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THE SHADOW DANCER, by Margaret Coel, (Father O'Malley Mystery Series, Book 8), Read by Stephanie Brush
James “Orlando” Sherwood has resurrected the old Shadow Dance religion, having his followers dance for days at a time for the promise of an Indian paradise. For Orlando and his followers, nothing must delay the coming of the New World-not even the investigation of Ben Holden's death. It has been four months since lawyer Vicky Holden left her high-powered job in a legal firm to return to her home on the Wind River Reservation. She agreed to meet her abusive ex-..
THE SHERIFF AND THE BRANDING IRON MURDERS by D.R. Meredith (Sheriff Charles Matthews Series, Book 2) Read by Ben McLean
When cowboy artist Willie Russell is murdered on the Branding Iron Ranch, Sheriff Charles Matthews faces a mystery that seems built on the bones of the past. Willie Russell leaves behind sketches that illustrate a century-old legend of a brutal outlaw, a beautiful young woman, and the lost Santiago Crucifix, a three-foot-tall cross of solid gold. With only the sketches, the footprints of Johnny Brentwood, and very little else, Charles focuses on the eerie links between past a..
THE SHERIFF AND THE FOLSOM MAN MURDERS by D.R. Meredith (Sheriff Charles Matthews Series, Book 3), Read by Ben McLean
Enrique Armijo, archaeologist, and in his own mind, the world's authority on the Folsom Man culture, is spying on a ritual performed by the so-called Skin People in the crater of Capulin Mountain, an extinct volcano in northern New Mexico. He doesn't expect to be murdered. He certainly doesn't expect the weapon to be a prehistoric atl-atl. Back in Crawford County, Texas, Sheriff Charles Matthews doesn't expect a call from his deputy, Raul Trujillo, about the a..
THE SHERIFF AND THE PANHANDLE MURDERS by D.R. Meredith (Sheriff Charles Matthews Series, Book 1) Read by Ben McLean
Crawford County, Texas, hadn't had a deliberate homicide in 80 years, and Sheriff Charles Matthews liked that statistic just fine, particularly since his department wasn't generously endowed with manpower. He had one deputy who took pride in how far he could spit tobacco and another one who couldn't tell his backside from his elbow. Neither of these deputies bothered Crawford County because folks understood them. They didn't altogether under..
THE SHERIFF AND THE PHEASANT HUNT MURDERS by D.R. Meredith (Sheriff Charles Matthews Series, Book 4), Read by Ben McLean
Eight thousand hunters descend on Crawford County, Texas, for the annual pheasant season. To Sheriff Charles Matthews that's eight thousand chances for a gun-related accident. But when the most hated man in the county, banker Rich Hansford, turns up with his face removed by a shotgun blast, it's no accident; it's murder. To Crawford County folk, it's a public service killing, and no one, not even the sheriff's staff, are much interested in seeing anyone ar..
THE SINISTER SWINDLER, by Frank Roderus, (Carl Heller Series, Book 7), Read by Kevin Foley
In this book of the Heller series, smooth talking Cory Teale charms his way into the confidence of the Ute Indian tribe. He even secures a power of attorney and the responsibility for investing the tribe's money. Heller's friend, who previously handled the tribe's investments, determines Teale is too good to be true and grows suspicious. Heller is asked to check the guy out. Assuming it would be a simple investigation, Heller finds more than he expects and gets hi..
THE SNOW KING, by Frank Roderus, (The Carl Heller Series, Book 8), Read by Kevin Foley
Popular demand for the Heller series has prompted the author to bring out book #8, the final encore of Carl Heller. In this book, Carl Heller goes undercover as a big time investor in the Snow King Ski Resort. The Snow King is the brain child of Harold King a polished and elusive con man. Heller is called into the case by Kat Sullivan, the girl-friend of a missing salesman hired to sell memberships in the Snow King Resort. Heller learns the Resort's terrible secret and ne..
THE SPIRIT IN ST. LOUIS by Mark Everett Stone (From the Files of the BSI, Book 6), Read by Damon Abdallah
The whole world now knows of the existence of the World Under, thanks to fallout from the terrible events in Omaha a year back. As the World Under’s most effective foe, Kal Hakala performed actions that were both heroic and horrific. Now, sidelined as an Agent, he serves the Bureau of Supernatural Investigation as its public face, charming talk show hosts and training new recruits known as “Green Peas.” However, the World Under never rests, and events force ..
THE SPIRIT WOMAN, by Margaret Coel, (Father O'Malley Mystery Series, Book 6), Read by Stephanie Brush
A historian arrives in Wind River country convinced that the memoirs of 19th century Shoshone heroine Sacajawea are stashed somewhere on the Wind River reservation. She believes that Sacajawea survived the Lewis and Clark expedition and returned to the Shoshones where she lived out her life. And when the historian turns up missing, Father John O’Malley and Wind River attorney Vickie Holden become convinced that, if the memoirs truly do exist, then someone has stol..
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THE STORY KNIFE, by Father Brad Reynolds, (Father Mark Townsend Series, Book 1), Read by Kevin Foley
A lawyer with questionable ethics lies dead in a Seattle convention center. He was brutally slain by a ceremonial knife from a village a thousand miles to the north. As a Jesuit priest, Father Mark Townsend has spent much time among the native peoples who inhabit the merciless Alaskan tundra. He recognizes the deadly artifact...and knows the Eskimo tribe that carved the intricate pictures on its ivory handle. Now conscience and duty are calling him back to that place of harsh..
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THE STORY TELLER, by Margaret Coel, (Father O'Malley Mystery Series, Book 4), Read by Stephanie Brush
A museum is required by law to return a rare one-of-a-kind pictorial book - the only eye-witness account of Arapaho history on the plains. The book is worth millions to dealers who razor out pages and sell them one by one. But when the museum says they never had the book, Vicky Holden suspects foul play. Then she learns that an Arapaho student mysteriously died while researching the ledger. Vicky and Father John must begin a deadly search for the sacred treasure and the kille..
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THE THRESHOLD, by Marlys Millhiser, Read by Stephanie Brush
In 1980 Colorado, Aletha Kingman comes to the ski resort of Telluride to find refuge from a shadowed life. Cree Mackelwain comes to find the secret of his dead partner’s involvement in the drug trade. In 1901 Colorado, young Callie O’Connell faces a destiny of poverty and shame on the forbidden side of town. Her brother Bram faces a lifetime of danger in the gold mines along with the gathering threat of bloodshed between miners and their bosses. At the Threshold, ..
THE THUNDER KEEPER, by Margaret Coel, (Father O'Malley Mystery Series, Book 7), Read by Stephanie Brush
Because she believes that her feelings for Father John O’Malley, a Jesuit priest, are inappropriate, Vickie Holden leaves her home on the Wind River Reservation and takes a job in Denver. She receives a call from Vince Lewis, V. P. for Balder Industries, who has information to give her regarding the reservation. Vince is killed by a hit and run driver before he can give Vickie the information. Back on the reservation, Father John is aware of another man who he believes ..
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THE TUNNEL by S.D. Tooley (Sam Casey Series, Book 7) Read by Beth Richmond
Six-year-old Nemo is a member of the Concrete Community, the homeless who scrape out a life on the streets and in the shelters. Street-savvy beyond his years, he relies on instincts to stay safe and cunning to find food and clothes. But curiosity gets the best of him when he finds a tunnel in the sub-basement of an abandoned building. His mother warns him to stay away. It could be dangerous and he might get lost. The tunnel runs for blocks and is a great place to explore. The..