PEOPLE OF THE FOREST, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 50), Read by Rusty Nelson

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The Epic Struggle for Survival in America's Untamed West.

When Nate King chose a new valley in which to build his home, he wanted to get away from all civilization and the inevitable trouble it brings. But Nate can't duck trouble for very long. A hostile band of Indians has also laid claim to the Kings' valley, and they've made it clear they're not willing to share. In a desperate act to punish Nate and his family, they capture his daughter, Evelyn. And Nate will do anything it take ̶˗even if it means sacrificing his own life ̶ to get her back.Click for more Western audiobooks


DOWNLOAD ISBN: 978-1-64192-085-8
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Running Time: Approx. 10.6 Hrs.
Read by Rusty Nelson

Rated PG

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