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KILLER COMMUTE by Marlys Millhiser (Charlie Greene Mystery Series, Book 6), Read by Stephanie Brush
Recovering from last year's Las Vegas trip-from-hell, Long Beach literary agent Charlie Greene is looking forward to spending this year's vacation at home. No manuscript reading, no needy clients, no killer commute for a whole week - just some good, old-fashioned rest and relaxation. But before Charlie's peaceful vacation even starts, her daughter's rambunctious cat, Tuxedo, causes her to stumble across the body of neighbor Jeremy Fielder, murdered in the fron..
KILLER COUSINS, by June Shaw, (Cealie Gunther Series, Book 2), Read by Beth Richmond
Spunky young grandma Cealie Gunther tries to avoid her hunky sometimes-ex lover Gil Thurman so she can rediscover herself. She also wants to avoid relatives so she won't become dependent on them. But a cousin who antagonized her in childhood pleads for Cealie to come to Gatlinburg, TN, needing Cealie's help or she'll face dire consequences. And Gil couldn't be opening another of his Cajun Delights restaurants there—could he? Torn between flying off for h..
KILLER IN PAIR-A-DICE, by Dennis N. Griffin, (Steven Garneau Series, Book 1), Read by Michael Taylor
Killer In Pair-A-Dice is the story of a serial rapist and murderer operating in the Las Vegas Valley. Not far from the glitter of this world famous adult playground, the killer claims his victims. Driven by a deep hatred for women, he begins his reign of terror by seeking out those who remind him of someone from his past. Someone who caused him great pain. As the body count rises, the national news media pick up on the story. Pressure for a speedy apprehension is brought to b..
KILLER OF EAGLES, by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson, (Ardis Cole Series, Book 6), Read by Stephanie Brush
Ardis Cole braves a sudden blizzard on her way to the isolated Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to help her friend, Ella White Owl, locate her missing niece. Carrie, an art teacher at Shadow Pass High School, appears to have simply vanished without a trace. Medicine man Jim-Walks-Alone shares with Ardis his disturbing vision about a “killer of eagles”, which to the Sioux represents an evil person, and a destroyer of all that is good. Ardis soon finds the girl’s..
KILLING RAVEN, by Margaret Coel, (Father O'Malley Mystery Series, Book 9,) Read by Stephanie Brush
When the body of a white man is recovered from a shallow grave in one of the most troubled corners of the Wind River Reservation, Father John O’Malley knows that if the murderer isn’t caught quickly, this tragedy will only be the beginning. The victim’s widow is already out for revenge. And the one person Father John believes could lead him to the killer is a terrified fifteen-year-old girl running for her life. In the meantime, Father John’s old frie..
KISS OF THE BEES, by J.A. Jance, (The Walker Family Series, Book 2)Read by Gene Engene
In Tucson, twenty years ago, a psychopath named Andrew Carlisle brought blood and terror into the home of Diana Ladd Walker and her family. When Carlisle died in prison, Diana and her husband, ex-county sheriff Brandon Walker, believed their long nightmare was finally over. They were wrong. Their beloved adopted daughter Lani has vanished. A serial killer is dead, but his malevolence lives on in another. And now the fiend holds Lani’s innocent life in his eager hands. B..
LAMENT FOR A DEAD COWBOY, by Catherine Dain, (Freddie O'Neal Mystery Series, Book 4), Read by Stephanie Brush
When it comes to crime--even in a gambling town like Reno--Freddie O'Neal is all business. She didn't know what to expect when she arrived in Elko to attend a gathering of cowboy poets. What Freddie found was actual cowboys--and cowgirls--reciting verse, drinking whiskey, and catching up with old buddies. The friendly get-together turns ugly though when one of the poets is found dead, and Freddie's boyfriend is accused as the murderer. Now she is learning facts ab..
LAY IT ON THE LINE, by Catherine Dain, (Freddie O'Neal Mystery Series, Book 3), Read by Stephanie Brush
She’s a gambler and a gumshoe. In her spare time Freddie O’Neal likes a game of Keno, hanging out with her cats at home, or flying a private plane. But when it comes to crime in the gambling town of Reno, Freddie is all business. Joan Halliday, an aging chorus girl, has asked for Freddie’s help. The chorus-girl’s father is being conned by his caretakers, and an investigation is called for. But as Freddie quickly discovers, there’s more to this fa..
LEGENDS CAN BE MURDER by Connie Shelton (A Charlie Parker Mystery Series, Book 15) Read by Rebecca Cook
Charlie Parker and her husband Drake Langston accept a job with Gold Trail Adventures in Skagway, Alaska, flying visitors by helicopter to remote cabin sites to experience the outdoor lifestyle and seek their fortunes. It isn’t long before one of the guests finds a set of bones in an old mine, remains that date back decades. His hands full with present-day cases, police chief Sam Branson tells Charlie and her new reporter friend, Mina Gengler, that they are free to inve..
LETHAL DOSE, by Jeff Buick, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Veritas Pharmaceuticals is a corporate powerhouse. But many of the drugs Veritas puts on the market are extremely dangerous, even potentially fatal and Bruce Andrews, CEO of the company, is well aware of it. Andrews isn't about to let that or anything get in the way of Veritas's profits. Gordon Buchanan is devastated when his brother dies: and very suspicious. Could the drug his brother was taking have caused his death? The more Gordon investigates the more evidence p..
LIES COME EASY by Steven F. Havill (Posadas County Mystery, Book 10), Read by Kris Faulkner
One blizzardy New Mexico night, Posadas County Deputy Pasquale picks up a toddler scooting his Scamper along the shoulder of State 56. Yes, it's horrifying - a child apparently dumped out of a truck by his father. Nearly as horrifying is what unrolls while Christmas approaches after dad Darrell Fisher's arrest: a request arrives from the US Forest Service to locate a missing range tech and his unit last reported headed for nearby Stinkin' Springs, and the brut..
LIFE TO LIFE, by Don Pendleton, (Ashton Ford Series, Book 4), Read by Gene Engene
She was a powerful, stunningly beautiful psychic who gave spiritual guidance to thousands of troubled souls and was preparing to extend her ministry throughout the world. But when her family and followers began dying in mysterious, horrifying ways, she had to call on Ashton Ford to discover the truth behind their deaths. Soon, Ford found that the lovely reverend was the center of a centuries-old mystical group now threatened by malevolent and divisive forces. Ford had to wage..
LITTLE MEXICO, by Cathie John, Read by Michael Taylor
It's 1943 and Newport, Kentucky (AKA Little Mexico) is the bawdiest spot in America. Dozens of illegal casinos and brothels line the major thoroughfares of this outlaw hideaway, providing entertainment for the thousands of otherwise honest, law-abiding citizens swarming in from hundreds of miles around. This is the gambling mecca of America, years before Las Vegas was a twinkle in Bugsy Siegel's eye. The Cleveland Syndicate controls almost all the major sources of gam..
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LITTLE USE FOR DEATH, by Michael Sherer, (Emerson Ward Series, Book 2), Read by Reed McColm
Everyone at the small upstate New York college where Emerson Ward is teaching for a semester is shocked when the body of a student is found hanging from a tree in the nearby woods. Just days before he died, Bob Marter tried to tell Emerson about something evil going on at the school, but backed down before he went any further. Now Emerson is convinced that this was no suicide...someone wanted Bob dead. Nosing around gets Emerson more than he bargained for, and as the body cou..