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THE RAPTURE, by Dr. Chuck Missler, download, Read by Ken Miller
Christianity's Most Preposterous Belief The “taking out”. Who stays? Who goes? When will it happen? Pre-Tribulation? Post-Tribulation? Somewhere in the middle? Join Bible teacher and scholar Chuck Missler as he examines in detail the many beliefs about this pivotal event in prophecy. He will clear up some common misconceptions, as well as explore some provocative possibilites regarding the Church, the anti-Christ and the nation of Israel. CLICK HERE..
THE SNAPPING OF THE AMERICAN MIND by David Kupelian, Read by Michael Bowen
AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL HAS BECOME AMERICA THE BIZARRE. Government openly defies the law, Christians are prosecuted as criminals, children "transition" to the opposite sex, the president supports our enemies―and 130 million Americans depend on mind-altering substances just to get through life. Turbocharged by the Obama presidency, long-coalescing forces of the political and cultural Left are bringing about their much-heralded “fundamental transformation of A..
THE SUMMER OF THE CROW by Eunice Boeve, Read by Henry McNulty
Dust storms, rabbit drives, hobo camps, and riding on freight trains were all a part of life for many throughout the Midwest during the Great Depression. Polio and many other diseases had not yet been conquered and the huge dust storms that killed livestock and ruined crops also caused life-threatening respiratory ailments, such as asthma and pneumonia. In the spring of 1935, thirteen-year-old Brady Foster's family is forced to leave their "dusted out" wheat far..
THE THIRD TERRORIST, by Jayna Davis, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Within hours of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, the FBI had evidence pointing to Iraqi and Islamic extremists. But incredibly, federal authorities quickly squelched all investigations implicating Middle Eastern suspects. In this electrifying new book, award-winning investigative reporter, Jayna Davis, shares a gripping and intensely personal account of her arrival on the scene thirteen minutes after the blast, the worldwide searc..
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THE WAY IT WAS AND THE WAY IT IS, by James A. Nelson, Read by Jim Miller
You can laugh, cry, or smile while you listen to this collection of nostalgic stories of life in general – and perhaps, while doing so, you can recall your own cherished memories. Appearing in magazines and newspapers, the stories and poems written by James A. Nelson are reminiscent of his many life experiences and relationships he established through the years. His essays are windows to his soul, opinions forged by strong family values and mores. DOWNL..
THROUGH THE WHEAT, by Thomas Boyd, Read by Gene Engene
Fresh out of a Defiance, Ohio, high school, Thomas Boyd (1898-1935) joined the Marines to serve his country in the patriotic heat of the spring of 1917. In 1919 he came home from the war with a Croix de Guerre and a desire to write. He joined the St. Paul News as a journalist and opened a bookstore, whose patrons included F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sinclair Lewis. Through the Wheat appeared to immediate acclaim, with F. Scott Fitzgerald calling it a work of art and "arresti..
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VIETNAM WAR JOURNAL, by Colonel "Bo" Botttomly, (Colonel Bo Series, Book 3), Read by Colonel "Bo" Bottomly
Col. "Bo" is assigned as Task Force Commander of the Dragon One Combat Task Force, and hand picks twenty five veterans for the group. Their assignment is to combat test the A-37 in all combat roles facing all combat situations, under all combat weather conditions on the ground and in the air. But when several F-4 planes are shot down by a North Vietnamese barge battery over the Mekong River, Col. "Bo" and his wingman Zach Butler are needed to locate and ta..
WARPATH, by Stanley Vestal, Read by Michael Taylor
On June 25, 1876 five troops of the U. S. Seventh Cavalry under command of General George Armstrong Custer rode into the valley of the Little Big Horn River expecting to rout the Indian encampment there. Instead they were met by the gathered strength of the Sioux and Cheyenne warriors, who did not run but turned to battle the soldiers. White Bull charged again and again, leading a war party until the last soldier lay dead. The battle became known as Custer's Last Stand, a..
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WITHOUT A BADGE, by Jerry Speziale and Mark Seal, Read by Heath Kizzier
From the start, the man New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik called "a hurricane," was a different kind of cop. A former juvenile delinquent, Jerry Speziale was a loose cannon whose antics got him into the crack dens and shooting galleries of New York's meanest streets--and onto an elite DEA narcotics task force charged with taking down South America's powerful Cali drug cartel. Under the tutelage of a smooth-talking confidential informant, jeans-..
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