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A WHISPER OF BLACK, by Clay Harvey, (Tyler Vance Series, Book 2), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
He thought it was over, and he could go back to a peaceful life, his family, his home, and especially his young son. But when Tyler Vance accidentally stumbles upon--and breaks up--a multi-million dollar gun deal, he quickly discovers that the past isn't quite through with him yet. Those millions are still floating around, and the owners blame Vance for it's disappearance. Now they are demanding he get the money back. Unfortunately the new owners are even more vicious..
ABDUCTED, by Brian Pinkerton, Read by Beth Richmond
Just a second. That was all it took. In that second Anita Sherwood sees the face of the young boy in the window of the bus as it stops at the curb...and she knows it is her son. The son who had been kidnapped two years before. The son who had never been found and who had been declared legally dead. But now her son is alive. Anita knows it in her heart. She is certain that the boy is her son, but how can she get anyone to believe her? She'd given the police leads before th..
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ABSOLUTE PI, by Ron and Caryl McAdoo, Read by Gregory Papst
It all started, one spring morning, with a complicated calculus problem that Beth Bryant couldn't figure out. Hoping to get a little help from the brilliant Stone twins, Rick and Ryan, and their idiot savant relative they call "Cousin", Beth leaves them the problem getting their assurance that they'll have it figured out by early afternoon. But by two o'clock, the calculus problem is the least of the foursome's problems. When Beth goes to retrieve th..
AFRICAN ICE, by Jeff Buick, Read by Phoebe Zimmermann
A diamond formation worth untold millions, hidden deep in the jungles of Africa. Many have tried to find it. All have failed. Can Samantha Carlson do the impossible? The president of Gem Star thinks so when he hires the geologist to lead a team into the Democratic Republic of Congo and return with the diamonds’ location. Gem-Star has sent other teams in to find the formation. None made it out alive. Samantha was aware the odds were against her when she accepted the miss..
AFTERMATH, by Sharon Ervin, Read by Rebecca Cook
Shamed by her responses to a kidnapper's titillations, Anna Fulenweider, 24, a fair, white freckled-faced newspaper reporter, refuses to talk about the abduction even six weeks later, despite the fact she is plagued by shakes and tremors. Police have not been able to identify, much less capture, the man who abducted the once-haughty reporter and released her 53 hours later, pensive, cowed and unwilling to talk about her ordeal, even to the psychiatrist provided by her emp..
ALASKA AND BEYOND, by M.D. Kincaid, (Jack Blake Series, Book 2), Read by Reed McColm
In the continuing adventures of Alaska Trooper Jack Blake, author M.D. Kincaid reloads, adjusts his sights, and takes aim at more real life villains ripped from the pages of his case files. Always finding his mark, Kincaid points Trooper Blake in the right direction square in front of the bad guys, and always armed with the skills & integrity to triumph over evil & skullduggery. You can't find a better read about the human wildlife found in Alaska, and running amo..
ALASKA JUSTICE, by M.D. Kincaid, (Jack Blake Series, Book 1), Read by Reed McColm
Trooper Jack Blake pilots Bush planes, mushes dogteams, and climbs on snowshoes to catch the bad guy. With horrible weather, blood-thirsty grizzly bears, politics and plane crashes, his job to find real justice is hard enough. Then Blake learns that one particularly powerful guy is making it his job to kill him with the unlimited resources of his wealth and power. CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-222-4 Read..
ALASKA PURSUIT by M.D. Kincaid (Jack Blake Series, Book 3) Read by Kevin Foley
It all starts with a mountaintop plane crash in a snowstorm. Jack and Jet Blake, a husband and wife Alaska Trooper team, take on gun-runners, drug-pushers, Skinheads, and sinister activities at the highest level in this third book of the series. Out-numbered and over-powered, it's up to the Blakes to bring justice to the usually-sedate Lower Yukon River, getting creative with undercover operatives, airplanes, boats, and whatever else it takes. CD ..
ALIBIS CAN BE MURDER by Connie Shelton (A Charlie Parker Mystery Series, Book 17), Read by Rebecca Cook
The weather turns to spring, and Charlie faces a pair of puzzles. Against Charlie’s better judgment Ron, her PI partner, takes a cheating-spouse case that turns into a comedy of errors involving a star football player and his wife’s petty vengeance. Meanwhile, Charlie’s neighbor Elsa has a bad feeling about a family up the street. Is it a case of the neighborhood busybody having too much time on her hands, or is there truly something sinister happening with ..
ALWAYS LEAVE 'EM DYING, by Richard S. Prather, (Shell Scott Mystery Series, Book 9), Read by Maynard Villers
“The strait jacket’s canvas held my arms tight. My six-two was horizontal on a stretcher and the two bruisers carried it and my 205 pounds easily down the long corridor. I was confused as modern art, and being in this stupid asylum didn’t help. I was dumped onto a bed, yelling like a fiend. A needle, a stinging sensation in my neck and it was lights out for me. I awoke with a light beaming upon my face. A blade moved upward through the beam of light. And sud..
AN OPTION ON DEATH, by Michael Sherer, (Emerson Ward Series, Book 1), Read by Reed McColm
Someone was in the market for murder. After 10 years of drifting in and out of Emerson Ward's life, it looked as though Jessica Pearson was there to stay. But only a few hours after her arrival, a bullet crashing through a window kills her, and Emerson's dreams as well. An accident, the police say, but Emerson knows better. Someone wanted Jessica dead; now he wants to find out who, and why. The place to start? Jessica's suitcase stuffed with cash and stock transac..
AND EVERY MAN HAS TO DIE, by Frank Zafiro, (A River City Crime Novel, Book 4), Read by Michael Bowen
Every city has organized crime. But only River City has a Russian gangster like Valeriy. He’s meticulous, cunning, and willing to sacrifice anything–and anyone–to see his conquest through. In Val’s way are the men and women of the River City Police Department, including rookie B.J. Carson. She’s trying to fill the shoes of a legend while the pressures of patrol and her own past catch up to her. She and her colleagues must unite and work together ..
AND THEN THERE WERE TWO, by Gilbert Morris, (Dani Ross Series, Book 2), Read by Kris Faulkner
Dani has just been given her biggest assignment: protect the wealthy J.T. Denver while finding his potential assassin. For the once ruthless businessman has made many enemies who are not buying Denver's life-changing spiritual side. CD ISBN: 1-58116-575-7 Read by Kris Faulkner Approx. 9.3 Hrs. 9 CDs Rated G ..
AS DOG IS MY WITNESS, by Jeffrey Cohen, (Aaron Tucker Mystery Series, Book 3), Read by Damon Abdallah
Aaron Tucker, aspiring New Jersey screenwriter and occasional freelance journalist, puts on his sleuthing hat after a young man with Asperger's syndrome is arrested for a senseless murder. Despite damning evidence, including the accused's confession and possession of the murder weapon, Tucker, who has an autistic son, finds the nature of the crime incompatible with his understanding of the suspect's symptoms. Persisting even after a local mobster warns him off, th..