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TOMBSTONE COURAGE, by J.A. Jance, (Joanna Brady Series, Book 2), Read by Nancy Lee-Painter
With grit, courage and dogged determination, Joanna challenged the status quo - and won. Now, as newly elected Sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona, she must battle the prejudice and hostility of a mistrustful, male dominated police force and solve a grisly double homicide that threatens to tear the sleepy desert community to pieces. The two bodies baking in the harsh Southwestern sun are connected by sinister threads that reach back generations, and by devastating family secre..
TOME OF DEATH by D.R. Meredith (Megan Clark Series, Book 4) Read by Mara Lynne Thomas
The members of the Murder by the Yard book club are spending a pleasant afternoon hiking in Palo Duro Canyon, when one of the Megan Clark’s dogs slips his leash – and digs up a human skeleton. Megan’s background in anthropology places her in a position to help police unearth the remains – and to find another body: a mummy clothed in Comanche garments. Autopsies reveal that foul play caused both deaths, one less than five years earlier, and the other mo..
TOO MANY CROOKS, by Richard S. Prather, (Shell Scott Mystery Series, Book 8), Read by Maynard Villers
They say that even the strongest man secretly wants to feel wanted. He even hopes to have some woman take care of him. Well, my cup was running over. Me? I’m Shell Scott, the human target for every gun in the State of California. And that’s no private eyewash...I was made to feel wanted all the city, county and state police. And there was a woman with a nasty little .32 in her tiny hand, well she was just dying to take care of me, permanently. Every whe..
TORCH TOWN BOOGIE, by Steven Womack, (Harry Denton Series, Book 2), Read by Ron Varela
Detective Harry Denton's next case is a hot one when the magnificent mansion across the street from his apartment is consumed in a suspicious fire. The blaze has all the scorch marks of the East Nashville Arsonist, a phantom firebug. This time he left a dead body behind. The bludgeoned and left-to-burn victim was a well-known psychotherapist...and the man that Harry's ex-wife, Lanie, was about to marry. Thanks to the doctor's will, which leaves a chunk of money to..
TRIAL BY FURY, by J.A. Jance, (J.P. Beaumont Series, Book 3), Read by Gene Engene
The body lay amid the garbage behind a Seattle grocery store - a tall, well-built male - dead. Detective J.P. Beaumont’s twenty years on the force has given him sixth sense about people - especially guilty ones. So when he found out the victim - a high school basketball coach with a very pregnant wife - had been lynched, Beaumont suspected this murder was connected with the extremes of love and hatred. Love for the wrong kind of woman...and the hate of those..
TRIANGLE OF DECEPTION, by Haggai Carmon, (Dan Gordon Series, book 4), Read by Gerald Fierst
How do you penetrate the world’s most secretive and tightly-knit terrorist organization? How do you manipulate its leaders and major supporters to unwittingly serve your goals? Working in a joint CIA/Mossad sting operation, Dan Gordon chose the path of deception – a triangle of deception. In this fourth installment in the Dan Gordon intelligence thriller series, Dan is on the hunt for the source of funding to terrorist group Hezbollah. He infiltrates the Lebane..
TRIPLE IDENTITY, by Haggai Carmon, (Dan Gordon Series, Book 1), Read by Kevin Foley
Investigating attorney Dan Gordon is working for a unit of the U.S. Department of Justice that combats money launderers outside the United States. A routine mission develops into a complex international plot involving murder, espionage, kidnapping, conspiracy, and romance. Gordon, an indefatigable bloodhound, calls on his innate shrewdness, as well as his secret Mossad past and training, to ferret out the truth. In this intelligence thriller, attorney Haggai Carmon, a U.S Dep..
TRIPLE PLAY, by Elizabeth Gunn, (Jake Hines Mystery Series, Book 1), Read by Ron Varela
Jake Hines is a stubborn detective with a murky past now living outside Minneapolis where the city meets the prairie. He’s a little out of place in a place where the winters are long and the men are rugged, but he’s got more to worry about than just fitting in. There’s a serial killer on the loose leaving behind three murders, two suspects and a lot of unanswered questions. One victim was found laying on Home Plate in a neighborhood softball diamond, another..
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TROUBLED SEA, by Jinx Schwartz, Read by Beth Richmond
Hetta and her husband, Bob (Jenks) Jenkins, have finally broken free from the rat race of corporate America. Having forsaken the shackles of deadlines, they have been enjoying the soul liberating life of freedom. For the past five years, they have traveled on their boat, Jensky, meeting new friends and finding their true selves. Freedom, however, comes with a price. As the Jenkins find, the sea is an unforgiving mistress. Hetta and Jenks meet..
TWICE BURIED, by Steven F. Havill, (Bill Gastner Series, Book 3), Read by Rusty Nelson
Posadas County Undersheriff Bill Gastner knows that ancient Anna Hocking didn’t fall down the fruit cellar stairs by accident. He is also certain that old man Reuben Fuentes knows nothing about the bodies scattered on his dusty, southern New Mexico ranch. No Spring Chicken himself, Bill summons his former deputy, Reuben’s niece Estelle, from Mexico to help clear her uncle of suspicion. Eventually this generation spanning law enforcement team finds a thread tying a..
TWIN KILLING, by Marshall Cook, (Monona Quinn Series, Book 3), Read by Kate Vita
Mo’s twin sister, Madison, is already under plenty of pressure taking care of her mother and keeping the family farm going, with her husband serving in Iraq. So when her son (also one of twins) is arrested for drug possession, Mo drops everything—including her 80-hour-a-week job as editor of the weekly Mitchell Doings—and drives down to the farm, outside Summersend, Iowa, to help. The simple possession charge turns to suspicion of murder when not one but two..
TWO FEET BELOW by C.K. Crigger (The China Bohannon Series, Book 2) Read by Rebecca Cook
Smart and sassy 1890s bookkeeper turned sleuth China Bohannon is a magnet for danger. Assigned to office duties in the Doyle & Howe detective agency, she lands smack in the middle of the detective’s latest murder case when a suspicious character tries to bribe her—and she takes the bribe! In an adventure that is destined to go downhill from there, China is thrown overboard from a steamboat into Coeur d’Alene Lake to drown. Escaping that, while hot on the..
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UNDER A RAGING MOON, by Frank Zafiro, (A River City Crime Novel, Book 1), Read by Michael Bowen
A violent robber is loose in River City. Meet the cops that must take him down. Stefan Kopriva, a young hotshot. Katie MacLeod, a woman in what is still mostly a man’s world. Karl Winter, about to retire but with one more good bust left in him. And Thomas Chisolm, a former Green Beret who knows how dangerous a man like the Scarface Robber can be. These are the patrol officers of River City – that mythical thin blue line between society and anarchy. They must stop ..
UNIVERSITY GHOST STORY, by Nick DiMartino, Read by Greg Papst
Dr. Veronica Glass, professor of English at the University of Washington, does not believe in ghosts. Matt Braddon, her new tenant has returned to Seattle but can't escape from a terrible secret in his past. Now, thirteen-year-old Angela Harrow has run away from her bitterly fighting parents, and begs Veronica to let her stay for the Christmas holidays. Suddenly, dangerous accidents are happening in the U. District house; whispering voices in the night, creaking floorboar..