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FIRE ACROSS TEXAS, download, by Susan Yawn Tanner (The Bellamys of Texas, Book 2), Read by Kris Faulkner
Married to a fire-and-brimstone preacher, Hannah Barnes had given up hope of love and happiness. Then three gunmen killed her husband, and she feared she would lose her life as well. A former Texas Ranger, Jeb Welles was determined to save the tart-tongued widow and be on his way. But while Jeb only had rescue on his mind, his body ached with desire for the stunning redhead. Courageous beauty and valiant loner, Hannah and Jeb have nothing in common, yet everything to s..
FIVE DAYS, FIVE DEAD, download, by C.K. Crigger (The China Bohannon Series, Book 5), Read by Kris Faulkner
Sepp Amsel, a fabulously successful gambling hall and saloonkeeper entrepreneur, is about to become the bridegroom in the most public wedding ever to take place in wild and woolly Spokane, Washington. He wants to engage China's detective services when his fiancée’s sister is kidnapped, and a substantial ransom demanded. There's just one problem. The client thinks it's possible he's being bamboozled because things don't quite add up. Only days ..
FOUR FURLONGS, download, by C.K. Crigger (The China Bohannon Series, Book 4), Read by Kris Faulkner
Smart and sassy bookkeeper China Bohannon is a modern 1890s career woman who'd rather sleuth than type. China is in charge of the Doyle & Howe Detective Agency office on the day a fourteen-year-old girl shows up seeking the detectives' help in a case of what she's calling murder. Neva Sue O'Dells jockey brother has been killed during a race, the horse he was riding ̶ the dead-on Derby favorite ̶ lamed. Neva claims her mother and grandfather are involved, h..
FREE DOWNLOAD - BETA TESTERS by Joseph R. Lallo (Big Sigma Prequel), Read by John Forbes
Beta Testers is a prequel novella in the Big Sigma setting. It’s important to use the right tool for the job… even if that tool hasn’t been tested. Garotte is the sort of covert operative a military sends in to tug at threads until a situation unravels. After a particularly ill-advised assignment causes the situation to escalate, he takes it upon himself to right what’s gone wrong before it gets out of control. The task is too big for one soldier, so ..
GLACIER TERROR, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 52), Read by Rusty Nelson
MYSTERY ON THE MOUNTAIN The King family wouldn't have lasted as long as they have in the remote, perilous Rockies if they didn't know a thing or two about survival. But even after all these years, the wilderness has a few surprises for them. There's something not quite right about a glacier high atop a peak near their valley. The Indians claim it’s bad medicine and won't go near it. Of course, that doesn't stop Louisa King from cajoling her husban..
HIGH COUNTRY, download, by Wayne Barton and Stan Williams, Read by Rusty Nelson
Adam Hunter has more than his share of battles to fight, and demons to dodge. He's searching the Colorado high country for a killer he's never seen but knows only too well. When Hunter saves the life of ranch foreman Edge Pardee, and the ranch owner asks him to stay on and help, he agrees. But the last thing a man needs when he's stalking a killer is to be stuck in the middle of a range war with responsibilities and a woman he can't resist . . . CLICK HERE ..
HOMETOWN BURNING, download, by C.K. Crigger (The Hometown Mysteries, Book 2), Read by Gail Shalan
In the second of the Hometown trilogy, ex-Afghanistan vet paramedic Frankie McGill and resident deputy Gabe Zantos are caught up in a case of arson. A house at the end of a country road has stood vacant for years; it's occupants mice and the stray raccoon or two. When the derelict house catches fire, the only reason the Hawkesford Fire Department responds is because of the danger to the dry wheat fields surrounding it. But then not only a gunshot victim, but a char..
HUNTED, download, by Anthony G. Wedgeworth (Santorray's Privations, Book 2, aka Altered Creatures Epic Fantasy Adventures), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Vanquished from his home lands, Santorray has become an enemy to the Kingdom as well as those who strive to overthrow the current leaders. Santorray retreats to the dark Mythical Forests with hopes of finding some salvation. Unfortunately, the local magical residents of the dark forest see him as a threat to their lands. He finds himself trapped between the locals who wish to feast upon him and the Southwind army who wish to enslave him. D..
ICHOR WELL, download, by Joseph R. Lallo (Free-Wrench Series, Book 3), Read by Andrea Bates
Ichor Well is the third adventure in the Free-Wrench Series of Steampunk novels. Ever since Nita Graus left her homeland and joined the crew of the Wind Breaker, the reputation of the airship and its crew has been growing. The destruction of the mighty dreadnought, the escape from the legendary Skykeep, and the inexplicable ability to remain hidden from the ever-watchful eye of the Fug Folk have combined to make her and her fellow crew the stuff of legend. Alas, legen..
IN DARKEST DEPTHS, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 56), Read by Rusty Nelson
THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY! Legendary mountain man Shakespeare McNair has seen enough winters in the wilderness to know when something isn't right. And beneath the waters of the lake near his new home, something is definitely off. Nate King and his family can see it too – waves without any wind to create them, a huge force that pulls a fishing pole right from Evelyn King's hands, something malevolent out there…watching them. Shakespeare knows it's just..
IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS, download, by Lee Martin, Read by Kris Faulkner
During a stormy festival at a mountain lake, a retired sergeant, on a painful quest to find a daughter he never knew he had, joins forces with two cattle ranchers (a retired Fed on assignment and a lovelorn musician/part-time deputy) as they find themselves tangling with an eclectic collection of characters: a murderous con man who will stop at nothing, a widowed young mother with no history, and a wealthy family with a shameful secret. A thrilling chain of events comes to a ..
INDRA STATION, download, by Joseph R. Lallo (Big Sigma Series, Book 5), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
What would you risk to do what you were born to do? Since college, Lex Alexander has had two loves. Hoversled racing, and Michella Modane. Everything from mega-corporations to robot rampages have threatened to keep them apart. Now, at long last, Lex may finally get a chance to race again. Just one thing stands in his way: Michella herself. The people behind the league have a history in organized crime. Lex believes they’ve gone legit. Michella isn’t buying it...
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INTO THE UNKNOWN, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 55), Read by Rusty Nelson
TRIAL BY FIRE! Robert Parker ventures into the vast unknown to study new species of plant and animals in the name of science. And he's thrilled when a young half-breed named Zach King invites him back to his secluded valley in the Rocky Mountains – a valley teeming with wildlife that no naturalist has ever explored. But Parker's about to find out he's not the only newcomer. Three murderous prospectors have heard there's a fortune in gold on the Kings..
LIES COME EASY, download, by Steven F. Havill (Posadas County Mystery, Book 10), Read by Kris Faulkner
One blizzardy New Mexico night, Posadas County Deputy Pasquale picks up a toddler scooting his Scamper along the shoulder of State 56. Yes, it's horrifying - a child apparently dumped out of a truck by his father. Nearly as horrifying is what unrolls while Christmas approaches after dad Darrell Fisher's arrest: a request arrives from the US Forest Service to locate a missing range tech and his unit last reported headed for nearby Stinkin' Springs, and the brut..