SODBUSTER, download, by Gary McCarthy, Read by Gene Engene

SODBUSTER, download, by Gary McCarthy, Read by Gene Engene
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Sodbusters are about equal to farm animals on the social scale of the ranching community of Wyoming in the 1870's. Zach and Carrie Bennett, teen-aged children of that wretched class, are determined to escape the scorn. They resolve to trek to Texas on foot. They are babes on the prairie, ignorant of the geography and hostility. This incredible journey through the lawless West reveals human nature at its most base, and unveils a capacity for violence the brother and sister never believed possible in themselves. But they also discover the other side of humanity.Click for more Western audiobooks


DOWNLOAD ISBN: 978-1-61453-716-8
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Running Time: Approx. 6 Hrs.
Read by Gene Engene
Rated PG

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