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MEMORIES CAN BE MURDER, by Connie Shelton, (A Charlie Parker Mystery Series, Book 5), Read by Lynda Evans
Upon returning to her New Mexico home after visiting her fiance in Hawaii, private investigator Charlie Parker discovers that her mother and father, a scientist at Sandia Labs, were killed in a suspicious small plane crash. When Charlie starts asking questions, a series of theft ensues, and the body count begins climbing. The trail takes her down twisting avenues and around unexpected corners as Charlie follows her instincts and the evidence. She ultimately realizes that she ..
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MEMPHIS RIBS, by Gerald Duff, Read by Michael Taylor
Memphis in May. The International Barbecue Contest, the Cotton Carnival...and now two murders. And it is all on the shoulders of failed cotton farmer and current Memphis homicide detective, J.W. Ragsdale, to solve both crimes before the tourists start leaving in droves. J.W. and his partner, Tyrone Walker, sift through an unusual cast of characters, ranging from black gangs dealing crack, to an heir-apparent son of Southern aristocracy...and to the newly crowned Maid of Cotto..
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MIND TO MIND, by Don Pendleton, (Ashton Ford Series, Book 3), Read by Gene Engene
Ashton Ford is intrigued by a case involving a beautiful silent "Jane Doe" who has been sadistically brutalized. The mute and mysterious woman has no idea who she is, why someone wants her dead, or why the entire left hemisphere of her brain has been surgically removed. There are no handles to the case, except a few satanic symbols, and it is quickly turning into one of the toughest cases Ford has ever attempted. In a race against time, he must reach this woman'..
MINOR IN POSSESSION, by J.A. Jance, (J.P. Beaumont Series, Book 8), Read by Gene Engene
The Arizona alcohol rehab ranch was no picnic for J.P. Beaumont. First they stuck him in a room with a sleazy, teen-age drug dealer named Joey Rothman. Then they sicked the local law on him when the punk was discovered shot dead with Beaumont's own .38. But the party responsible for Joey's early check-out wasn't satisfied with simply framing Beaumont for murder. Suddenly the Seattle detective faced a choice of fates far more unpleasant than cold turkey: a long sta..
MOON SILVER, by Ellen Gray Massey, Read by Stephanie Brush
Ozark mountain legends have always intrigued history teacher Kirsten Ford, and when she inherits Aunt Viola's farm in the heart of Ozark country, she inherits a historical legacy of her own--buried treasure. Aunt Viola had believed it was real, and had looked her whole life for the fabled Indian cache. Kirsten is just as determined to continue the quest. But mountain country isn't tame, and snowstorms and wild animals seem to be conspiring with ancient ghosts to keep ..
MULCH, by Ann Ripley, (Garden Series, Book 1), Read by Lynda Evans
Amateur gardener and housewife Louise Eldridge has big plans for her family's new Sylvan Valley home, situated among the flower of suburban Washington, D.C. society. But barely has she turned the topsoil when her organic mulching unearths the unidentifiable remains of a murder victim. Suddenly her elegant garden is a crime scene blighted by garish yellow police tape. And Louise...cultivating the rich and restless wives of the neighborhood and their hothouse secr..
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MURDER ABOARD THE CHOCTAW GAMBLER, by Sharon Ervin, (Jancy Dewhurst Series, Book 2), Read by Janean Jorgensen
When a croupier is murdered on the Choctaw Gambler Riverboat Casino, State Bureau of Investigation Agent Jim Wills invites newspaper reporter Jancy Dewhurst to accompany him to the scene. The dead croupier resembles casino owner Jesse Chase, a former friend and business associate of ranching tycoon Tyrone Gideon. Tyrone’s son G.C., heir apparent to the Gideon empire, has hired a man to murder Chase. G.C. ran up a debt aboard Gambler, refused to pay, and was banned..
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MURDER AND THE MONALET RUBY, by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson, (Ardis Cole Series, Book 4), Read by Stephanie Brush
When Ardis is sent to South Dakota to handle a bequest of pioneer and Sioux artifacts left to the University of Chicago by wealthy private collector Anthony LaMoine, she gets a load of trouble that she hadn’t expected -- a stolen ruby, a friend’s missing son, and a skeleton in the cellar! Ardis learns that Anthony had an adopted son. For reasons unknown to Ardis, his son ran away from home during his teenage years. “Find the son,” the..
MURDER AT MIDNIGHT, by Marshall Cook, (Monona Quinn Series, Book 2), Read by Kate Vita
Discovered by his young altar server, Father O’s body lay on the floor of the sacristy—his throat slit. And so Monona Quinn, editor of the weekly Mitchell Doings, finds herself writing a profile of a dead man for the second time in three months. And just like last time, Mo becomes obsessed with uncovering his killer, regardless of her husband’s misgivings and her own safety. An extremely conservative Catholic radio show, a highway expansion, an..
MURDER AT MOOT POINT by Marlys Millhiser (Charlie Greene Mystery Series, Book 1), Read by Lynda Evans
As a literary agent, Charlie Greene is used to making a killing, it's her business. But when she pulls into the foggy town of Moot Point, Oregon, she finds herself party to a killing of a different kind, one with a corpse and with herself as a suspect. Charlie is accused of murdering an elderly woman whose bicycle is mysteriously found beneath the wheels of Charlie's car. This visit to the laid-back coastal town was supposed to be the chance to secure a book deal for ..
MURDER BY DECEPTION, by D.R. Meredith, (The John Lloyd Branson Series, Book 2), Read by Michael Bowen
At first glance, he was a fine figure of a man. Even the butcher knife buried in the middle of his chest didn’t seriously detract from his good looks. But that corpse, nude except for a pair of mismatched socks – and the butcher knife , of course – is trouble with a capital 'T' for Leroy MacPherson in whose wheat field the body is dumped, and for the rest of his extended family. It’s also trouble for the opponents of the nuclear..
MURDER BY IMPULSE, by D.R. Meredith, (John Lloyd Branson Series, Book 1), Read by Michael Bowen
A Lincoln Continental driven by Amy Steele, wife of millionaire rancher James Steele, rams a tanker full of gasoline. Instant incineration of both drivers; a probable accident, according to Sergeant Larry Jenner of the Amarillo Police Department. Eight months later, it’s murder, according to Sergeant Ed Schroder of the Special Crimes Unit, and the probable murderer is the widower. Standing between James Steele and Sergeants Jenner and Schroder is John Lloyd Branson..
MURDER BY MASQUERADE, by D.R. Meredith (John Lloyd Branson Series, Book 3), Read by Michael Bowen
Someone is killing prostitutes on Amarillo Boulevard after sending each a cryptic invitation to “cleanse your soul in the blood of the lamb.” One victim mails a letter to John Lloyd Branson, the Panhandle’s most famous lawyer, begging for his help. When she is murdered before she can talk to him, and her appointment is kept by her pimp and his stable of girls, John Lloyd declines any involvement in the case. His legal assistant, Lydia Fairchild is so incense..
MURDER BY REFERENCE, by D.R. Meredith (The John Lloyd Branson Series, Book 4), Read by Michael Bowen
In a variation of the classic locked room mystery, Attorney John Lloyd Branson and his beautiful, trusted, but often impetuous legal assistant, Lydia Fairchild scare up ghosts from the past and rattle family skeletons as they try to discover who murdered the young museum curator. It’s no Halloween trick when Brad Hemphill materializes in a locked museum at midnight, the main feature in a prehistoric display. Who among the museum staff would kill the harmless, mild-manne..