun. His doctors have assured him his memory will eventually return, but that isn’t soon enough. It seems that during the last three weeks he married a lady who is now a corpse in the Los Angeles morgue. Now the police are trying to pin the murder on Joe, her unsuspecting widower. While being pursued by not only by the LAPD, but an unknown assailant, Joe Copp ..
COPP IN THE DARK, download, by Don Pendleton, (Copp Series, Book 4), Read by Gene Engene
Ex-police officer Joe Copp takes a case, and he's not even sure who he's working for. Surrounded by a cast of frightened actors, and the theater's gorgeous director, he's been assigned the role of bodyguard for the leading man. Suddenly, Copp is the new target. He's beaten, shot , but worst of all, he is a suspect in a kidnapping rap and the murders of four actors and one FBI informant. Now, government agents and mafia hoods are after him. They are convinc..
COPP ON FIRE, download, by Don Pendleton, (Copp Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene
Joe Copp, ex-cop, finds himself once again pulled into the down-and-dirty back streets of Los Angeles. His new case sends him into the back lots of Hollywood, behind the glamorous facade of the movie industry, where the subjects of a stake-out begin dying, one by one. But, before Copp can find the key to the case and take it to the LAPD, an under-cover narcotics officer is nearly killed and Copp finds himself accused of being an accomplice to murder. He quickly finds himself ..
COPP ON ICE, download, by Don Pendleton, (Copp Series, Book 5), Read by Gene Engene
Serious trouble is brewing in Brighton, California, a sprawling coastal community on the eastern edge of the Los Angeles Basin: Its Mayor has just been murdered, and the Chief of Police has resigned amid rumors of corruption in his department. Now, ex-police officer Joe Copp has been hired by an old friend, the current Brighton City Administrator, to get to the bottom of the municipal mess. Copp’s investigation uncovers a trail of corpses and a tangled web of sex, drugs..
COUNSEL OF THE WICKED, download, by Roberto Kusminsky, Read by Cameron Beierle
During and after WWII, Peron allowed thousands of fleeing Nazis to find refuge in Argentina. U-boats were sighted near coastal towns, and priceless works of art stolen from European victims of war appeared surreptitiously in Buenos Aires auction houses. Dr. Gerson Asher, a surgeon with a past, and Nicole, a beautiful geneticist, plunge into a deadly cat-and-mouse chase with a ruthless art dealer who is intent on recovering treasures looted by the Nazis and hidden in South Ame..
CROTA, download, by Owl Goingback, Read by Heath Kizzier
IT IS CALLED CROTA...and it has awakened. Sheriff Skip Harding is called out to investigate a double homicide unlike any he has seen before. The bodies are torn to pieces in the woods. Some think it's a bear. But others whisper something different. It is the Crota, they say. The great beast of Native American legend that one day will reawaken. Now...that day has arrived. ISBN: 1-59607-164-8 ea..
CROW IN STOLEN COLORS, download, by Marcia Simpson, Read by Stephanie Brush
The widow Liza Romero came to Wrangell, Alaska, for solitude and a chance to reinvent herself. Now, in her old wooden halibut schooner, Salmon Eye, she ferries library books and groceries across Steamer Bay. One day her first-mate Sam--part-Labrador part-redhound--spots the body of a small nearly-drowned Tlingit boy, marooned on a rock. They rescue the boy, and take him to Wrangell only to discover the body of a very old native man. Then someone on a mist shrouded boat..